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her işin başı sağlıksa her ilişkinin başı da güven olmalı.

overestimatingthepowerofwords  asked:

I am so sorry, I didn't scroll through first like an idiot :( Ravenclaw, she/her-- Lavender Brown, Angelina Johnson, Bellatrix Lestrange. Sorry for the double messages.

@overestimatingthepowerofwords​ - hey thanks for doing it again! I hate when I have to PM people that their choices are taken! I’d much rather give everyone their first ask :)

You are Lavender Brown!

Your 90s groove included huge sweatshirts (but not hoodies) - usually from obscure walkathons like Turkey Trot 1992 - Lisa Frank stationary sets, gel pens, and using the Cherry Scented marker as lipstick in class as you colored the ends of your hair pink with a highlighter during class.

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Movie Sign!

From: sarah johnson
Subject: Fanart for Turkey Day 2015!!

Relatively new fan, but MST3K quickly found its way into my heart to be my favorite show- and I’m someone that doesn’t really watch a lot of TV shows!! I’ve been working on this for a couple days and I hope it shows my appreciation <3

Joel says:

Sarah, this is lovely! Thank you so much for sharing.

Braved going upstairs. Figured I could slap together a bagel with cream cheese.

On the plus side, no one was awake! What I heard earlier was the cat!

But could I make my bagel? Nope.

Only bagels left are egg and cinnamon-swirl. Not especially fond of either. There were a few onion bagels in there (my fav after everything bagels) but they’re gone now. None for me.

So much for a quick, quiet, filling food meal.

Grabbed a cold turkey frank out of the fridge in desperation. Ate it cold and plain.

At least my stomach isn’t hurting now. Still distractingly hungry.

  • Frank: No, you are NOT talking me into this like you did with the eagle. Absolutely not percy.
  • Percy: Come on man, everyone loved it last time. And my mom was really looking forward to it.
  • Frank: I am not changing into a turkey for your amusment. I'm not even American and you keep dragging me into these American holidays.
  • *couple hours go by*
  • Percy: *looking down to a Frank-turkey outside his mom's house* Oh I almost forgot, make sure not to poop on he carpet okay?

Hey guys, I need your help! So I’m about 2005% sure that there is a Turkish(?) Killjoy called or with someone named Lena/Zena in Antalya. I found these written on an alley wall across from my hotel. I’m travelling with my school group so I’ll only be here for another day or so, and if I can find them, that would be really great.
In the slim chance that they can find me, I’m the girl with the ANZ backpack and the Star Wars shirt and denim cutoffs. I’ll be wearing a classic Black Parade shirt tomorrow.

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MST 3000 Turkey Day 2014 - Host Segments