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9 days of Sense8
Day 5: #willappreciationday (Will Gorski) - “Well, fucked up dreams I got plenty of.”


“Sonya, you don’t know what it feels like to be in love like this-”

“I do know what it feels like to be in love, Natasha! And suffer for it!”

The Abrasax Inheritance, or The Economics of Habitual Genocide

The early scene with the three Abrasax siblings on Zalintyre raises some interesting questions about what, exactly, they inherited upon their mother’s death. In particular, who did Zalintyre belong to? All of the talk between the siblings is about Abrasax Industries and how it will benefit from the harvest of Zalintyre, which leads me to think that the planet didn’t belong to any one of the siblings - instead, it belonged to Abrasax Industries. If it didn’t, why would all three of them be there? I don’t see Titus or Kalique being remotely interested in strolling through the streets of a harvested planet that they stood to gain nothing from. They were all clearly going to benefit from the harvest; if not, they wouldn’t have been there.

That leads me to my next theory; that all of the siblings are stakeholders in Abrasax Industries, which is why they all have a stake in Zalintyre. If Zalintyre is a holding of Abrasax Industries, then the siblings all benefit from its harvest as shareholders. Given that Titus congratulates Balem on the success of the harvest, I think it’s safe to assume that Balem is the majority stakeholder in Abrasax Industries.

To sum up, I see it going something like this: when Seraphi died, her shares in Abrasax Industries were divided between her children, with Balem receiving what amounted to the majority stake. However, Seraphi also had a private portfolio of planets held separate from Abrasax Industries; these planets, Earth being among them, were split between her children. Balem received the largest share of planets, Kalique the second largest share and Titus the smallest share. Therefore, all of the siblings have two income streams, since they earn money from Abrasax Industries and their own holdings. In line with this, I imagine that Balem’s Jupiter Refinery is primarily used to process his own private holdings (as opposed to planets held in the name of Abrasax Industries, which one would imagine are processed at a separate facility).

Have you got any thoughts on this? Do you agree or have a different interpretation?

The Reign of Kalique

Wow, there’s lots of love for Lady Kalique in the Abrasax siblings post! I’m actually quite surprised, mainly because, of the three, Balem is the one who gets the most attention - there’s lots of Balem fic and art, but there is comparatively little for Kalique and Titus. Still, I’m very pleased - as people have been pointing out, Kalique is much better at the ‘game’ than her brothers. If this were Westeros, you just know she’s end up on the Iron Throne in the end.

Somewhat tangentially, would you say that Balem is liked more as a presence? As a character Balem is extremely tortured and unstable (with that instability manifest in a very literal sense via the whispering and SHOUTING), so he’s far from straightforwardly likeable. While I find him fascinating and fun to watch, I can’t really empathise with or admire him (I can do both with Kalique, to an extent). How do you feel on that?

Who's your favourite Abrasax?

In truth, the Abrasax sibs probably made the movie for me. As much as I loved and admired Jupiter, she was just an ordinary girl and she needed foil to react to - thankfully, the Wachowskis gave her enough foil to cover the surface area of planet Earth.

I loved each and every hair on the Abrasax sibs’ ancient, crazy heads after that brilliantly passive aggressive introductory scene; I found it fascinating how the scene spoke of their having a very long history, and you really did have to just go with it or go “huh?”

So, the question of the moment goes thusly - who is your favourite Abrasax? You can choose from: Titus, the hedonistic, wannabe Bond villain baby of the family; Kalique, the (relatively) level-headed one with a penchant for landscape gardening and subtle political machinations; or Balem, the whisper-scream CEO with serious mommy issues and the fashion sense of a Goth David Bowie.

My choice is going to have to be Kalique - she appeared to be the cleverest of all of them, and she clearly had the best game plan. She realised that bull-dozer tactics weren’t going to work so she focused on befriending Jupiter, seemingly with no thought for personal gain - therein, of course, lies her greatest strength: subtlety.

Who’s your fav? 

So you think our connection is a kind of miracle?
If I were trying to describe this feeling…the sensation of experiencing the warmth of the sun, the scent of jasmine and marigold, while at the same time being soaked by a downpour at an outdoor cafe, the taste of strong coffee still in my mouth…I would say the word “miracle” sounds particularly appropriate.