Turf Talk /E-40

Turf Talk /E-40 -Celebrate
let’s celebrate another day,
another day on this paper chase.
another day that god let us live,
know what i mean?

let’s celebrate

let’s celebrate cuz after all,
i got my family and all my dogs.
and, once we get started you know we goin celebrate.
let’s celebrate

Yay Areaaaaaa


So you may have seen these two squids appearing on some of ka64‘s pics, but I think I never formerly introduced them myself here.

Lithe is an angel squid and the little brother of Angela, he’s also a nurse who tends on inklings that get injured during turf wars, he’s very sweet and kind of a worrywart, his weapon of choice is the Splattershot Jr. (even tho he doesnt participate in turf wars a lot ).

Abyss is a rank S deepsea squid, their weapon of choice is the octobrush, they have a rather stoic personality and they rather let their turf skills do the talking for them.

They’re in a poly relationship with a cute yellow squid called Berry.


Laroo & Turf Talk - Money 2 Blow ft. E-40

Did Laroo drop “The Hard Hitta” from the end of his name?


The making of (the other, better) Flamboastin

Turf Talk flamboastin on behalf of his younger cousin, Keak’s “chh-chh-chh!” sound effect making 40 laugh and Carlos Rossi yurgandy


Turf Talk - Bitch, Im Platinum (2005, Sick Wid It)



I got a black belt in hustlin,

PhD in Mackology,

Cy Young in pitchin cane,

Master in spittin game.


E-40 - Got Rich Twice [Feat. Turf Talk] (Video)

Hustlin til I die drink the bar dry…

Watch on donttrustrobotz.tumblr.com

Laroo & Turf Talk feat E-40 - Money To Blow


Turf Talk - Do Me Right ft. R.O.D. 


man trenches sounds rly good on this beat