turbo sims tag

king candy threw a beach party and invited all the wir sims

and gene went straight to the bar

and has been drinking alone ever since

ralph has been dancing the whole time, the little party animal

taffyta joined in eventually

vanellope has been bugging sour bill and he’s literally “can you not.”

he’s so mean to her

the twins are chatting at a picnic table

and king candy was having a picnic too and eventually sour bill joined him after arguing with vanellope

poor turbo

he’s all alone playing foosball

and i invited candlehead but i have literally no clue where she is i have not seen her anywhere

the last time i saw her she was at tappers dancing like an hour before the party


gettin real tired of your shit, your highness

“There once was a magnificent king of candy and he had a magical unicorn named Skittles.”

“Wath he a good racer, Thour Bill?”

“And he was the greatest racer ever…”

“And he slayed all the blasted evil dragon glitches because he was so awesome and handsome.


“And the best racer in the arcade.  Everyone wanted to play his games because he was the best.  The end.”

“Ahh, that ith my favorite story.  Warmths your heart, doesn’t it?  Hoohoo~ goodnight, Thour Bill~”

I hate my life so damn much.

(inspired by morda and her talking about king candy’s big bed with sour bill)

it's time for another sims story w/ uni

It was a bright, hot, sunny, summer afternoon in Turbo Time Land.  Turbo, being the star that he is, decided that it would be an excellent idea to shoot his own swimsuit calender.

Tho thexthy~


But then the twins walked outside while he was in the middle of his photoshoot.  Overdrive was horrified and Maximum just judged him for being a big idiot.

Turbo got angry that the twins were ruining his swimsuit calender so he went over to yell at them, specifically Maximum because he doesn’t like him the most.

Exuthse you, Maxthimum.  Take your brother an your thorry ath back inthide the houthe becauthe I have a Turbo-Tathic thwimthuit calender to make.”

Nobody wants to see your ugly ass laying on your shitty car, Turbo.

Thut your thtupid mouth, Maxthimum.  Nobody likeths you and you’re jutht jealouth that I’m the champion and a better driver than you and I have a thexy ath that all the ladieth want to touch.

You are seriously too stupid to function.

The End.