turd season

I mean I know we expected shit to go down today. 

But I was anticipating, the cooler heads would have prevailed type fight that happened because people are drinking and not thinking clearly.

What we got was an I don’t know wtf is even happening, why is Isak getting punched by Elias of all people??? type of fight instead. 

What we get instead is some character assassination in the form of Yousef and Noora.

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And then the totally expected but equally shitty turncoat of one Vilde Hellerud who has gotten far too many chances for her general fuck ton levels of bullshit and ignorance. 

So yeah, color me surprised…


hello, everybody! we’re so excited to be back in production, and can’t wait for this coming run! 

a few people from our storyboard team from last season moved onto other opportunities, and we miss them dearly - goodbye, Kristen, Sasha, and Sarah, we’re wishing you guys all the best! we would also like to welcome our new storyboard crew members - katie, shaina, renee, charis, and hannah!

here are a few boards from last week’s episode: “Member Berries”, by keo and greg. 

happy 20th season!!!!

Not only does Ian’s description of Mickey’s wedding make light of what Mickey went through (which is horrendous), it even manages to put down Svetlana.

“This pregnant hooker.”

Just some random person, right? Not someone you lived with, co-parented with, or formed a relationship with, right? She wasn’t a victim in any of this, right?

Bye, Ian Galager. You’re lame. And an asshole.

  • jackson avery in s9: i am not ready to be anybody's husband
  • jackson avery in s10: lol joke hi wifey how's my wife doing hey wife love you how's our baby god i love my wife doing the laundry babe sweetheart folding my wife's panties and cooking dinner before sexy times marriage bubble ok husband of the year yo did i mention i was married also wife. i have a wife. wife wife wife.

Bob Lasalle from the Dime store crew is a fucking genius. Pretentious Self-Fellatio in the Big Apple. Nailed every current trend in skateboarding on the east coast.