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How's Mulder and Scully doing this Thanksgiving?

They’re… doing okay. 

Scully’s trying her hand at all of Maggie’s old holiday recipes, even though there’s only the two of them to feed. She figures they can bring leftovers to work. She had Tara dictate the details to her over the phone last week, while she scribbled them down in a nice leather notebook Mulder got her seven Christmases ago and she never got around to using.

None of it’s quite right - the turkey isn’t cooking quickly enough, there wasn’t any fresh sage for the stuffing at the grocer’s, and she fears she overmixed the crust for the pumpkin pie. But it’s nice to be cooking together in their kitchen again, the windows steaming up against the cold. It’s nice to see Mulder with a dishcloth over his shoulder, elbow-deep in the frothing sink, humming along with the scratchy strain of the radio and lecturing passionately on colonial genocide and the ongoing legacy of institutional racism against indigenous peoples. 

She tried calling Charlie earlier, but it went to the answering machine. She didn’t leave a message. Wil - Jackson - is, of course, spending Thanksgiving with his family in Wyoming. Her and Mulder weren’t invited, but she feels blessed anyway, or at least something approaching peace. After so many years of wondering, at least she knows her son is safe and loved and has Mulder’s warm, whimsical eyes. 

They’ve got a bottle of their favourite merlot open on the counter, half-empty, and another one waiting on the kitchen table. 

She misses her mom. Her dad, her brothers, Emily. She misses her son, and guiltily, she misses the fantasies she used to have about him, about who he’d be, before she met who he actually was. She misses the energy she had when she was young, the sea air, the very expensive shoes she ruined on a case last week. 

But Scully’s thankful for what she does have. And at this moment, it’s this rickety old house and it’s dashing, quixotic inhabitant. 

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Are you more of a Christmas starts RIGHT after Halloween person or a Christmas starts after Thanksgiving person?

WHO IS THANKSGIVING??? *casually sips my peppermint mocha while blasting mariah carey’s ”all i want for christmas is you” on my speakers* 

Anonymous said: Could you maybe write something with the smiths and pines families for #26(thanksgiving)

I wasn’t really sure what to write so I opted for illustrating this prompt instead. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

Leyla Zana, a Kurdish politician, was put in jail for 10 years because she spoke Kurdish as she was sworn into Turkish parliament. This is a clip of the crime, taken from a very insightful documentary that explores the political life of Leyla and oppression of Kurds in Turkey. 

Link to the full documentary: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xy0r7n_leyla-zana_shortfilms?start=1631

Turkey bans all LGBT events in capital to 'protect public security'
Ankara governor's office claims LGBT film screenings, theatre shows and exhibitions endanger 'health and morality' by inflaming 'social sensitivities'.

Turkey has banned all events by lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex rights groups in its capital city, Ankara. The ban has been imposed to protect “public security”, the Ankaragovernor’s office said.

The restrictions came into effect on Saturday and will last for an “indefinite” period, applying to all LGBTI film screenings, theatres, panels and exhibitions.



BREAKING NEWS: After cancelling the planned annual Gay Pride March in Istanbul, Turkey, over so called “safety concerns,” police have now issued a threat of arrest for anyone gathering or organizing to make a statement about gay pride. This comes after Pride marchers were violently attacked by police in years past (Pictured) and dispersed with water cannons and force.  According to Al Jezerra, the parade took place peacefully for 13 years, until in 2013 and 2015, authorities cracked down.  In 2014, the Pride march was held without incident.

To the LGBTQ community of Turkey, please be careful and stay safe, please know the world is watching! Thank you for your courage, and don’t ever let them silence you! Remember that water cannons leave behind rainbows. Be proud, be strong, be brave, and never forget; It gets better!

Thank you for the relatively chill discussion about veganism. I’m gonna take a break from answering questions and comments.

I’m not trying to be all “better than you.” I’m trying to get everyone to see that the lives of animals matter just as ours do. 

Ask yourself, “Why love one animal and pay someone to hurt another?” “Do I have to eat this or can I eat something else?” Experiment, collect recipes on Pinterest, learn where the animals you eat come from and how they’re treated. Watch cows, turkeys, and chickens being cute on youtube.

It’s not always easy to go vegan, but do your best. Try Meatless Mondays, find your favorite food and see if there’s a vegan alternative.

My dudes. I know this is crazy to hear. But some of us adults… we have hobbies.. that we’ve been enjoying since we were KIDS!! It’s like?? When we were young and we liked it? It wasn’t a phase!! WOW!!! And you know what??? There isn’t an age limit to joy. Costumes, cartoons, drawing, games, and friends don’t expire when you turn 18.