Turbo (Michiko “Mickey” Musashi)   //  New Warriors, Marvel Comics

Michiko Musashi, former member of the New Warriors, is one of the many users of Brock Jones’ Torpedo armor, it allows her to fly at great speed, c. 5000 miles per hour. She can maintain top speed for six hours without stopping to refuel her armor. 

The turbines in her suit can also create gusts of high-speed wind. Her wide-angle wind-blasts can reach speeds of 50 miles per hour, while more concentrated blasts can hit a target with speeds of 100 miles per hour. 

She has also managed to release a series of blasts at increasing speeds, hitting targets with persistent concussive force. She has used her speed to strike targets with her armored fists, using force reaching to the equivalent strength level of a being able to lift c. 100 tons. (X)



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