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Interview with Teuvo Teräväinen in ProHockey (Czech republic)

Who/What brought you to hockey?
“I always liked every sport that is played with a stick and ball. I’ve played floorball, hockeyball and skated outdoors a bit. Then I got accepted to hockey team and that was it. I’m still very happy I chose this path, to play hockey profesionally”

Did you have any hockey role models?

“They weren’t role models, but i watched hockey players like Selänne, players who helped the Finnish hockey and were idols for younger players. When I was older I adored and loved to watch Patrick Kane. And now he’s my teammate! That’s really great.”

Sometimes, you play with him [Patrick Kane] on one line. Do you enjoy it?

“Absolutely. It’s dream come true for me. I’m definitely enjoying it, but I don’t forget the essential thing- to work hard and appreciate the opportunity to be here. It’s unbelievable.”

If you weren’t a hockey player, what would you be?

“I never had other option. As a young boy, I decided I’ll become a professional hockey player. It was a great decision.”

When you were 12 years old you were applying for special (sports) high school. In your application paper you wrote that you are going to be a hockey player, is that true?

“Yeah! *laughs* I don’t remember what exactly I wrote, but it was probably something like: “I’ll be professional hockey player in the NHL and play in Canada”. Well, I’m playing in the USA, but I fulfilled the dream I had resolved ages ago. Maybe I saw the future *laughs*“ [btw. He, indeed, was accepted to that school.]

Which NHL city do you like to visit the most?

“Hm. There’s a lot of great cities. Everywhere where it’s warm (Florida, Tampa, Anaheim, LA etc.). It’s always great to run away from the cold to these cities. New York also is a nice city. It’s always so exciting to play there. But the best memories are from Tampa, where we won the Cup last summer.”

Are you superstitious?

“Maybe a little bit. But it’s nothing that would disturb my daily routines. I have some superstitions, but it’s nothing too important”

How do you spend your time on long flights during the season?

“I play games on my phone, listen to music. And sometimes I watch movies with my teammates.”

Favorite movie?

“I don’t watch movies often enough to have a favorite.”

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

“*sighs and winks comically* Who would play me? Hm, I can’t think of anyone. Could I play myself even though I’m a terrible actor?”

So you’d like to play yourself?

“Yeah, that’s true. Maybe I’ll play the major role in a movie like that some day”

If you could switch places with anyone in the world for a day, who would it be?

“Oh my god, these questions…*smiles and thinks over so long that he might be reconsidering like, half of the planet* I’d switch places with the Hockey God [WTH?] I’d give myself luck for our next games, so the passes would come to me magically [okay, that’s pretty creative, Turbo…]”

Any hidden talents/ Any secrets?

“I’m not hiding anything. People know I like sports, video games and I’m competitive. I hate losing, but that’s not a secret. And when it comes to cooking and similar things I’m completely lost…”

Any bad habits?

“I don’t think so. And even if I had some, I’d never tell *smiles*”

Where do you keep your Stanley Cup ring?

“It’s top secret. Safe place”

On what occasion do you wear it?

“It must be something big. I haven’t worn it yet, except from the night when we got it and had a team dinner. Since then it’s kept in a safe place so I won’t loose it”

What would you advise to young hockey players?

“Dream a lot and believe in your dreams. It may seem hard to fulfill them, but if you trust in yourself and work hard, you can do anything.”

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Porsche 935 Slantnose Turbo by Jeremy Cliff
Via Flickr:
Porsche 935 Slantnose Turbo www.JeremyCliff.com