Çanakkale Antenna Tower & Public Viewpoint  Snøhetta

Location: Çanakkale, Turkey

- The project for a new antenna tower and public viewpoint upon the hillside of Çanakkale will synthesize modern-day communication, rich cultural heritage and dramatic public experience of the surroundings within a distinct, yet subtle form. Envisioned not only as a beautiful sculpture from afar, but also as a destination in itself fusing historic context with contemporary experience, the project creates an architecture that is grounded in place while being connected with the world.


NITA’s “Antalya Tower” to be Built in Turkey

The photos are presenting the Antalya Tower that is the winning entry of ‘The Expo 2016 Antalya Tower’ competition. This tower is situated on Turkey’s southwest coast designed by its local firm, NITA. It is aiming to cater 10 million annual visitors making it Turkey’s first ever international Expo. 

The aesthetic shows its triumphal arch/ curve, which is inspired by Hadrian’s Gate at the entrance of Antalya’s old town. Personally, I think the most interesting feature of this tower is the three terraces on top of the building; There is going to be a World Botanic Expo 2016 with the theme of ‘Flowers and Children’. Skylights at rooftop level allow natural light to penetrate the top floors of the building affording visitors views of the sky. 

This will be completed and commenced on April 23, 2016. 


This is a quintessential Istanbul shot!  This is one of the many ferries that run people back and forth between the Asian and European sides of Istanbul - the fare is only around $1.50 US (one way) and you can grab a glass of hot tea and a simit (Turkish bagel) either to eat or feed to the seagulls.  In the background of this shot is the Suleymaniye Mosque (built in the 1500s).

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