tupac's mother


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“Peace To My Mother”

“First I wanna say “Peace to my Mother” she not here but I have to give a peace out to her, cause I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my mother,
and I look on the front of this thing and it says, “Start from with in, to rebuild are original greatness”, right. Ok, well that’s what my mother did, know-what-Im-sayin? And I’m listenin’ about freedom fighters and strugglers, will you gotta understand that when it was in, to have a gun and to be in the street, my mother gave that up, to be in a house and to wash the dishes know-what-Im-sayin? And feed us and put the thoughts in our brains, know-what-Im-sayin? Because we didn’t get any of that history from all of those soldiers that we lost. We got none of that! They all went to jail, if you can remember. They all went to penitentiaries. We didn’t see any of that knowledge, if it was not for my mother who stayed home and didn’t go out and do that, then I wouldn’t have shit! Excuse my language…but I wouldn’t have been nowhere.”

- excerpt from Tupac’s 1992 Malcolm X Grassroots movement Speech


Afeni Shakur ✝ Rest In Peace