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Caption: “Before Amtrak’s Rohr Turboliners, destined for Empire Service, continued their cross-country trip to New York, a test run was made from Chicago to Pontiac, Illinois, on ICG’s ex-GM&O main line, in September 1976. I caught the southbound run as the train accelerated up Zarley Hill, just south of Joliet.”

Photo by Joseph Petric

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Turbo-Nose by rrradioman
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Amtrak - 16th Street by d.w.davidson on Flickr.

Caption: “Amtrak Train No. 354, the Twilight Limited for Detroit, departed Chicago Union Station at 5:15 PM and the Turboliner is seen here passing the coach yard at 16th Street.”

Amtrak used French-built Turboliners on the Chicago-to-Detroit route from 1975 to 1981.


Photo by D.W. Davidson

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Here is a another view of the Chicago & Alton bridge, from 1976, with an Amtrak Turboliner.

Photo by Michael Matalis.

Some info from his Flickr posting:

Chicago IL / Bridgeport drawbridge


* Significance: The Chicago & Alton Railroad bridge was the first Page bascule erected for railroad use. Patented by John W. Page, a Chicago engineer, the Page bascule was not as extensively built as other patented systems such as the Strauss-Trunion bascule.

This Chicago & Alton bridge may be the only one of its kind in existence.

* Survey number: HAER IL-104

* Building/structure dates: 1906 Initial Construction