turbo league

Kalos Capers || Closed PokeAU @ sugarrushwrecker

It had been a month since Rusty’s passing, and with Ralph hardly better off than the day it had happened, Turbo had called Pokemon League to inform them that the Champion wouldn’t be in attendance this cycle, either. But now…he was wondering if he should have even bothered.

His presence wasn’t helping Ralph. Nothing was. The hiker may not have been sick anymore, but now that he could get up, his family kept waking up in the morning to find him absent. He would leave at night to sleep curled up near Rusty’s grave.

And Turbo knew he was being a little selfish, but…he couldn’t help feeling hurt, and rejected, and even a little offended.

“He’d rather spend time with a dead Ursaring than with me.”

He was sitting out in the backyard of the ranger station, flanked by Jet on one side and Lanaya on the other (who he had to let out sparingly, given the animosity between her and Hiroshi).

Lanaya dragged the tips of her ethereal fingers through his cropped hair. /He is grieving, small master. It is not your fault./

/You know what it’s like to lose a parent/, added Jet.

Yes, Turbo did know. But when his mother had vanished all those years ago, he’d been alone. Ralph had an entire family around him. Besides, everyone reacted to tragedy differently, and Ralph’s manner of coping (or rather, not coping) was certainly not the same as Turbo’s.

“I don’t make a bit of difference,” he sighed. “None of us do. He’s just going to waste away because he prefers Rusty to us…”

/Turbo!/ scolded Jet. /You know you mean the world to him. Ralph wouldn’t do that…/

/You are in mourning, too/, added Lanaya. /You do not mean this thing you say…/

Turbo didn’t answer, his pinkish eyes staring dimly out at the landscape before him. This place held nothing but bad memories now, for him and for Ralph.

Sometimes, he felt like they all needed to get away…