turbo spool

it is freezing but my feet are drenched in sweat because I drive with the heat on full blast at my feet and the drivers window halfway down and all of my senses are at full alertness and there’s bolts that bang around in the rear and there’s a turbo spooling when my right foot asks it too and there’s a clutch chattering when my left foot wants it to and there’s coconut and vanilla from my hair burning in the fumes of gasoline and synthetic oil, and there’s an exhaust choking on flames and spitting out roaring echoes and there’s my heart slowly beating trying to touch my rib cage and I can feel every ounce of this car in my fingertips on a small tight steering wheel that shakes and I am god right here and now and the red lights I bathe my skin in burn my eyes with the red heat blowing from the vents and the wind blowing the hair from my face and I swear that I am God in every moment more


I’ve been driving around in a red STI for the past couple of days and its been a huge culture shock! By culture I mean the Subaru culture and specifically the one having to do with the Impreza. 

Never have I experienced such a friendly group of car enthusiasts while driving. It seems like everyone goes out of their way to wave to each other. The first time this happened I was a little dumbfounded and didn’t know how to react so I looked like a dick for not waving back. I really didn’t think anything of it until it kept on happening, over and over again. The reality of what was going on finally hit me after about the 5th time it happened in a day. Yesterday was the moment I realized how awesome the Subaru community is and why so many people get a Subaru. Yesterday was also the first time I realized that everyone NEEDS a daily dose of BOOOOOOST!!!!

Shout out to all the Subaru enthusiasts and to battlestanced fuckyeahsubies dirtysti rugessubaru topscoob subiesmakemerallyhard subaruoobz zneku and anyone else who provides great Subaru and car content ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ