turian ocs


Don’t mind me, I’m just playing in my small sandbox and drawing stupid shit.

Kell is a darling and I love him so. Also I don’t quite buy the “quarian walk like humans” deal, so I made my own headcanon about that. 

These also feature Arrox, old, achy and grumpy ex-mercenary, now a pub owner. He is Kell’s boss/landlord/fairy godmother. Arrox hates everyone. Except maybe Kell. Kell is like son he never wanted to Arrox.


The “uncommon”, “rare”, and “ultra rare” class characters + blurbs!

Want a challenge? Make some OCs using some (or all!) of these guys as guides. I’ve already got four!

Check out the “common” classes here.



This is a project I’ve been working on for a while. I’ve wanted to have a turian oc for quite some time and I think I’ve finally managed to come up with a design I’m happy with and implement it on a model. So… meet Siana! Her surname is still to be determined, but I’m excited to dig in and get working on her :D

bioticplaneswalker  asked:

Soalris and Epiren because well spoken, elegant men with confidence issues are my jam.

I am shocked Nox, I would never have guessed you were into those gentlemen. 

But I can see it. They get their first votes this evening then! 

To be fair Epi gets the benefit of a close up. 

Whereas I apparently lost my old pictures of Solaris on the old laptop aside from this one. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer tho Nox, appreciate it!