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Is it too early to ask for Rampion crew thanksgiving headcanons?

  • The first Thanksgiving after the Lunar Revolution was, in short, a sad affair. With the whole crew scattered and Thanksgiving only mere days after the events, it almost went unnoticed. In fact, Thorne only remembered it was Thanksgiving because they were making letumosis antidote deliveries in the American Republic and almost everything was closed. Thorne spent hours scouring the net to find a place that was serving Thanksgiving dinner and he, Cress, Scarlet, and Wolf settled an empty diner with a surly looking cook.
    • Scarlet was unimpressed with the cranberry sauce. “I think this is just red Jell-o.”
    • Cress had a hard time cutting through the turkey.
    • Wolf was only able to hold down a second helping.
    • And Thorne, well, he was inconsolable. “It is not Thanksgiving dinner without green bean casserole!” 
  • Needless to say, the next year, Thorne began planning Thanksgiving a month in advance. 
    • He sent out comm invitations with an animation of him dancing with a cartoon turkey and then chasing said cartoon turkey off the screen, only to emerge a second later with a piping hot roasted turkey on a platter. It was a bit disturbing.
    • He sent out constant reminders to the crew about RSVP’ing. 
      • “Cinder, I noticed you haven’t responded yet.” 
      • “Yes, I know you told me you were coming, but you need to put it in writing.” 
      • “No, I don’t think I’m being ridiculous.” 
    • When the day came, everyone showed up at Benoit Farms, but when they made it inside, there was no food in the kitchen and no Cress and Thorne or Rampion. Scarlet and Wolf had no information for them, but at 3:00 (exactly the time stated on the invitation), there was a rumble in the air and the Rampion came gliding down to land in the sugar beet field. 
      • Scarlet was not happy. 
    • When the ramp finally lowered, Thorne and Cress stood in the cargo bay with big grins on their faces.
      • The cargo bay was decorated with gold garland and colored leaves. There were acorns piled up in bowls and lots of construction paper turkeys that were clearly made by Thorne. 
      • And best of all, a large table that stretched the length of the cargo bay was piled full of steaming platters of mashed potatoes, not one but two kinds of sweet potato casserole (one with marshmallow topping, the other with candied pecan), cranberry sauce with real cranberries, roasted brussels sprouts, corn bread stuffing, and honest to goodness homemade green bean casserole. 
        • After everyone sat down, there was a solid fifteen minutes of eating where the only sound was appreciative groans. 
        • After a lot of prodding, Thorne finally admitted that they bought all of the food, but he did make the green bean casserole. It was always his favorite and Janette had taught him how to make it when he was a little boy. 
    • After all of that, well, how could Thanksgiving on the Rampion not be a tradition? 


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My cousin was once trapped inside her car because of a wild turkey that was relentless. The turkey chased her into her car and she couldn't get out for over 40 minutes before it left. Wild turkeys are like swans, you think they are harmless when they are nasty.

They are the Hell’s Angels of the neighborhood. Bigger than the toddlers! Damn nature…

Turkey Chase - 11/27/2014

10K in 46:43 on Thanksgiving morning!

I forgot to start my watch before the race started, so I didn’t get a satellite connection until about a quarter of a mile into the race. Oops. This is why you’re getting the Smashrun summary instead of Garmin splits. There were a few more hills than I was expecting. My splits ended up doing sort of a bell curve, as I got slower towards the middle of the race and got faster at the end. In the first couple of miles, I had tried to keep up with two runners dressed as a pilgrim and an indian, but they pulled away in the third mile. It wasn’t until mile 5 that I started using the strategy of marking a runner ahead of me and making it a goal to pass them. That worked out pretty well and I was able to get a sub 7 minute mile in at the end.

Now, time for a nap before Thanksgiving dinner!

Turkey Chase

It is a tradition for me to run this race with my sister. This year, my son wanted to run which was awesome!

We got up and the ‘real feel’ temp was 17deg! He INSISTED on wearing shorts, no gloves, no hat. I tried to explain that it wasn’t the best decision but what do I know? I’ve only been running for 10 years… He has run two whole 5k’s so he MUST know better! Thankfully I brought the hat with me since he wanted to wear it once he saw his buddy wearing one. He is generally a faster runner than I am (he was in those 5k’s) but I passed him at one point. He wasn’t having THAT! I almost caught up with him again at the end… But opted to have a 'Happy Thanksgiving’…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!