Parker doing it for the chicks.

It’s great to see the young guns (Team Whitesheep) owning it. Charging big waves, rocking the pink Turbos, and just generally being awesome. Bodysurfing is not just about the waves right, it’s a different culture altogether. It’s about being RAD. The question is raised in the great lyrics of David Essex in the song Rock On:

“And where do we go from here?”


There was a ring of fire around Panics. Some were calling it a fire ring. #firing #teamblackhseep #bodysurf #bodysurfing #torpedopeople #theradmiracle #vipersurfingfins #honkthehorncallthepolice #turbolicious (at PANICS at the DISCO)

Point Panic. It’s always been a dream of mine to score DECENT sized Panics and I finally got the chance. Waves were in the 10 - 12 + range (this video was from the day before, maybe 5-7 foot). There’s no doubt this wave is unbelievable. I mean truly unbelievable for bodysurfing. Not much swimming. Long rides. Beautiful water. Warm weather. The who shabang.

I must admit however, it was incredibly frustrating at times. The wave is so perfect that you think you can do anything – so you try everything, and if you’re me, you’re fucking shit up all over the place. Rolls – why not? DEEP in and out barrels – let’s try. Belly spins – seems like a good time for a few. I rarely made it to the end of waves because I was doing a bunch of this silly shit – and of course loving every minute. When normally in bodysurfing you’re concernced with going as far as you can, here you were thinking “When I get to this section, what move can I get away with?” It breeds a whole different type of bodysurfer and mindset. It’s eye opening. I’ve always looked at bodysurfing as mostly reactive, but I think this wave you could be totally proactive. Does that make sense?

In conclusion: Point Panic is an easy wave to ride, and an incredibly difficult wave to master.

Nothing but smooth sailing for me and my special edition Team Blacksheep @whrsurf mini boog during the Makaha bodysurf competition. #torpedopeople #bodysurfing Drop it like its hoooooooot. 3rd ain’t too shabby — but I’m gunning for 1st.

You don’t understand the potentials the mini boof has to change the game. First and foremost, it helps you get into waves by providing lift. Second, it makes you go faster by providing lift. Third, it’s made of foam so you can just ditch that thing and bodysurf once you’re up to speed. Rockpiles is a tough wave to bodysurf, trust me. The take off spot is small, the wave goes from steep to mush to steep again then back to mush, the waves move fast so catching them is hard, and they are generally only fun and rideable when they are big. Insert the mini Boog into the equation and everything changes. A slot that is normally extremely difficult to bodysurf just got a lot easier. Not easy, but easier. And to boot, the thing costs nothing and can take reef and rocks all day. Good luck trying to break one.

Ever Bodysurfed a sizable barrel and been spit out? It’s tough and a lot of it has to do with luck and timing. The mini Boog increases your chances. Thing is a champ. If you don’t believe me, come find me and try mine. Watch me. Watch Starky. Watch anyone with proficiency who is using one – its a fucking radical miracle.

All weather gear. URT pink turbos. Insulated to keep your junk warm even in the mountains and snow.

Below is a little note from TBS member Christian Berg-Hansen (pictured above)

Hello Team Blacksheep this is your brother Berg-Hansen writing to you from the great North. As you may or may not know I live in Washington State and as far away as that may sound this little note is being composed from Alaska. I am at my new job on a tug boat and have traded my cush job on a research vessel in Hawaii to freezing my ass off in the Gulf of Alaska. The reason I am writing this is to let you all know we are holed up in the inside passage for a wicked storm brewing in the gulf.

What an amazing shot by @wesurfoc. Had to repost.

Today I want to get serious for a second…and this post has nothing to do with the above photo. Everyone knows how passionate I am about bodysurfing, and everyone in Team Blacksheep shares that same passion. I want the world to bodysurf. I want them to see amazing bodysurfers. I want them to feel how I feel. The world deserves it. I get so happy when I see people charging the waves, being silly, and just having fun. 

But there’s something else going on here too. CLAIMING. I’m seeing a growing amount of people claiming all sorts of things. Best bodysurfer. Legend. Greatest ever. Biggest Wave rider. One of the best. And in my opinion everyone needs to relax a little bit. The other day I bumped into somebody who claimed their friend was a part of Team Blacksheep. How could that be possible if I don’t know the guy? I’m pretty sure I know everybody in Team Blacksheep…ha ha.

This isn’t one of my vent sessions, it’s just a reminder that we are in this together. That we are trying to progress the sport and have a good time. I know TBS does a lot of weird stuff. But at the end of the day, we LOVE bodysurfing. We make sacrifices all over the place so we can bodysurf. Money. Time. Girlfriends / Wives / Family…etc. The circus act we have is just the side show…we’re about BODYSURFING. Don’t get confused by that. No matter how weird our antics get, or hot small our bathing suits are, we’re about charging the biggest, baddest, best waves we can, while make it look sexy as hell – you should be too.


Bodysurfing in the spotlight. A boy can dream. Frenchy Fred David.

Dude… I mean seriously…that’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had with other men. I’ll edit some video and get it together as soon as I can. The video I don’t think entirely captures how amazing it was…but you will kind of get the idea. We were all having too much fun to spend time video taping. Lucky for us, Fred separated his shoulder while doing, so he volunteered…sorry Fred.

There were 17 of us. That means 17 guys in the middle of this giant BAR / Wavehouse, where everyone is trying to be a badass, walking around in pink Turbos. Just imagine that for a moment. It was EPIC. I said I was going to do this once and check it off the list, but I’m starting to think I want to go back there again with a more clear view on capturing some video.

If you are in the San Diego area, and they get you the hookup for the All-Day pass, do it. It’s fucking awesome (although my body kind of hurts all over). 

The most legendary bodysurfing competition is happening in two weeks. This is your last chance to SIGNUP. PEOPLE OF ALL ABILITY FROM BEGINNERS to PROS. SIGNUP HERE ______________________________________ THEWEDGECREW..COM/STRAIGHTOUTTAWOMPTON ________________________________________ #straightouttawompton #wompton #teamblacksheep #torpedopeople #bodysurf #bodysurfing #turbolicious #hobra #forthechicks #boyspushingothaboysfordobettatings


EPIC URT WOMP COMP! So many photos to choose from. This is literally the finals of the bodysurfing competition. Weird…

You can’t even begin to comprehend the amount of things that went down in a 24 hour period. First off, thank you Dougie Mann and URT Clothing (urturt.com) for putting on such an epic competition. There were a lot of super stoked kids and a lot of adults acting like kids. So that’s good…

Bodysurfing competitions rarely get waves, so we decided to create more of a circus atmosphere. I guarantee you nobody has every seen a bodysurfing competition like this one. Water balloon launchers, confetti cannons, blow up dragons, a surf island, beach flags, unicorns, you fucking name it!!! 

Mark your calendars for next year, because this is a bodysurfing event to attend!

We also, surprisingly, had enough energy to take over the Wave House for about 5 hours. But that is a different blog post…

Congrats to the happy couple – awkward! ________________________________________ @scottwmatthews looking good ________________________________________ #radicalmiracle #teamblacksheep #hawaii #marriage #boyspushingothaboysfordobettatings #turbolicious #torpedopeople #bodysurf #doitforthechicks #areweinvitedtothewedding

Hanging out at Pipe all day getting freaky on the waves. Pink turbos look good in Hawaiian clear water. I think I’ve almost convinced our Hawaiian brothers to wear them…

#youonthenorthshorenowbuddy #urtxteamblacksheep #teamblacksheep #torpedopeople #bodysurfing #boyspushingothaboysfordobettatings #hawaii #northshore #turbolicious

Watching the high waves roll in at W street with 1000 of my closest friends. 1 story and 4 stairs high if you ask me.

Like I’ve always said, if you’re going to a circus you may as well go dressed as a clown. Isn’t that wave a beauty? Watching that thing bounce off the rocks and go hurling towards itself never gets old. When you’re in the water you can’t appreciate it as much, but if you are standing on the sand, you can take it all in. See it from a zoomed out perspective. If you want to visit Wedge and you’ve never done it, do yourself a favor, wait until there is swell, and make the trek. There are so many great waves around the world worth seeing, but in my opinion they aren’t worth seeing unless they are firing! Trust me, wedge is boring when it’s flat. There is nothing to see. Ha ha.

Sum it all up: righteous. Nice to get your tan on in October.

I could talk about the trip and how cool it was or I could just address something I saw out in the water that really pissed me off. I’m going to do the latter. 

People who can do whatever they want at their surf spot, I would call a “shot caller.” They can call people into waves, they can call people off of waves, they can enforce the their surf break. Fine. That’s par for the course. Pipe has a lot of these, but one guy was doing something that I don’t think is ever acceptable and I think you would agree. Rule #1 for not being a surfer douche regardless of whether you’re a shot caller of just a random:

Don’t take off on an epic peak wave, ride it all the way to the inside, then paddle back out, and right when you get back out take the next wave when there are 50 people in the water.

This particular guy did this like 5 times. That’s bullshit. He would still be paddling out to the peak after a long wave he just caught, then turn and burn on a wave that somebody else was paddling for. It almost made me sick. **DON’T DO THIS** It makes you a huge dickhead. I understand localism. I actually support it. I get there being a lineup. I support that as well. But I don’t care how local or hardcore you are, trying to catch 2 waves in a row and acting like that’s ok??? That screams ASSHOLE. HOG. DICK (tiny). Wow, I feel better. That was therapeutic. 


If other people tell you what to do here’s a classic response: SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASSHOLE. Just saying… 

Another example of the best pics come from the worst waves. If memory serves me correctly, this was a totally horrible closeout wave that I took off on just to warm up (I was freezing). In fact, I almost got hucked over the falls and annihilated on this wave. Oh well…came out as a rad photo.