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Guaraci and Jaci, the sun and the moon ;) These twins were the first gods created by Tupã, the god of thunder, and they take care of the living things as well. Hope you guys like it!

Jaci e Guaraci, a Lua e o Sol ;) Os gêmeos são os primeiros deuses criados por Tupã, o deus dos raios, e regem os seres vivos. Espero que gostem!

“Oreru nhamandú tupã oreru” (our fathers are the sun and the thunder). 

Here I want to talk about something that gets me sad; 
How the brazilian indian tribes are forgotten. 

In 1500 Brazil was discovered by the expedition of Pedro Alvares Cabral and since then our natives have been killed and since then almost nobody cares. It’s estimated that when Cabral discovered Brazil there was 4 or 5 millions of natives, and now, as FUNAI researchers said, there is only 460 thousand natives living in villages (specially in Amazonia). And we don’t know about them, they don’t teach very much about them in school. They expose facts about them like the canibalism of some tribes and how they interacted with portugueses. They are forgotten, underestimated, thrown under the bus. 

Please, remember the brazilian native tribes. Remember the indigenas. Their language. Their people. And how they were brutally killed through all these years. 

I want the world to see them. They deserve it. 

Ticê, por Natalie Duarte

Poderosa feiticeira e deusa Tupi-Guarani do submundo. Ticê uma vez foi humana, mas ganhou sua divindade ao casar-se com Anhangá, regente do mundo inferior. É muito temida por seus extensos conhecimentos em bruxaria e sua inteligência, que frequentemente usa para aconselhar o marido. 


A powerful witch and Tupi-Guarani goddess of the underworld. Ticê was once a human, but achieved her divinity when she married Anhangá, god of the underworld. She is feared for her extensive knowledge in witchcraft and her intelligence, which she frequently uses to advise her husband.


In Tupi Mythology, the indigenous tribes believed that the moon was the goddess Jaci, who came at night and kissed and lit up the faces of the most beautiful virgins in the village. When the moon hid behind the mountain, she would take girls with her and turn them into stars.
A beautiful virgin named Naiá dreamed of becoming a star, despite warnings that girls taken by Jaci lost their blood and flesh in becoming stars. Naiá roamed the mountains looking for the moon each night, so obsessed she did not sleep or eat. While resting on the edge of the lake, she saw the moon’s reflection on the water, and desperately seeking the goddess, dove into the water and drowned. To reward her for this sacrifice, Jaci turned her into a star different from all the others, the “star of the waters”, which is the water lily plant, named in portuguese vitória régia.

Eu sei que está tarde, mas eu não conseguiria dormir antes de terminar esse desenho aqui: Tainacam, a deusa das constelações.

Espero que gostem, boa noite!


I know it’s late but I couldn’t go to sleep before I finished this one: Tainacam, goddess of constelations. 

Hope you guys like it, goodnight! :)

Brasilian Native Myths Series

The giant snakes.


The Boitatá is a gigantic snake of fire that protects the fields of those who burn it. She lives in the waters and can also turn into a burning log on fire, burning those who set fire to the woods and the jungle.

The words of origin means snake (mboi) of fire (tata), then joined to create the legend’s name.

The most known legend is the one of Rio Grande do Sul. In this region, tells the legend “there was a time of an endless night in the jungle. Besides the darkness, there was a great flood caused by torrential rains. Frightened, the animals ran towards an elevated spot in order to protect themselves. The Boiguaçu, a snake that lived in a dark den, woke up with the flood and, starving, decided to go out in search of food, with the convenience of being the only animal who’s able and used to see in the darkness. Boiguaçu decided to eat the most pleasing part, the eyes of the animals. For eating so much of it, she got self-luminous, full of the light from those eyes. Her body turned into a bunch of glittering pupils, flaming balls, living flash, and then, Boitatá, a snake of fire. So much she ate that got weak of glut. The Boiguaçu dies and reappears in the woods and waters from time to time, snaking around and shining.”

The ones that have the displeasure of meeting this mythical creature can get blind, insane or even die. To avoid this disaster, the men believe that they have to stay still, hold their breaths and close their eyes wide shut. If you try to run, she’ll believe you’re someone who sets fire to the woods.

The myth is probably an attemptive to explain the Marshfire or the Globular lightining phenomenon.

•Mboi Tu’i

He’s one of the

seven legendary monsters

of the

Guarani mythology

. The second son of

Tau and Kerana


Mboi Tu'i

literally means


, what describes the aspect of this creature.

Mboi Tu'i

has the shape of a

huge serpent with a enormous head and beak of parrot (like a basilisk)

. He has a

blood red forked tongue

. His

skin is striped and scaly



covering his head. He has a

harmful look

that frightens everyone with

bad luck enough

to meet him. He

patrols the swamps and protects the life of the amphibians

, likes the

moisture of the flowers

, he lets out a

mighty and terrible scream

that can be heard from miles away and

sets terror to everyone who listens to it

and is considered the

protector of the aquatic animals and wetlands.

Eu mal podia esperar pra postar esse aqui, um dos meus desenhos favoritos até agora, e isso é porque eu amo a relação deles. Jaci e Tupã são o primeiro casal que houve, de acrdo com a mitologia tupi. Ele, o deus do trovão, tem um temperamento difícil, mas é muito justo e toma conta da humanidade.Ele a amou desde o primeiro momento em que a viu, e sua calma o completa e balanceia. Ela o ama, e juntos eles governam o monte Ibiapaba, onde residem os deuses tupi. Espero que vocês gostem deles tanto quanto eu. Aliás, vocês sabiam que o Brasil é o país em que mais caem raios no mundo? Mais de 3.000 só em 2014! Brinca com Tupã… ;)


I was dying to post this drawing, one of my favorites til now, and that’s because I love their relationship. Jaci and Tupã are the first couple ever, according to our mythology. He, the god of thunder, has a short temper, but is also very fair and takes care of the people. He loved her since he first saw her, and her calmness balances him, She loves him, and together they rule the mount Ibiapaba, where the tupi gods live. I hope you guys like them as much as I do. Also, do you know Brazil has the higher concentration of lightnings of all countries? Over 3,000 just in 2014… Tupã’s game is strong, buddies ;)