• Garrus: Sooo about that fish tank you fell through...Now I’ve got a story to tell the family when they meet you for the first time. Always helps to break the ice with turian in-laws.
  • Shepard: In-laws.
  • Garrus: What?
  • Shepard: You said 'in-laws'.
  • Garrus: I...ah.....um.........Well crap. It wasn’t supposed to- I mean I had a real...hrm. That is to say if you even wanted to...
  • Shepard: ....
  • Garrus: I mean....do...you....?
  • Shepard: I do.
Turian Headcanons

note: these are my own personal headcanons, and though I have taken actual canon into consideration, these pretty much only apply to my fics. That being said, if you like any of them, by all means, feel free to use them. (these might be a little disorganized, I just copy-pasted them from my notes)


Turians evolved as apex predators, as such they have excellent eyesight and a sense of hearing far surpassing any other council race. They also posses an excellent sense of smell, matched only by the Krogan, and night vision (though not as advanced as Quarian, as palaven’s two moons guarantee it is rarely completely dark on their homeworld).

Due to the high levels of solar radiation they were subjected to on their home planet Turians are largely nocturnal, though when interacting with other species they generally concede to be active during daylight hours (except on Palaven, where aliens are of course expected to adapt to the local hours)

Almost entirely carnivorous, Turians do often supplement their diet with fruits and vegetables, but cannot taste sweet as intensely as most other species, thus most turian “treats” either tend toward the sour end of the spectrum, or else be unbearably sweet to most other species.

Turians lack body fat in the form of humans, asari, and krogan, and though they have other means of storing energy they are not as adept at it as other species and need to eat often to sustain a high level of physical activity. This lack of fat also means that turians struggle to maintain their body temp in cooler climates.

While not coldblooded, turians are ill equipped for cold temperatures, having evolved in an environment where overheating was a far greater danger than freezing. Most turians living on foreign worlds and/or in close proximity with aliens tend to wear their climate-controlled armor much of the time, or else heavy fabrics with high necks and gloves. in some cases, tight fitting body suits with built in heating units are worn under clothes to compensate.

turians give birth to live young but do not nurse. instead, a mother will eat and partially digest food before regurgitating it for her infant. Starting right before birth and lasting around three months, a new mother will start to produce a thick mucus that coats and protects the throat from stomach acid. Some individuals find this distasteful, so it is not an incredibly common practice in modern times with the availability of pre packaged foods suitable for infants. However, most turians will still experience the urge to regurgitate for around a month after giving birth.

Government and Social Structure

Turians tend to be very close knit and more concerned about the good of the whole group as opposed to individuals, and government on Palaven has historically been largely socialist in nature though organized into a  strictly tiered hierarchy. Every individual serves the hierarchy in some way, and in return, the hierarchy provides for all its citizens (in theory)

At the age of majority (15), all turians are expected to undergo basic military training, at the end of which they may choose a sector in which to serve their people. They may choose between law enforcement, fire/ emergency response, research and exploration (includes environmental sciences/conservation, as well as technological development), medicine, and military occupations among others. All training/schooling is provided and after five years of service, at the age of 20, young turians are elevated to the first tier of citizenship, which grants them the rights of a full adult, such as owning property and the ability to advance up the meritocracy through service to the hierarchy.

At the age of 30, citizens are released from compulsory service to follow personal pursuits, though many choose to continue on in their service and continue to climb in rank.

All individuals from the first tier up are provided with a decent living, though with higher rank comes greater compensation.

However, this structure has been slowly crumbling since gaining a seat on the council and adopting the volus as a client race, and turian industry has now been largely privatized, leaving few profitable ways to advance up the hierarchy other than the military.

Currently, this has led to more turians opting to take their chances in the private sector (as workers and mercenaries) after their compulsory service (some even opting to forgo service altogether, though this means abandoning any chance of ever advancing in the hierarchy) in pursuit of better opportunities. Most of the turians who leave for the private sector hail from the colonies, where the influence of the hierarchy is not as strong and there is greater room for exploitation, feeding into the growing disenfranchisement of the turian people spread throughout the galaxy

Culture & Religion

Turian social mores place high value on family and taking care of each other, putting the needs of the many ahead of the individual.

Families tend to be tight knit and very involved in each other’s lives, though turian family structure is not always recognizable to humans. Bonds of choice and duty are viewed as equally important as those of blood, and while pair bonding is not uncommon, it is also not considered the only or most valid way to have a family. It is not uncommon for three or more individuals to live and raise a family together, and Turian law provides rights and protections for these “extra” parents to care for and have custody of the children. Whether or not the adults in this arrangement are sexually or romantically involved is of little importance, and it is generally considered poor taste to ask.

Turian culture takes a very open view of sexuality and bonding, casual sex is very common and even encouraged, especially in the first few years of adulthood. While unplanned pregnancies from these casual unions are almost unheard of thanks to modern birth control methods, historically both parents and their families would work together to raise the child, though there was generally no pressure placed on the parents to make a romantic commitment to each other if they do not wish it.

despite this casual view of sex, actually sleeping with another person is seen as an act of extreme trust and intimacy. Sleeping next to someone is not always a sign of romantic attachment, but it does mean the two (or more) individuals involved have a very close bond, generally family.

When turians do have a romantic attachment with someone they’re sleeping with, it is generally taken to mean they have decided to bond.

There is a strong stigma against biotics in Turian culture. Those individuals showing biotic potential are enlisted into cabal units, often cutting short other promising careers, and limiting their potential to rise any further in the hierarchy.

Turians are terrible liars

also note: this is not an exhaustive list.

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#Garrus Vakarian #i have a lot of thoughts about his loyalty mission too #but this post is long enough #so i'll spare everyone for now Do share when you feel like it :) /I'm curious

I have many thoughts about Eye for an Eye. I find it a fascinating mission because it allows so much room for interpretation. It is not alone in this; there are plenty of other ME missions which tread into gray areas, but to me Eye for an Eye is a mission in which the right outcome isn’t necessarily cut-and-dried, and in which the motives and reactions of both Shepard and Garrus can be ambiguous.

The mission suffers a bit from lack of follow-up. After it’s over, Garrus will thank Shepard for the help–even if Shepard blocked the shot–and the mission is hardly referred to again. There is no opportunity to have a heart-to-heart about the situation; Garrus and Shepard remain friends regardless, and the two different outcomes do not affect later ME2 or ME3 dialogue so far as I know. This feels like a flaw, but it also contributes to the ambiguity; the mission is therefore perfect fodder for fic and headcanon, because what happens deserves some kind of explanation that the game doesn’t supply.

Here, then, are some thoughts in no particular order.


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If anyone out there is a good writer, i was wondering if anyone could write me a fanfic based off of shakarian and the turian in-law secret line Garrus says in the citadel dlc. The picture is what i based my spacer sole survivor Talia Shepard off of (no lines down the face tho) but she has the pixie short hair style, because she cut her hair to start over in a way after being the sole survivor. Pretty please and if it helps my birthday is coming up soon and i need some fanfic to get me thru working spring break to get to my birthday. Also let me read it or mention my name so I can look it up ChaoticPaine.

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