The Hundred Camp, the Cheviot Hills

Kane rode back to camp as fast as his nag could take him. He had been tempted to follow Abby to Arkholm Tower but that would have given them away to everyone. As far as he knew, only Murphy had found them out. Kane was struggling to make sense of what had happened. How did Murphy know about Alasdair and what he had done? The only person Kane had ever talked about it with was Abby and obviously he hadn’t told her the whole truth. It was possible the boy had made a guess, wanting to hurt Abby or get back at Kane for some reason and had inadvertently hit on the truth. However he had found out, the result was the same. Abby was devastated, their relationship was in ruins. They might have survived if Murphy had only told Abby about Alasdair; she would have been angry with Kane for a while, but he was sure he could have convinced her that his reasons not to tell her were pure. No. Murphy couldn’t resist twisting the knife, telling Abby that she was Kane’s revenge, and she had believed it. Kane couldn’t understand what he had done to make her think he was capable of that. He hadn’t helped himself by hesitating when she asked if the sex in the stable had been revenge. There was an element of truth in that, and he couldn’t lie to her. Seeing Alasdair a few feet away while he was taking his wife had been deeply satisfying but it was just that one moment, because the man was there. He had never considered Abby as revenge for her husband; in fact, he tried not to think of her having anything to do with that ogre at all. He had to make her see that, somehow, but first, he was going to kill Murphy.

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Look Down

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“Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things.”

In honor of the season 4 premiere of The 100! Bellamy always has the coolest outfits.