Knitted fungus

These amazing knitted fungus, truly inspired by real mushrooms, are the result of extraordinary creative work of Leigh Martin, a fiber artist and nature enthusiast residing in Central Oklahoma (US).

Photos (top to bottom):

1. Parrot fungi

2. Clavaria zollingeri

3. Turkey tail

4. Anemone stinkhorn

5. Caesar’s mushroom

6. Jack-o’-lantern mushroom 

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Collation of different species of fungus.

1. Microstoma floccosum (species of Cup Fungi) 2. Delicatula integrella 3. Campanella sp. 4. Cookeina sp. 5. Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail Fungi) 6. Pleurotus sp. (Blue Oyster) 7. Puff Ball Fungi 8. Marasmiaceae sp. 9. Cortinarius bibulus 10.Clavarioid (Coral) Fungi 11. Calyptella capula 12.Toothed Fungi 13Auriscalpium vulgare 14Calostoma cinnabarina 15. Monotropa coccinea 16Pterospora andromedea17. Laetiporus sp. 18. Red Cage Fungi 19. Phallus indusiatus (Bamboo Fungi) 20. unknown sp.