patricksteelebodger asked:

Hi there, King Candy/Turbo, I like to say that it is an amazing honour to speak to you and that you are my favourite Turbo-Tastic villain ever (gives a thumbs up)! I been wanting to let you know of the upcoming Pixels movie, and I thought that it would be awesome if you were to join up with your virus army of Cy-Bugs to team up with these 8-bit invaders (including Galaga, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and even an evil Pac-Man!) in worldwide invasion!

I’m sure the honor is all yours! It’s not everyday you get to meet the most Turbo-tastic racer of all time! There has been quite a bit of talk with this picture already; I know the goon over at the other castle has been asked about this film before. An army of Cy-Bugs would make the most valuable addition to this 8-bit alien invasion. Without me as a part of this fray, I don’t see a favorable outcome for these Space Invaders. 


While not the original ‘Yoshida Special’ Midnight Club Blackbird. This 930 was originally built up for the live action movie of Wangan Midnight in 1991. It was the director’s personal 930 Turbo.

The car was built up to 400hp for the movie, and when finished, it was found to be too hard to drive. So it changed hands. Then things got ridiculous…

Tubular frame, 3.8L engine from a 993 TurboS, sequential transmission, moulded RWB fenders with Auto Garage TBK bodykit…and a turbo from Aryton Senna’s winning Mclaren MP4/4 F1 car.

Apparently it rarely roams the Shuto Expressway anymore, though is said to occasionally make an appearance at the circuits of Japan.

There were- however- rumours that the owner had goals of hitting 400kph on the expressway over the next few years.

Source: Jalopnik, OppositeLock