turds and stars

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Hey guys, remember how great Persona, Yakuza, NieR, Zelda, Mario, and so many other games were this year? Remember how well they performed? Proving that implementing incredibly slimy models which have been (justifiably) compared to gambling is perhaps not the best way to ensure success and secure a loyal fanbase? Good times. 

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Starco prompt: Netflix and literally just chilling

Friendship Thursday wasn’t too much fun when, well, two of the three participants were passed out 10 minutes into the show.

Star doesn’t mind…a lot, because it’s still Friendship Thursday and she’s still with her friends – technically. She looks over at Marco hunched against Ponyhead’s pink mane, mouth wide and snoring lightly. At least they had a fun day – though whatever they managed to pick up at Emelio’s Pizzaria could’ve used some…work, to say the least. She grimaces at the melty slice that sits on the side table, untouched since her first bite.

Way too many mushrooms.

The Friendship Snuggly that she wore has managed to slip down past her waist, and she’s much too lazy to bring it back up around her shoulders and burry her nose into the blue cloth. Plus, she kinda wants a sandwich, and maybe some fruit punch from the kitchen.

She stretches her arms out, pushing up toward the ceiling and yawns, then stretches outwards next to her. Kitchen in mind, she begins the slow process of getting up when a familiar head full of brown hair falls against her side, onto her lap, startling her back to her seat. She looks over at where her best friends previously were: Ponyhead’s moved closer to her, tilted in her direction, and the movement must have sent him over to her for a more comfortable sleep. What did they even do today to be as tired as they were? Especially Marco, who seemed completely unfazed by his new sleeping positon – in fact, taking light of it and nestling his head against her leg.

Star brings her hand to his shoulder to shake him awake, then pauses, tilting her head down to look at his sleepy form. His hair is matted in the back, and he looks so tired yet content and, well, her fruit punch can wait a little longer, right?

She takes a chunk of his hair and smoothes her fingers through it, brushing out the knots and separating the strands into bundles of threes, creating a loose little braid. A giggle escapes her as she looks at her handiwork, twirling it around at the back of his head. Her other hand lightly brushes against his bangs at his forehead, his breath even and mouth slightly open with just a hint of drool, and she cards her fingers through his hair before tucking it behind his ear. There, she traces tiny sketches from his ear to his cheek with a gentle finger, her thumb gliding against his jawbone right under it. And she swears he sighs, falling deeper onto her thighs, nestling his nose into the fuzzy blanket, and has he always been this soft and gentle and –

“Uh, B-fly, what are you doing?”

Her arms unconsciously fly off his body and to her sides, burned, as Ponyhead looks her and Marco up and down from under the blanket.

“Nothing!” Star laughs awkwardly, then remembers the sleeping boy on her lap and lowers her voice. “I’m not doing anything.”

“Kinda looked like you were petting Earth Turd.”

She frowns. “I was not petting him. And stop calling him that!”

“Why should I?”

“Because he isn’t an ‘Earth Turd.’”

Ponyhead gives her a knowing look, then raises an eyebrow at the boy lying against her (her!) bestie. “Looks like a turd to me.”

“Well…he isn’t.”

The horsehead blinks. “Because he’s cuter than a turd?”

“Yes!” Star exclaims, glaring at Ponyhead resolutely, until it registers what she just said. She tricked her – a specialty of her Mewni best friend. Ponyhead smirks at her, muzzle tilted to show she’s won, and Star immediately panics – waving her hands back and forth because absolutely not, no way, not possible - “Wait, wh-what no! No, he isn’t – no. No.”

“I can’t believe you think Earth Turd is actually –”

“Pony!” She doesn’t even register what she’s done until she hears a yelp and groaning from the floor, where Marco now lay face planted at an uncomfortable angle. She’s immediately next to him, apologizing for pushing him off the couch and helping him up from the carpet.

Star’s never heard Ponyhead laugh louder.

leaked script of tomorrow’s new episode

Pony Head: You two have got to be kidding me
Star: What are you talking about
Pony Head: You’re with Tom again are you KIDDING me after all this **** with Earth Turd.
Star: Yeah it’s pretty exciting 
Pony Head: *cough* I’m just so happy for you cus you’re like ****ing five years old and somehow this has worked out.
Star: I’m just like, so happy for myself and, like, so worried for you because, like, obviously you’re like ****ing eight years old
Pony Head: huh.
Star: and like, you’ve obviously, like, spent your time partying and stuff like that
Pony Head: Thank you
Star: and it’s started to take its toll on your face and your body.
Pony Head: Well, I love to have fun
Star: And like, the boyfriends that you have had
Pony Head: Sure
Star: were like, really bad for you and would like
Pony Head: Uh huh
Star: come over and *** on your stomach…
Pony Head: Well, I love to have fun
Star: Yeah, no totally
Pony Head: Like, totally
Star: Absolutely.
Pony Head: Uh huh
Star: But like, whatever works for you like, works for you and that’s amazing
Pony Head: …Thank you…
Star: Thank you.


My first ever screencap redraw!~ I think it turned out pretty amazing! Would be amazing if you told me what you think about it so I could get better~

Taken from the episode “St. Olga’s Reform School For Wayward Princesses,” episode 19, first season (while patiently waiting for a new season)


Donโ€™t tell me you werenโ€™t asking for this, โ€˜nonny, bc YOU TOTALLY WERE. I read between the lines.

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“I came into this world aLONE!!”

Decided, using Marco as my muse (I really need to make an OC lmao), to practice drawing out action poses (read: karat-ay) in different perspectives. Did three and this is the only one that didn’t look terribly flavorless.

IDK, I guess tomorrow or later tonight I’ll work on some more and maybe post ‘em 👊💪