@aph-bara-turkey said: *chanting* more Sadik. more Sadik. moRE SADIK. MORE SADIk.
Anonymous said: You and Sadik get along, right? Do you guys ever hang out?
Anonymous said: You into anyone~
@derangedsoda: Have a crush on anyone?~

François: Yes, Sadik and I are very good friends. We spend a lot of time together just talking and people-watching over coffee and tea. And he’s pretty handsome, don’t you think?

Anonymous said: WAIT, IF FRANCIS READ SADIK’S MIND, he could steal his tea shop secrets! :U
Anonymous said: So has Francis read Sadik’s mind?

François: [Blushes in French]


Underground water by Tony


Circle of belief by Tony


About 2 weeks ago, Palomacy messaged us asking if we could bring some food to a nice person in our city who saved a pigeon from two cats. They were stalking it on the street and the poor bird could barely fly. Fantails are completely domesticated and unable to survive in the wild, so it either escaped or its owner dumped it outside :(

It turns out that the rescuer lives just down the street from us! I brought Miu over to say hi to our new neighbors and we gave a short lesson on how to care for pigeons. The unnamed bird looked good, but was very light for its size.

We visited again recently, and the beautiful fantail has gained weight and looks more alert. It also has a name now: Turkey! (for obvious reasons)