Wholesome Week Day 7: Alternate Universes - Spilling Tea on St. O’s

(I went with the “Comet and Gaby” AU cooked up by @skleero and @blogmusp)

“No way!” Gabriella slammed her teacup down. “That place sounds awful! Did you at least blow up all the bad guys?”

“That we did…” said Star wearily. “And we saved Pony Head and all the other princesses… and now, let’s forget this day ever happened,” she added, knocking back her imaginary tea like it was very real liquor.

“And why’s Marco still wearing a dress?”

“Well,” said Marco, his voice going falsetto, “I thought you would appreciate a visit from the fair Princess Turdina…

Gaby giggled. “Lookin’ good, bro!”

“Told you pink was your color!”

“It’s not criminal to be an individual!”

Guess my favourite Disney Princess? Seriously though I’ll never be over Princess Marco. He looks so beautiful and enchanting.

I had envisioned this drawing going way differently, but I hadn’t picked my tablet in a long time so… I like it anyway, I’ll improve someday.

Guys. The St. Olga Guards have been to earth twice before now. Once to find Ponyhead, and again to capture Princess Smooshy. Both times they had passing dealings with Star and Marco.

Something tells me they won’t have to scour the entire planet to find the princesses who caused the uprising.