turbo problems

Me, writing a story about a mage: THEN HE REACHED FOR HIS STAFF AND–

Me to myself: Where was his staff?  Was it conveniently nearby?  Was it magically stuck to his back like in every video game with wizards ever?  Should I go into great depth and explain this?  Will my readers care?

Me, waving hand noncommittally and continuing to write: –ANYWAY, IT WAS THERE, AND HE REACHED FOR IT


take-her-to-the-moon-for-me’s Top 15 WDAS movies

10. Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

Gosh, I love this movie so much! This is going to very short because what really can I say about it? This movie is so damn creative.

The 3 worlds are so much fun and so cool. Fix-It Felix is your Mario Bros., but it’s a very cozy, bright environment. I just want to live there, especially at the new neighborhoods at the end. Hero’s Duty is futuristic, post-Apcolypase, laser tag-like arena which is all darks. And Sugar Rush is very cool with bright colors and full of candy. I especially love this world because they take every opportunity with video game knowledge in this. Like it’s so smart to have Vanellope get her car by a mini game and have their be power ups during the races. The characters there are especially very creative because of the hilarious names and designs.

The four main characters are wonderful with the perfect casting. I do think Ralph is a little too angry, but that is his character. He’s still very lovable and you just feel bad for him. Vanellope is very likable, as well. She is your average, bratty kid, but she is very sincere about everything. The best thing is that she is one of the closest things we have to a disabled character and you can just see disability in her. The friendship between Ralph and Vanellope is very sweet. They have very strong chemistry and they go together because they are so alike. They’re defientely brother and sister. They do care about their goals, but they care about each other lot more, which is why Ralph does all these sad things for her. Fix-It Felix is so damn lovable. He is literally like a human puppy. He’s so naive and irrestiable and Jack McBrayer did a perfect job, bringing that charm in him. Sgt. Calhoun is hysterical. She’s serious, but she’s still so much fun because how seriously she takes stuff. Jane Lynch was absolutely perfect and she couldn’t get a better Disney character. Plus, she has my favorite line: Doomsday and Armageddon just had a baby and it… is… ugly! The best performance by far is Alan Tudyk. King Candy isn’t the best Disney villain (will get to that in a sec), but oh my gosh: He is totally unrecognizable. His Ed Wynn impression is so extraordinary and he nailed his performance: Sweet and happy, but absolutely a psychopath a second later. Alan got a major award for the performance and he deserved it!

The greatest part of the movie is the last 15 minutes. My gosh. The villain twist is BRILLIANT. Absoutely BRILLIANT. I knew that King Candy was going to be the bad guy, but when I saw Turbo earlier on the movie, I knew by his creepy appearance that he will somehow be evil. What they did to both of them was genius. Not only the result, but the execution of it. The reveal was RIGHT there in your face, the whole entire movie (the Code Room, for example). But, you still don’t figure it out until the very, last second. When the twist was revealed, I didn’t pay attention to the scene because immediately, the puzzles came together. My jaw was open, the WHOLE entire time. Even, my mom was smiling. The boss part is fucking awesome. We didn’t had a climax like this, forever. And it was so refreshing. Plus, Turbo was so awesome in this! “Let’s watch her die together, shall we?”/“You fools!” The twist on Vanellope is perfect, as well. It is the last piece of the puzzle and it puts the movie together. Plus, it’s a excellent twist on a Disney cliche.

I have two problems with this movie. Gosh, I wish this was a musical! The very first thought after the movie was “How wasn’t this a musical?” Out of all of the non-Disney musicals, this would make so much sense as a musical. Like think of all the genres they can do: Pop, disco, rock and roll, techno etc. The possibilities are endless! I mean, King Candy had a musical number! It would make so much sense to give this guy a number. My other only complaint is that I don’t think King Candy (not Turbo) is not fleshed out for a villain. I appreciate that it was a reveal like Hans. But, after it was revealed that KC made Vanellope a glitch, we really don’t have a scene that shows his true villainy. After that, it’s just the identity reveal. There’s no explanation on how he finds Vanellope and arrests her. There’s no scene in the dungeon who he monologues on how and why he is evil. KC is just evil. Turbo, on the other hand, is fully fleshed as a villain. He wants power. He wants victory. He tries to kill a little girl, FGS. And Turbo has no problem of killing anyone to get what he wants. Turbo is a great villain, not KC. I do hope that Turbo comes back in the sequel in a few years.

Wreck-It Ralph is not only the most creative movie, but it’s one of the strongest. It’s not classic Disney (It can be determined that way, though), but it’s still a great underrated, Disney movie. The writing is clever, the story is very strong with awesome worlds and very memorable characters. It’s one of the strongest movies from the Disney revival and it deserves the love and the Best Animated Feature Oscar that it was robbed from. If only Disney can pay attention to it.

11. The Princess and the Frog

12. The Emperor’s New Groove

13. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

14. Brother Bear

15. Pocahontas / Lady and the Tramp

Honorable Mentions

Don't Bug Me || Open RP

Cybugs were naturally programmed to be Agendered, Turbo knew that, the only reason he identified as male was because he was Turbo the Greatest racer ever. With that in mind, it wasn’t at all surprising to find out that his inability to return to his racer form and increased moodiness the last few days had something to do with his Cybug data preparing to be a parent.

The real surprise was that, since becoming a Cybrid, he hadn’t laid any eggs and so assumed the ability to multiply had somehow been lost.

The clutch of  eight eggs he was now guarding proved otherwise, and that presented a problem. Turbo was bound to the clutch with the Bug’s strong sense of parental love, but a voice in his head kept reminding him that he had a responsibility to Sugar Rush and the hatchlings that would come from these eggs would be a danger to the game and the whole station.

The resulting conflict made Turbo unable to do anything but lay in the den he’d made and guard his eggs, his solution to his problem being that he’d deal with it once they hatched. Which wasn’t a plan at all.

Turbo growled when he heard someone approaching his hideout.