9th September 2014 - Benedict Cumberbatch at the red carpet launch for Imitation Game at TIFF 2014

More proof of prescription lenses - see how the girl’s face behind him is distorted when viewed through his glasses (looks like her cheek is extra fat at one point but it’s not. It’s the power in the lens that is distorting it.)

Source - https://twitter.com/ErinImrie/status/509456598088310784

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What do you think of TuringBatch?

Let’s start with, I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE! But I became a teeny tiny bit less excited when I scoped out the hair situation on this guy:

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(Alan Turing…obvi)

BUT, in typical Batch fashion, he actually just looks adorable:

The woman in the back is swooning so hard, she’s gonna lose her kerchief. 

But I feel like I’ve seen those pants before somewhere…where was it? Oh yeah:

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