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Guaraci and Jaci, the sun and the moon ;) These twins were the first gods created by Tupã, the god of thunder, and they take care of the living things as well. Hope you guys like it!

Jaci e Guaraci, a Lua e o Sol ;) Os gêmeos são os primeiros deuses criados por Tupã, o deus dos raios, e regem os seres vivos. Espero que gostem!

“Oreru nhamandú tupã oreru” (our fathers are the sun and the thunder). 

Here I want to talk about something that gets me sad; 
How the brazilian indian tribes are forgotten. 

In 1500 Brazil was discovered by the expedition of Pedro Alvares Cabral and since then our natives have been killed and since then almost nobody cares. It’s estimated that when Cabral discovered Brazil there was 4 or 5 millions of natives, and now, as FUNAI researchers said, there is only 460 thousand natives living in villages (specially in Amazonia). And we don’t know about them, they don’t teach very much about them in school. They expose facts about them like the canibalism of some tribes and how they interacted with portugueses. They are forgotten, underestimated, thrown under the bus. 

Please, remember the brazilian native tribes. Remember the indigenas. Their language. Their people. And how they were brutally killed through all these years. 

I want the world to see them. They deserve it. 


In Tupi Mythology, Jaci is the goddess of the moon, protector of lovers and reproduction. Her name comes from the Tupi word “îa-cy”, meaning “mother of fruits”.  The word also refers to the Moon and the lunar month. According to some scholars, Jaci was the sister of the Sun god Coaraci and also his wife. She took care of vegetal life and indigenous had big festivals to honor her when the new moon and the full moon rose up.

Ticê, por Natalie Duarte

Poderosa feiticeira e deusa Tupi-Guarani do submundo. Ticê uma vez foi humana, mas ganhou sua divindade ao casar-se com Anhangá, regente do mundo inferior. É muito temida por seus extensos conhecimentos em bruxaria e sua inteligência, que frequentemente usa para aconselhar o marido. 


A powerful witch and Tupi-Guarani goddess of the underworld. Ticê was once a human, but achieved her divinity when she married Anhangá, god of the underworld. She is feared for her extensive knowledge in witchcraft and her intelligence, which she frequently uses to advise her husband.

anonymous asked:

why would you call pineapples ananas? Abacaxi is much better to be honest

Wow, that was fast!

And hate it to break it to you friend, but most major World languages call it Ananas


That’s a question you should be asking English and Spanish speakers (wtf is a piña), we just rolled with the flow; interestingly enough when I was younger I thought ananás and abacaxi were different, even if similar, fruits, akin to oranges and tangerines, since I often saw different labels for ananás and abacaxi depending on where the fruit had been produced or imported from (those “Made in Brazil” cans of “abacaxi” really fooled me xD)


In Tupi Mythology, the indigenous tribes believed that the moon was the goddess Jaci, who came at night and kissed and lit up the faces of the most beautiful virgins in the village. When the moon hid behind the mountain, she would take girls with her and turn them into stars.
A beautiful virgin named Naiá dreamed of becoming a star, despite warnings that girls taken by Jaci lost their blood and flesh in becoming stars. Naiá roamed the mountains looking for the moon each night, so obsessed she did not sleep or eat. While resting on the edge of the lake, she saw the moon’s reflection on the water, and desperately seeking the goddess, dove into the water and drowned. To reward her for this sacrifice, Jaci turned her into a star different from all the others, the “star of the waters”, which is the water lily plant, named in portuguese vitória régia.

Eu sei que está tarde, mas eu não conseguiria dormir antes de terminar esse desenho aqui: Tainacam, a deusa das constelações.

Espero que gostem, boa noite!


I know it’s late but I couldn’t go to sleep before I finished this one: Tainacam, goddess of constelations. 

Hope you guys like it, goodnight! :)