turds and stars


I will bet you anything that she can tell the chiss agents apart from their walks alone though.


My first ever screencap redraw!~ I think it turned out pretty amazing! Would be amazing if you told me what you think about it so I could get better~

Taken from the episode “St. Olga’s Reform School For Wayward Princesses,” episode 19, first season (while patiently waiting for a new season)

Funny how when the reylos make Finn Kylo Ren in their AU, they suddenly stop wanting Rey to end up with him. Funny how that works. Odd how all of a sudden white Finn (played by Adam Driver) is a really interesting character that should end up with Rey..I thought Finn’s story was boring to you. I thought healthy ships were all so undramatic, and the romantic dynamics of villains and heroes were part of the best romances written in history. 


Donโ€™t tell me you werenโ€™t asking for this, โ€˜nonny, bc YOU TOTALLY WERE. I read between the lines.

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“I came into this world aLONE!!”

Decided, using Marco as my muse (I really need to make an OC lmao), to practice drawing out action poses (read: karat-ay) in different perspectives. Did three and this is the only one that didn’t look terribly flavorless.

IDK, I guess tomorrow or later tonight I’ll work on some more and maybe post ‘em 👊💪