turban headband

DIY: NO-SEW T-SHIRT TURBAND (turban+headband)

This tutorial has been long overdue. I’m sorry for lagging. 

Stuff I should mention:

  • The fabric I used was a leftover from this previous project.
  • Your turband will be more comfortable to wear if you use stretchy fabric.
  • The edges will not fray too much, but they will curl up (if you use cotton material). 
  • This looks better with plain colored fabric instead of a patterned one. 
  • WARNING: If you wear this out, commit to it! It will give you hat turban hair.

This wide turban style headband is made from a grey mix stretch jersey fabric. Great to wear while working out or practicing yoga, with dreads, or even on a bad hair day!

Measures approximately 6" / 15 cm wide
Circumference is 19" / 48.5 cm; stretches to 23+“

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