Rewatching the 2k7 movie with @turdle-dergs, we come to the conclusion Raph has a serious thing for leather

I went deeper and imagined Leo getting just a little interested into the Nightwatcher suit, so he ends up asking Raph if he could wear it once

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What to do When Your Brothers are Upset About Their Crushes 
with Raphael Hamato.

“First, I try to get it through their heads that they have absolutely no shot with a human girl.”

“Seriously, they don’t even realize how hopeless they are.”

“If that doesn’t cheer them up, I change the subject and make them do something fun, whether they realize they need it or not.” 

This has been What to do When Your Brothers are Upset About Their Crushes
with Raphael Hamato.
A perfect example of what not to do.

At least he means well… that sweet little turdle.

turdle  asked:

Hii, I've seen a few people talking about a supernatural related beiber incident and I'm curious, what actually happened? 😁

Back in January 2014 there was a scandal where coke was found at Justin Beiber’s house but one of his friends, Lil Za, took responsibility for it. Beiber didn’t get in any trouble, I’m pretty sure that he wasn’t even taken in for questioning. A lot of people were saying they thought the cocaine was actually Beiber’s and they were unhappy with him not getting in trouble, he’d had several scrapes with the law but they kept letting him off the hook. Then Jared tweeted this


The Beliebers got angry and announced a boycott of Supernatural. Dozens of articles came out with reporters saying that the show may be cancelled because of Jared, they honestly thought that the Belieber’s were a powerful enough group to make that happen. I kind of get their reasoning, Supernatural has never pulled in big ratings and we had just come back from the mid-season hiatus so viewing numbers were important. 

Supernatural fans took to Tumblr and asked people to tune in that week so we could show everyone that the Beliebers didn’t have as much power as the media seemed to think. First Born 9.11 ended up getting a higher viewership than any Supernatural episode in three years and the next episode, Sharp Teet 9.12, rated even higher. Instead of tanking the ratings, the Belieber boycott helped boost them. Overall ratings for season 9 were higher than they were for season 8 which is something that almost never happens, most shows will see a ratings boost in the first few seasons but after that they consistently go down. Part of the ratings boost was due to the series becoming popular on Netflix but the Belieber boycott definitely helped, many people tuned into the show for the very first time just to spite Bieber’s fans and some of them discovered they actually like Supernatural. 

Goat simulator

My friend recently bought this game where you are a goat and go around liking and headbutting things (more interesting than it sounds, trust me.) Anyway, she was showing me the game and we went into the sewers and were attacked by four “Michael Bay turdles.” I’m not even kidding. It was hilarious, they had shrek antennae on their heads. Might post pictures if I can get a working camera.

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Oh my gosh that bear is sooo cute! Am I the only one who thinks that? :D Also, snarkyness doesnt suit Blaine's face ;)

Something was most definitely off with Blaine - like he was so blah and blasé about it?  Not concerned or maybe he knew about it?  Like he was play acting?  And the OTT ridic DK?  Like, where is the Fury?  WTF even IS this season?  A freakin’ BAD joke cuz it wasn’t funny at all.  DUMB.

Gotta say, if that was Kurt that texted about a bear in the apt, Blaine would freak the fuck out and haul ass outa there.  AND the scene would actually be hilarious because Chris and Darren have mad chemistry and play comedy off each other like GOLD.  

Waste, waste, waste.

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Hello! Is it just me or did the demons seem not bothered by Lucifer's return? Last time they were all over him but now they seemed almost annoyed?

In season 5 most demons thought Lucifer was their loving God. They called him their father and thought they would live on earth with him after he defeated Michael. Crowley knew better. He’s had 5 years to educate all the denizens of hell about Lucifer’s plan to kill them all once he won the fight. I’m sure there are some who didn’t believe Crowley but even those demons wouldn’t be following Luci blindly anymore, they’d have their doubts. The rest of the demons know that Lucifer’s return is a threat to their continued existence. They’re trying not to get on his bad side but they have no incentive to bend over backwards to help him or to worship him. They’re biding their time, just like Crowley is.