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Pennsylvania Food Part ½

Pennsylvania is one of the only states with a unique cuisine, most of which was brought over by German settlers during America’s colonization. Some of this food has made its way across America in the forms of snack brands and convenience stores. The following are some restaurants and brands that began or are based in PA. 

Food Wars

Wawa v Sheetz

The easiest way to tell if someone’s from PA is to ask them what gas station has the best food. If they’re from the west, they’ll say Sheetz. If they’re from the east, Wawa. And if they’re not from PA, they’ll tell you they don’t eat at a gas station. 

Snack Brands

Sturgis; Snyder’s of Hanover

Pretzels were first brought over by the Germans, and the first hard pretzels were actually made in PA by Sturgis in 1861. Both of these local PA companies have since expanded their brand to various sweet and salty pretzel snacks, as well as other snack food.

Herr’s, Martin’s, Utz

PA has a variety of local potato chip companies, but these three are the best known.



Hershey’s is of course America’s favorite and best known chocolate/candy brand. Milton Hershey established his company’s town in 1905 in Dauphin County. Hershey, PA is known for the Hershey factory, hotel, school, and amusement park, complete with Kiss-shaped street-lamps. It’s also famous for those singing cows, and I hope you’ve got that song stuck in your head, because you know I do. 

Wilbur Chocolate Company

Living in the shadow of Hershey is this small chocolate manufacturer in Lititz, PA. It makes cocoa products for sale to bakeries, as well a line of chocolates for consumers, including their famous Wilbur Buds.

Just Born

This Brooklyn candy company moved some of its operation to Bethlehem, PA in 1932. It’s famous for Mike and Ike’s, as well as Peanut Chews and Peeps, both of which were acquired from local PA candy companies after the move. Every New Year’s Eve, Just Born drops a large candy Peep in Bethlehem, as the local version of the Time’s Square ball. 


This small candy company is famous for the Mallow Cup, marshmallow inside a chocolate cup. 

Gertrude Hawk

This gourmet chocolate manufacturer in Lancaster County probably provided your fundraising material if you went to school in PA. They have many retail stores across the northeast. 


They produce a wide variety of packaged baked good snacks, similar to Little Debbie or Twinkies. (But better)

Other brands

Primanti Bros. Restaurant

This Pittsburgh sandwich shop started as a sandwich cart in the 1930s, and has now expanded to over 30 locations across the northeast.


This ketchup brand is an American favorite that was founded in Sharpsburg, PA in 1869

Turkey Hill

Founded in 1931 by a bottled milk salesman, this family company eventually expanded into a dairy and ice creamery. This Lancaster County company is now owned by Kroger. Their ice cream is sold nationwide, and there are a few dairy stores across the northeast. Turkey Hill is also famous for their iced tea. 

A-Treat Bottling Company

Established in 1918 in Allentown, this soda company temporarily stopped production in 2015. Now back on the market, this soda is famous for its traditional manufacturing methods and products such as birch beer, root beer, and cream soda.

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Who brings the presents?

Saint Nicholas of Myra was a 4th-century Greek Christian bishop of Myra (now Demre) in Lycia, a province of the Byzantine Empire, now in Turkey. Nicholas was famous for his generous gifts to the poor.

The modern figure of Santa Claus is derived from the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas, whose name is a dialectal pronounciation of Saint Nicholas, the historical Greek bishop and gift-giver of Myra. He brings present on 5th December, and his day is on 6th December.

Santa Claus tradition migrated from Amsterdam to America. He become a popular character for Christmas campaigns, and changed from the original. He lives on the North Pole, his reindeer can fly, and he brings presents during the Christmas Eve. When Haddon Sundblom drew a Santa for Coca-Cola campaign, his version of the character become known all over the world.

Canadian Santa lives on the North Pole, too, which according to Canada Post lies within Canadian jurisdiction in postal code. Canada Post receives millions of letters addressed to Santa Claus each year.

Finnish Santa (Joulupukki, Yule Goat) lives in Korvatunturi, Finland. It’s a fell which stands 486 metres above sea level. It has three peaks, with the middle on in-between Finland and Russia’s borders. Finnish Santa gets over 500 000 letters each year from 190 countries, especially from Japan. Finnish Santa can’t fly with his sled, and delivers presents in person. Used to be a pretty mean character, but Coca-Cola made him nicer…

Danish Santa works in Greenland, and has an office in Nuuk. He has a wife and seven children. Danish Santa gets over 200 000 letters each year from all over the world.

Near the Swedish city of Mora is a small town called Gesunda, where lives an elf (Jultompten, Yule Elf) that’s an equivalent of Santa Claus. The elf is over 400 years old, and brings presents on the Christmas Eve.

Norwegian Julnissen lives in a small town of Drøbak. Because his house is located so south, he doesn’t have reindeer but Fjord horses.

In Russia, Ded Moroz (Old man Frost, Santa Claus’ Russian “cousin”), and his granddaughter Snegurochka (Snow Maiden) bring presents to children during the New Year’s Eve parties.

In some countries, angels or the Baby Jesus bring the Christmas gifts, like in Hungary.

What made me smile this week:

Sunday: I worked on a new speech outside in the beautiful sunlight for most of the day today. The calming sound of humming cicadas made me smile.

Monday: We received a large donation from someone in Chicago today. Her generosity made me smile and remember that the work we are doing here at LAMN is important to so many people.

Tuesday: My mom made her famous turkey chili for dinner. It made me smile. (Please understand how hard it is for me to resist filling this weekly list with food-related smiles. Food is pretty much my main source of happiness, I’ve noticed.)

Wednesday: Sarah and I gave a positivity speech at a grief camp for children today. The day was jam-packed with smiles for so many reasons. We laughed with the kids. We shared stories. We talked about what it means to approach our problems with positivity. The whole day made me smile, and the camp directors loaded us up with delicious food to take home.

Thursday: I was paying a parking ticket to the state of Massachusetts today, and on the online payment screen, I accidentally put that I was from Puerto Rico (which was right next to Pennsylvania; I guess my mind was elsewhere). It was only funny because I didn’t realize my mistake until after I had submitted my payment. I’m still hoping I don’t go to jail for this, but it made me smile.

Friday: We brewed twelve gallons of iced tea tonight. It takes a surprisingly long time to boil that much water, but watching Anna prepare for the iced tea stand (and making her laugh to pass the time) made me smile.

Saturday: The feeling of my air conditioned house after being in the sun for ten hours made me smile. CreativiTEA was a huge success!!!

What made you smile this week?

happy holidays, bisexualnat! i heard you like russian spies and our fav supersoldier grandpas, so here’s your marvel secret santa gift. my amazing sister pitched in this awesome art & gets inspiration credit, and i wrote a short fic to go with it.

((a post-ca:tws christmas))

Objectively, it’s one of the better Christmas mornings that Bucky’s experienced. He’s not curled into a corner repeating the current date and time like he was last year, which is a plus. They can afford heat and food, which is also a plus. It’s snowing, the tower is toasty, and his groggy friends are settling around the tree wearing ugly sweaters and clutching cups of coffee. So, yeah, a nice morning overall.

There’s only one thing missing: Steve Rogers.

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