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hey can u recommend some non platonic brooklyn 99 fics :)?? (if u haven't already that is)

lmao i need to be doing work but that’s fine!!! i’ll do this instead,

(assume jake/amy unless specified otherwise)

deep into the mountain sound by elsaclack 

i’ve been sleepwalking too close to the fire by elsaclack (au, it kills the man,)

new york city, please go easy on me tonight by elsaclack 

ad paternatem by lalalalalawhy (holt/kevin)

all my days i’ll know your face by 40millionyears (soulmates au)

and the world spins madly onand i’m standing still  by 40millionyears (au, Death,)

don’t think twice by aquivera (au)

stripped by girlyjuice (au, rated m)

turn a little faster by theundiagnosable

no place for the old by theundiagnosable

all the pretty things that we could be by theundiagnosable

one, two, three, four by theundiagnosable

without you by morallygreydesi (au, wip)

in all that space by flagpoles

there is not a way to stomach it by flagpoles

take that zombies by pasty pirate (zombie au)

perpetual motion by salr323

take aim and reload; by blendingsoul

the visitor by adelaideelaine

a margaret thatcher kind of night by igrockspock (rated m)

there’s no more single fate by uppercasemade (au)

nobody said it was easy by uppercasemade

there are times when i can’t breathe, except for when i’m with you by weaslayyy (LIFE CHANGING,)

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hey phil!! can u recommend any cute and happy jake and amy pics bc so many of them are angsty or refer to anxiety and i just ??? want to be happy


all of flagpoles’ high school verse

and everyone’s in love and the flowers pick themselves by my good friend weaslayyy (flowershop!!! au!!!! the softest happiest fic ull get!!!)

my head is an animal by elsaclack

deep into the mountain sound is also pretty generally angst-free, also by elsaclack

as cuddly as a cactus by hardlygolden isn’t only jake and amy but it’s Very Funny and Very Sweet

all my days i’ll know your face by 40millionyears (a series of soulmate aus as only jake and amy can have – namely, utterly ridiculous and dorky)

turn a little faster by theundiagnosable (UnforgettableTM)

marry me (over and over and over) by imgoingtocrash is also precious

gina suggests steven seagal’s tooth by stardustandseas

no place for the old by theundiagnosable

you’re the reason why i’m home by mallory

twitterpated (or just crazy) by ferggirl

the legend of the turkey shirt by curtaincall (rated M, but nothing at all explicit, and lord help me it is hilarious)

cops and robbers by disastersaurus

i’m changing my major to you by stardusting

your laugh is the best sound i have ever heard by emilybrontay … LISTEN. THE PUREST HIGH SCHOOL AU.

but the absolute luck is, love is in our hearts by emilybrontay

think once, think twice by fahye so like, listen, there are Moments of angst, but overall this is … this is a life changing … the funniest … most incredibly crafted … Best Rom Com … i’ve ever read …. it Changed me … (rated M, mild, for rom com conclusion stuff)

hands by diaphena is also an excellent Long fic, with lots of hilarity and good undercover tropes and idiots holding hands (rated M, also for rom com conclusion stuff)

SMH as types of Disney Guests
  • Jack: books Fastpasses six months in advance
  • Bitty: has a parasol to block the sun
  • Kent: merch hoe
  • Holster: tries to bring food onto a ride. Owns a turkey leg t shirt
  • Ransom: sweet talks a cast member into letting him into the fastpass line
  • Lardo: actually knows what she's doing. Nice to castmembers. Passholder. Everyone loves her
  • Chowder: once waited three hours to meet Merida. Cried from happiness
  • Nursey: constant. Selfies.
  • Dex: looks incredibly grumpy. Why are you so upset sir. You're at Disney world.
  • Whiskey: holds up fingers instead of saying how many in his party. No CM has ever seen him speak.
  • Tango: "What time is the three o clock parade?"

I woke up every hour checking my phone to see if it was time to go. I’ve excited since I woke up at 5:30am. Kevin isn’t used to the Raines way of life where you get up before the sun to start a road trip but he’ll get there.

Here’s a mirror shot of my turkey day shirt. I’ll get Rosie to take a photo of Kevin and I once we get there. I’m obsessed with the shirt I picked out for him too.

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Watch Needtobreathe on the Macy’s parade for me since I’ll be in the car!

Eat all the foods today!
No regrets, just love.

Finding it very hard to contain my emotions on how excited I am that tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

I got special Turkey Day shirts
from Look Human that Kevin and I are gonna wear tomorrow. My sisters won’t be in until Fri/early Sat so tomorrow it’s just me and Kev and the parents. I called my Mom last night and she said I didn’t need to bring anything and the feeling of having a few days where you can go into non worry mode and your parents handle things is the BEST.

Today = Work>> Lift>> Zumba>> Pack for Texas!!

And I stuck in a surprise Finley at the end of the gif.

Happy Wednesday, or Friday or whatever day it is for you. I know holidays don’t equal vacation for every one so whatever you do this week I hope your days are still wonderful.