turd master

Little moments of intimacy that Anakin and Ahsoka have because of their force bond add years to my life.

I love that he wants to reach out to her. He’s always been a physically affectionate person and he always has to curb his natural inclinations.

You can’t have secret feelings when you’re a Jedi. Your master will know.

being in a relationship with michael would be so fuckin fun bc you’d call each other things like “asshole”, “lil bitch”, and “turd master”, and you’d get to steal his clothes whenever you wanted, and he’d probably force u to watch pokemon literally every day, and the two of you would have sex in the dumbest places and sometimes it’s really giggly and fun sex and you laugh your way through it and other times it would be desperate and breathless and you’d leave scratch marks and he’d leave hickies all over your neck