Turbulence Album Throwback

When I attended GOT7 Fan Meeting in Malaysia last Dec, I got Turbulence Yugyeom version with Youngjae photocard. I was sad at first because I wanted to have Youngjae version but then few weeks after the Fan Meeting someone wanted to exchange her Youngjae’s version with GOT7 version and since I have GOT7 version when I first bought the album so we exchanged and I managed to get my Youngjae version with JB’s photocard. ❤

Hi my name is Jay Jay  Turbulence Blue The Jet Plane and I have long cerulean blue wings (that’s how I got my name) with black wheels and red stripes that reaches my mid-back and sapphire blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Thomas the Train (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Big Jake but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a jet plane but my teeth are straight and white. I have sunkissed skin. I’m also a plane, and I go to an airport called Tarrytown Airport in Tarrytown where I’m in the Kid’s Hangar (I’m a child jet plane). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) but I wear mostly blue. I love Pangabula Island and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing metallic blue paint with matching red stripes around it and black rubber wheels, a green light and a red light on top of my head. I was wearing black tinted windows, a bright smile, super thin eyebrows and light blue metallic paint under my wings for my highlight. I was walking outside Tarrytown Airport. It was sunny and bright so there was no rain, which I was very happy about. A lot of humans stared at me. I put up my middle wing at them.

 "Hey Jay Jay!“ shouted a voice. I looked up. It was… Revvin’ Evan!


Anna Karenina, Eifman Ballet of St Petersburg, Hong Kong, October 2013. © Hana Kudryashova.

A scorching Anna is brought to life in Eifman’s innovative contemporary interpretation. Driven by passion, the alluring beauty restlessly chafes against her gilded aristocratic life while her turbulent, angst-filled relationships with both husband and lover are powerfully depicted through searing routines and athletic, highly charged performances.

anonymous asked:

Is Anais and Kyle married or engaged? If not it would be great if he proposed and Anais told him no and threw the ring off a building and then walk off like a badass.

Haha nope, they’re not engaged or married. None of them are at this point except Rocio! Thankfully Kyle won’t have enough time to propose to Anais since I see turbulent waters in their near future :) 

☠️The Death of the Moon Signs☠️

Is the day that….

Aries Moon: You have to retain yourself and you’ve lost full reign over your life. Instead of being taken seriously, you’re ignored like a whining child. No one gives you the time of day, and no one can enjoy the spontaneous love your Aries Moon creates when you forge down these dangerous and exciting new paths.

Taurus Moon: Boundaries are pushed and suddenly you have to sacrifice something. Even your comfort foods can’t lift you’re moods because all this turbulence has you exhausted. Home is nowhere to be found, and without familiarity Taurus Moon is stumbling blindly in the dark.

Gemini Moon: You can’t get your point across and everyone you talk to is a brick wall. Nothing you say bounces back or even sticks, leading to a complete writers block on your feelings. Your wordsmith Gemini Moon is left at a loss for words, and all processing power is too fried to try to even think of feeling.

Cancer Moon: The tides around you have swelled to the bursting point, and no body is relenting. You’re sure you have enough on your plate already, but you’re still dragged in the middle. Now your Cancer Moon is compelled to shape entire oceans of the emotions around you, leaving you a little seasick of life.

Leo Moon: Everyone is whizzing by too quickly to notice the love around them, that burning passion you too can share. You’re screaming into an empty sky with howling winds that threaten your sacred flame. You no longer know yourself, and even that Leo Moon has forgotten its own light when it’s so cloudy out.

Virgo Moon: You can’t do anything right. You’ve never felt more clumsy, and that’s never made you feel more useless. You can’t keep up damage control for anything. Your Virgo Moon is playing that same old broken record, chanting that your feelings mean nothing if you can’t take care of them too.

Libra Moon: You are abandoned, all by your lonesome, in a cold, unfamiliar place. There’s no one to understand where you’re coming from and no way to get where you want to go. The mirror of your Libra Moon has cracked the contrast between you and others, fragmented your compassion into a kaleidoscope of isolation.

Scorpio Moon: You were right- someone wasn’t worthy of your heavy love and you have to uproot your entire being once again. You can feel your walls being reinforced after all that hard work to break them down. Your venom is purged on offenders, stripping them to the bone, and your Scorpio Moon has begun yet another one of its viciously consuming rebirths.

Sagittarius Moon: Complete stagnation has taken hold. Your passions are capped by the monotonous responsibilities of the “real” world. All you want to do is run away to the woods for some fresh air for a few days; your Sag Moon needs to get the hell out of here and see what the world has to offer them.

Capricorn Moon: Your goal is miles away and your muscles are starting to give out. The climb ahead is practically 90 degrees and you still can’t see the top. It could be inches taller, miles even. Regardless, all you know is that you have to surmount this. The pressure your Cap Moon exerts is most taxing on the you who owns it.

Aquarius Moon: Reality has eaten your eccentricity. Everything that was so luminous before have somehow dulled their glow and the suddenly the darkness of space is swallowing you whole. That Aqua Moon of yours has boxed up everyone and everything it knows and you’re lost in the labyrinth of the storage unit in your heart.

Pisces Moon: Your sorrows have never seem heavier and a single blow brings you crashing down. The oblong tower you had enshrined to your feelings became too weathered and can’t maintain. Now the blissful wave your Pisces Moon has been cruising on has come crashing to the shore.

Turbulent Waters

All of my friends
Can count higher than me,
They can add,
And subtract,
And think faster than me.

And they can sit still,
When the teacher is talking,
While I’d sooner be out climbing a tree,
Or just walking,

My parents have weeded,
And tiled my path,
They’ve paid for my tutors,
And helped me with math,

But I’m only happy,
When I’m down by the sea,
When I can be the person,
Who I want to be.

The Great Ace Attorney Replay: Investigations, Case 2, Part 1

Playing a little of ace attorney: rurple ruffleguy edition. proved Gumshoe’s innocence in like nine minutes and now are confusingly gonna do a case that took place before this. it’s on a plane.

Miles passed out bc of plane turbulence, I’m guessing the implication is it felt like an earthquake it doesn’t look like he could have hit his head on anything.

“I’m uncomfortable with earthquake like things” yeah that’s definitely why. 

“first this now an elevator" 

1. what kind of fucking fancy-ass plane is this jesus christ I have never heard of a plane having an elevator

 2. you literally just passed out bc plane turbulence reminded you of an earthquake i don’t think ur ready to go in an elevator hun

"NO I can’t be haunted by my PAST anymore I am GROWN MAN” jesus Miles. this is a terrible idea you need to see a therapist and build up to this or something.

…there was a dead body in the elevator. and the flight attendant just walked in and thinks Miles murdered him. Miles i think u and elevators are just never gonna be friends buddy.

on the plus side at least this prevented him from trying to go in the elevator.

this is like the second time in his life Miles has been accused of murdering someone in an elevator. he should really stop making this a habit.

Anyway, he gets out of it, and here comes Gumshoe and Franziska. Aww Gumshoe is worried all over again.

Gumshoe is really dropping truth bombs all over this game he totally doesn’t believe Franziska seriously thinks Miles is the killer and calls her out on it. “I mean, you two are like siblings”

Then Franziska’s like “SHUT UP. EVEN IF WE WERE RELATED BY BLOOD, THAT’S NO GUARANTEE HE’S NOT A CRIMINAL” and OUCH I don’t think I noticed the significance of that line first time around. This whole situation might be way more upsetting for Fran than she’s letting on. She never would have thought her dad was a criminal, who’s to say Miles can’t turn out the same way? I’m with Gumshoe that she doesn’t seriously think he did it (if she did, she wouldn’t be bothering to talk to him) but I think a secret part of her is terrified of the same thing happening again.

Haha omg Miles is such a fucking hypocrite he talks about this guy who was freaking out during the flight and is like “why would he go in a plane if he’s so scared of them?” 

this from the person who went on a plane despite the fact turbulence triggers their PTSD (WHO GOES ON PLANES CONSTANTLY. HOW DO YOU DO THIS MILES)


Gumshoe: “That’s right, Mr. Edgeworth! By the way were you okay with the turbulence on this flight?”

Miles:…. Ah. Yes. It was…nothing I couldn’t handle. 

(YOU LITERALLY TOLD BOTH HIM AND FRANZISKA YOU PASSED OUT DURING THE TURBULENCE TWO SECONDS AGO there is no way Gumshoe’s not doing this on purpose…of course it’s possible this dialogue was meant to be triggered before that.)

Gumshoe: I figured as much, sir! You wouldn’t go on a plane if you were scared of them!

Miles: I-indeed.

Miles just got owned so hard. Sweetie, just be honest with yourself, it’s okay.



CR: @chattyang


As much as I don’t want to look at him I can’t stop…like OH MY GOD HE IS SO FINE. Why does he look this good. 😢😭

[TRANS] Jackson & Youngjae commented on each other’s IG post..cute^^ 

jacksonwang852g7 > 333cyj333 

 "What are you doing cutie @.333cyj333"

333cyj333 > jacksonwang852g7 

“Oh pretending to be cool/suave~~~~~~”

jacksonwang852g7 replies to 333cyj333:

 "@.333cyj333 Ars-nim, you left a comment ? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Hul ㅠㅠ Please sing Trauma ㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

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