turkey print

You ever wonder what the character’s body is doing after you drew just a bust of their head. I decided to answer that question ;P. Her head is all dressed up but the rest of her is not quite ready yet. ;)

Quick update - Thank you everyone that has requested a commission or is currently waiting on the completions of their commission request. Y’all are awesome! I have throughly been enjoying the opportunity to draw such diverse group of characters. I am still currently taking commission requests. There is a list so any new requests may face a bit of a wait. 

Also I am looking for new freelance opportunities. If anyone has an art job out their that needs a character designer/visual development artist/illustrator I am available. ;)

As most of you know I made the leap to deciding to live off my art just a few months ago. I have been promising an online store for some prints for quite a while. And honestly an online store will probably really help me at this point with those everyday unexpected costs that seem to keep popping up. I will be choosing three of my drawings to start off in the store. Sorry the Disney princess warriors will not be a print I will offer. Those characters belong to Disney. And while I plan to continue the series I will not sell any prints of them. I do plan to have some fun characters of my own to offer for prints still :D. The goal is to have a new print every month. I’ve put in my request with a website to sell my prints and once I get the okay that the store is up I will post the link here. :)

Thank you everyone that follows me (10,000 followers yay :D ) and that has liked my work or offered encouraging words. It has really helped me feel that I am on the right track as I continue to grow and learn as an artist. Much appreciation to all of you! :D 

RFA Thanksgiving

No one asked for this and I know Thanksgiving is an American only holiday but dammit I want some holiday fluff and I just peeled a shit load of potatoes so here we go also just ignore the fact that they’re Korean celebrating it


- he’s never celebrated many holidays, but after you were so excited for Halloween he wanted to surprise you

- he calls three chefs to make a feast and some decorators to set up the table

- it’s adorable and sweet but you have to point out that just the two of you can’t possibly eat all that food

- time to make some calls

- his dad, Jumin specifically said no girlfriends, Zen, Jaehee, and Seven end up coming over

- that’s not nearly enough people to eat everything but it helps

- Elizabeth 3rd gets her own mini-feast and Jumin gives her some of his food

- “stop messing with that furball” Zen says every time Jumin even mentions Elizabethh

- what’s a conversation with those two without them arguing?

- once everyone leaves you and Jumin cuddle up on the couch and put on the TV

- you both fall asleep like that accidentally

- he wakes up first and carries you to the bed and goes back to sleep


- he insists on cooking everything

- he’s not used to making so much at once though so you start helping him

- he’s playing his favorite music

- gives you lots of cheek and neck kisses

- he invited his family to come, not thinking they would, but they do

- it’s slightly awkward at first but conversation soon starts and things go well

- you’re both so full and tired afterwards

- he had planned to sing for you and maybe have some fun with his beast

- but is too tired for that so you curl up on the couch and fall asleep to holiday adds


- you guys went to stay at his family’s house

- in the morning, you, him, and his mom are cooking

- his dad and sister are setting the table and talking

- the TV is on for background noise

- you kiss Yoosung’s cheek once and he gets so embarrassed

- “in front of my mom?

- she thinks it’s adorable though

- dinner is loud and fun

- you and Yoosung fall asleep on the floor in front of the couch

- when you guys are leaving his mom gives you guys a ton of the leftover food


- the cafe is closed for the holiday though you guys did offer some themed drinks for a while

- Jaehee wears an apron you made that has a big hand print turkey on it

- you guys invite the whole RFA over but only Zen and Seven show up

- Jumin doesn’t celebrate it and Yoosung is at his family’s home

- dinner is quite interesting

- it’s really fun though and there’s a lot of laughter

- after you and Jaehee watch a couple of Zen’s plays

- after the third you both shuffle off to bed

- you decide to not open the cafe the next day in sleep in

- Jaehee finally gets enough sleep


- the kitchen is a mess

- Saeran gave up once you pulled out the jellybeans

- it’s a classic Peanuts Thanksgiving

- including folding chair wrestling

- Seven loses and you have to help untangle him

- you guys do manage to cook a turkey

- you invited the entire RFA a few days before so they do all show up

- Yoosung has to leave early to go home but everyone else stays for the whole time

- very noisy

- everyone has a great time, even Saeran is smiling by the end

- you and Seven pass out on the couch

Finished my Bambiraptor reconstruction and even tested myself with some hand lettering! The plumage and coloring are based off a Turkey Vulture. :)

I’ll make prints available once I get feedback from my instructor.

Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s a short little Thanksgiving imagine. Enjoy!

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Leaves littered the grass, they filled every crack with warm reds and yellows. As Dean drove faster they blended into a blur of orange that never seemed to end. Kids ran outside their houses in thick scarves and printed hats - their parents waving at them from the doorstep. Thanksgiving was only a few days away, but neither you, nor the brothers even remembered.


“No way” you nodded your head, “that sounds disgusting.”

Dean rolled his eyes and continued to read the menu, “I’m getting it.” While waiting for your food, your eyes wandered around the small cafe that smelled like coffee and pumpkins; an intentional theme that you fell for.

“What’s with the smile?” Sam raised a brow at you. You hadn’t noticed you were even doing it.


Thanksgiving day came quickly and Sam was up early. He didn’t know why, but for some reason his mind wandered back to your smile in the cafe, if only he knew what secret you kept in it.

“Pumpkins” he finally whispered, placing his cup of coffee down gently on the counter. It was thanksgiving. Quietly he walked down to your bedroom and made sure you and Dean were asleep before popping some quick fixes into the oven. He tried remembering everything Dean created for him when he was a kid. So he grabbed a box of mac ‘n cheese and began to read the back of the box for instructions.

By the time that was done, Dean was up and walking towards the kitchen.

“What the hell are you doing?” he asked, standing in his robe.

“It’s Thanksgiving.”

“What?” Dean asked, then sat down. “We haven’t celebrated that since you were in, what was it? Third grade? I remember you made that hand-print turkey and-”

“Yeah, Dean, I know” Sam said and transferred the macaroni and cheese into a deep dish.

“So why are you suddenly in the holiday spirit?” Dean tilted Sam’s coffee cup to see what was left before drinking it down.

“I just thought that-”

“It’s Y/N isn’t it? Ever since she wiggled her way into the bunker you’ve been doing all kinds of weird shit” Dean commented.

“What? No!” Sam exclaimed and opened the oven.

“Sammy” Dean’s eyes were squinted at his younger brother, “Do you even know how to use that?”

Sam sighed, “I’ll figure it out” he said and began cleaning the chicken.

“You know the traditional bird is turkey, right?”

“Go back to sleep, Dean” Sam said, chuckling lightly.

It wasn’t soon after that you woke up, pushing the blankets off sleepily. Voices were booming and echoing off the walls, was it laughter? Quickly you pulled on some sweatpants and with a toothbrush in your mouth made your way down to the library.

Dean was sitting at the head of the table, a beer dangling loosely in his fingers. Castiel was seated next to him, smelling something that looked like a bowl of maple syrup.

“Happy Thanksgiving!” Dean raised his bottle to you and you furrowed your brows. Turning you saw Sam come out of the kitchen holding a giant chicken.

“No way” you laughed, toothpaste dripping onto your lip. Sam passed you a napkin and you went to spit into the sink.

“Since when do we celebrate Thanksgiving?” you asked, dipping your finger in the syrup, licking it clean.

Sam shrugged and pulled out a chair for you. “And what’s with the syr- is that macaroni and cheese?” you smiled wide at the mismatched assortment of foods.

“Hey, look, I tried” Sam said and you smiled up at him, amazed at the effort.

Looking around the room your eyes landed on Castiel’s small smile, Dean’s eyes crinkling from laughter, and then Sam’s eyes - which were locked on yours.

“Thank you” you said quietly and reached for a beer.

“Happy Thanksgiving!” Dean shouted and everyone clinked their bottles, taking a long sip.

“Ew” Castiel scrunched his nose and put down the beer. Laughing you all ate until the night, sitting and telling stories until night came.


I SAW THE TWEET THEN SCREAMED-CALLED MY DAD TO GET THE NEWSPAPER AND NOW I CAN TOUCH YOUR PRINTED FACE. Wow that was creepy. But OMG there’s a Tyler Oakley in a Turkish newspaper. And they said that your hair is ice blue. I’ll be sending you the original copy with the English translation to your po box!!! tyleroakley I’m so proud of you!!!! :)