tupac homage

HiiiPoWeR… It’s a movement that was started in 2010 but stems back to the 1960’s as it was also used in variation as a “slang” term amongst Black people during that period of Activism against inequality. The modern day HiiiPoWeR movement was started by Kendrick Lamar and his fellow brothers of the group Black Hippy. Kendrick states HiiiPoWeR is to “Rise above the Bullshit that is goin on in the World, because at the end of the day, everything that we were taught in school has always been a half truth, in the world, in general.” Kendrick as an artist is Heavily influenced by Tupac and says he had a Vision while Dreaming of the Late Legend one late night back in 2010 where Kendrick states Tupac came to him and said “Keep Doing what your doing, Don’t Let my Music Die…” Kendrick says because he is a very “spiritual person” this scared him and inspired him to write the Revolutionary song “HiiiPoWeR” to help continue to convey some of the messages and issues Tupac spoke out on as an activist and put in some of his Poetry and songs. The 3 “iii’s” in the word HiiiPoWeR stand for “Heart”, “Honor”, and “Respect”, Kendrick believes these are 3 things essential to stand by in Life and is the reason why He often says and puts “3 fingers in the air” to represent that. At the end of the Song Kendrick screams “Thug Life” to pay homage to Tupac and the movement He once had that due to the word “Thug” was misconstrued to be a negative thing when it actually wasn’t.. Kendrick and Black Hippy are using the movement to promote “Richness of the mind”. Kendrick is trying to “start his generation on a whole new stepping stone with a whole new set of truth and eventually we can all learn from each other. because he does not have all the answers.” HiiiPoWeR is one of my favorite songs ever and this HiiiPoWeR effort is one that I respect fully. We are SanCopha League and all of us were born in and came up during the “Crack era” or “Ronald Reagan Era” which started in the late 80’s in America. Kendrick Lamar who was born in the late 80’s as well me and he speaks about these era’s in his music and wants to stand up for his generation, Our Generation. We (SanCopha League) are Standing Up for and representing our generation. Whatever it is that you choose to do, be true to yourself, Chase your dreams and never be afraid to be great… Written By: @Champion_Us

Kendrick Lamar Breaks Down Tracks From ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ (Pt. 1) | MTV News

Kendrick Lamar is doing a series of interviews with MTV about To Pimp a Butterfly. Watch part 1 of the series, where Kendrick reveals the initial title of the album, which was an homage to Tupac.