turkey cookie


my tablet is officially dead OTL. i’ll take it as a sign that i either should buy a new tablet, or just go back to do traditional art. I guess I’ll go with the latter for now. also i have this massive artblock still going on. sorry in advance, that I might not be posting anything good in the next 3 months OTL

vine charcoal and kneaded eraser on newsprint and sketchbook.

Little space foods/snacks

-hot dogs cut up into bites

-fruit (apple slices, strawberry, grape, peaches, pears, blueberries)

-animal crackers

-sandwiches (especially with cute cutters) (pb&j, grilled cheese, turkey)


-mac n cheese

-chicken nuggets/tenders

-apple sauce



-decorated pancakes

-gummy fruit snacks(especially disney ones)


-ice cream

-alphabet soup


-pretzel sticks

-chocolate milk




-Hershey’s kisses (limited supply)


Serving anything in kiddie plates/cups makes it 5x cuter
And cut up meats for them into bit size pieces(:

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I hosted an impromptu Pride and Prejudice tea party! Kind of went on a baking craze here with what was supposed to be just a simple movie night, but I made a bunch of things I’ve never done before so it was really fun! The raspberry jam was from a jar, but other than that I made everything by hand! Super happy with how everything turned out!

“–This is great!” Elliot said happily, looking down at the cookie in his hands, talking to the person beside him. “It looks like a turkey! Makes me excited for both thanks giving and the fact that I’ll have turkey cookies for nearly a month before it comes.”

Weird cravings haul

VS Pink:
Red Pink limited edition hoodie: 49.55

Two Faced melted lipstick: 21.00

Pillsbury turkey cookie dough packs: 9.99 x2
Dove deodorant: 4.47
Yes to cucumbers makeup remover wipes: 6.95
Maybelline fit me foundation: 5.94 x3
Maybelline dream matte mousse: 7.94 x2
Cocktail shrimp: 12.94
Pilot g2 pens: 12.79

Total: 161.38

Seems like a whole lot of money for nothing really

The signs & cooking
  • Aries: not a pro at it but makes the best omelet you'll ever eat
  • Taurus: we're talking about a top chef here, they're very loyal to their stereotype. from turkey to cookies: they're the best
  • Gemini: they're into burgers and fries, also milkshakes are always an option
  • Cancer: cake bosses, no less no more
  • Leo: not much into cooking, prefers to have someone else cooking for them
  • Virgo: makes everything that has to do with fruits. juice, ice cream, fruity sweets and everything
  • Libra: likes BBQs and is a pro when it comes to cooking any kind of meat
  • Scorpio: gourmet style!! less is more, quality > quantity
  • Sagittarius: tries to cook but makes a mess, nice execution of breakfast goodies only
  • Capricorn: japanese. food. that's it
  • Aquarius: such great cooks when it comes to italian food, specially pizza
  • Pisces: the kind that makes the best homemade food