Saya sebenarnya tidak tertarik buat komentar tentang isu ini–kedatangan Erdoğan ke İndonesia, apalagi sampai membandingkan dengan Presiden Indonesia. Bahkan ada yang menjelek-jelekkan. Kalau mau jujur, yang dibandingkan itu jelas tidak selevel. Dari sudut mana juga tidak akan bisa. Percaya deh, pasti timpang. So, berhentilah untuk melakukan komparasi apalagi sampai sarkas yang sangat sensi. Lebih baik ambil sikap positif dari sosok fenomenal ini, salah satunya foto ini. Beliau tidak malu-malu untuk melakukan shalat sunnah sendirian di saat yang lain terduduk. Well ini simple kalau beliau itu pemegang teguh prinsip dan tidak takut apa kata orang tentang prinsip dia itu. Bukan tipikal follower apalagi mainan. Itu sebabnya kenapa banyak orang waras yang dengan secara sadar mengaguminya, karena kepemimpinannya berdampak positif dan nyata bagi orang banyak–termasuk di luar negerinya. Note: mazhab orang Turki itu Hanafi, sedangkan orang Indonesia mayoritas Syafii. Ada beberapa perbedaan dengan tata cara shalat, semua benar dan ada dalilnya.

POLITICS - Turkey’s Erdoğan says his only concern is Islam, takes jab at atheists
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said his only concern is Islam, while slamming the defenders of terrorists and atheists in Turkey

You’d think that with being prime minister (& having also been president between 2003-2014), his main concern would be running the country properly & making it a good place to live/work for all Turkish citizens regardless of their faith (or lack of).

If he was the grand mufti or grand ayatollah or some other religious leader then fair enough he’d have every right to be more concerned about Islam than anything else, but when you’re a major political figure in the government, your main concern shouldn’t be religion, it should be the economy, or healthcare, or education, or the development of infrastructure, or civil rights, or the environment, or the rights of minorities.

Imagine if someone from a religious minority like an Armenian Christian or a Turkish Jew rose to a prominent position within the government, & they said their main concern was Christianity or Judaism, that wouldn’t be right at all & neither should it be right for a high-ranking government official from the majority religion to be mainly concerned with their sect.

People being more loyal to their sect than their country or fellow compatriots lead to the 15-year-long Lebanese civil war, it has contributed to the wide sectarian differences in the Syrian civil war, it has lead to a lot of the violence & instability in Iraq, & overall it fuels religious fundamentalism & the persecution/oppression of minorities.

الدين لله و الوطن للجميع

“Religion is for god, but the homeland is for all”


Well, we finished the open flight pen two weeks ago now and I have been slowly adding birds until they are all out there. The front finished pen is 12x40 (including the 8x12 wooden coop). The topless flight pen, where all the chickens currently are, is 52x32, with 8 foot fencing that also extends 1 foot into the ground to deter predators digging in.

We’ll be building walls behind those tarps before winter, and hopefully the three woodencoops will go in there next summer. Then we will put fencing inside of the larger flight pen to section off two smaller 12x32 flight pens for the peacock coops, leaving next year’s chickens a 38x32 flight pen and an 8x12 wooden coop (we’ll take down the rubbermaid shed then, to free up that space).

All of the turkeys in the photos are meat birds and will be gone in November. The polish chickens I am holding for a friend of mine, as well as at least 2 of the bantam chickens, since my mom and Sark have fallen for the little roo and blue hen that fly up to their shoulders to sit any time they go into the pen.

The meat chickens are still in my barn but they will be going in for butcher at the end of this month. We’ll muck out that pen and let it stand overwinter, or possibly move the meat turkeys back in there before they kill me with how much they are consuming on free feed. There are still some chickens (my older laying hens) in with the peafowl, but as soon as I see the first egg in the new pen (which should be very soon now), I will be selling most of them. I really like one of the EE layers, since she’s so sweet, and the cochin rooster too, so they will be staying. Lastly, I am selling off my calico turkey hen, because she has killed and/or attacked several of my chickens.

There are still three baby peafowl in my house, two of which I am planning on selling off. The third one is a little hen, I think, and I may keep her since she’s a good looking bird and Blu will need company when I move all the other girls out to the opal and purple pens next year.

So, that’s what is going on at Longfeather Lane!

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