If anyone out there is a good writer, i was wondering if anyone could write me a fanfic based off of shakarian and the turian in-law secret line Garrus says in the citadel dlc. The picture is what i based my spacer sole survivor Talia Shepard off of (no lines down the face tho) but she has the pixie short hair style, because she cut her hair to start over in a way after being the sole survivor. Pretty please and if it helps my birthday is coming up soon and i need some fanfic to get me thru working spring break to get to my birthday. Also let me read it or mention my name so I can look it up ChaoticPaine.

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  • Garrus: Sooo about that fish tank you fell through...Now I’ve got a story to tell the family when they meet you for the first time. Always helps to break the ice with turian in-laws.
  • Shepard: In-laws.
  • Garrus: What?
  • Shepard: You said 'in-laws'.
  • Garrus: I...ah.....um.........Well crap. It wasn’t supposed to- I mean I had a real...hrm. That is to say if you even wanted to...
  • Shepard: ....
  • Garrus: I mean....do...you....?
  • Shepard: I do.