turkey bay

“Autumn Vultures”

I looked out the window to see if the clouds had broke and it was still overcast, but I noticed a few turkey vultures flying around. I grabbed my camera and once I got out the door I saw that there were about 20 of them soaring in the wind, circling above the trees. I’ve seen them around a bunch of times, but never this many at one time.
This is just across the road from my neighbors house. (they own the horses) So there’s a few more reasons why I love this new location. Horses and vultures.

Como um piloto vê o mundo.... / As a pilot sees the world....





Cape Town

Central Park, New York City


Mali, Maldives

Mangroves in New Caledonia

Marina Bay, Dubai

Maze at Longleat, England

Meskendir Valley, Turkey

Mexico City


Niagara Falls, U.S.A.


Rio de Janeiro




Vatican City


Evacuation of Anzac and Suvla at Gallipoli

Soldiers and guns evacuating from Suvla Bay.

December 19 1915, Anzac Cove–By the night of December 18, the British had evacuated most of their forces from Anzac and Suvla, leaving only 20,000 men at each. These were to be evacuated in two final, nerve-wracking nights.  During this time, the remaining forces did all they could to give the false impression of being at their complete strength.  Private William Crowley recalled:

A lieutenant in the Army Service Corps, he got some mule carts filled with petrol tins that they used to carry the water in. ‘Well,’ he said, ‘I want you to take them up as near to the Turkish front line as you can, Piccadilly Circus, and run them round, make as much noise as ever you can to let him think we were bringing stuff up.’ And I did!

The Turkish kept up their usual shelling–which happened to increase in intensity around this time as most of their shells were now coming from Germany and were less likely to be duds.  The few British guns left wore themselves out responding in kind, which did seem to convince the Turks.  Col. Hans Kannengiesser, commanding Turkish troops around Suvla, wrote:

…the enemy had maintained their accustomed rate of fire on our positions throughout the 18th and 19th December.  In addition the enemy fire from the trenches was as usual.  The enemy, during the last few days, had worked hard to improve his position….That appeared to indicate the intention of a stubborn resistance.    

On the night of the 19th, there were about 10,000 men left at each of Anzac and Suvla, to be evacuated in three waves.  The later waves had the difficult job of imitating an army ten times its own size, and used a variety of contraptions to do so.  One man recalled:

We rigged up a can of water which dripped into another can underneath and that was attached to the trigger of a gun.  As it dripped down, the weight increased and it pulled the trigger.  It sounded like continuous firing.  You put more water in some than others so that it fired sooner.

Other devices sent up flares and exploded mines.  At around 1AM on the 20th, the last wave began to leave the front lines, with the last frontline position left at 3:14.  As the last boats were leaving, the remaining supplies that could not be evacuated were set alight, as had been planned:

When I went off that night I went through the main depot to get to the ship and I’ve never been among so much oil and stuff in my life, it was running all over everywhere.  So it would be a blaze when it was lit!  There were notices everywhere, 'No Smoking’, because of fire.

The fires alerted the Turks to the evacuation, but the British and ANZAC forces were already safely away.  There had been no casualties, excepting “one keen soul who had mopped up a good many tots of rum, and then fell over.”  The Turkish forces were not so fortunate, as Col. Kannengieser recalled:

We crossed our front-line trenches and there we stood in No-Man’s Land between the opposing front lines.  Mines continually detonated around us and still cost many unnecessary lives.  I took with me five Arabs and sent them ahead to look for mines.  My staff had never remained so respectfully behind me!

The main supply dumps had been burned, but the occasional front-line cache of rations or possessions could still be found untouched where they had been left.  One lucky Turkish officer found a gramophone, with a nearby attached note:

So long, Johnny.  It’s all yours.  Love from Australia.

Today in 1914: Enver Pasha Takes Command in the Caucasus

Sources include: Lyn Macdonald, 1915; Nigel Steel & Peter Hart, Defeat at Gallipoli.


Inktober Week in review:

15. Artemisia I of Caria

16. AEthelflaed

17. Lady K'abel (she doesn’t have a wikipedia page! She needs one, tumblr.)

18. Elizabeth I

19. Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi

I included Wikipedia links on the names not because Wikipedia is always the best source, but because it’s a great place to start finding out about historical figures (the citations are a great way to find good source material). Also, if anyone who reads them his more accurate info they can edit the page.

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