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Sensitive Black Boy Playlist

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Maxwell - Pretty Wings 

Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon

Michael Jackson - Human Nature

Drake - Redemption

Miguel - Adorn

John Legend - Overload

Chance the Rapper - Cocoa Butter Kisses

Phony Ppl - Why iii Love the Moon

Daniel Caesar - Get You

Elhae - Situations

Yo Trane - High Off You

Usher - Climax

Frank Ocean - Forrest Gump

Michael Jackson - It’s the Falling In Love

D.R.A.M. - Caretaker ft. SZA

Stormzy - First Things First

Tupac - Changes

OutKast - Ms. Jackson

Kid Cudi - Don’t Play This Song

Childish Gambino - All the Shine

Jay Z - Song Cry

Ja Rule - I Cry

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Assorted Tanaka hcs???

- His mom is Japanese-American, and was born and raised in the heart of LA. His father, born and raised in the heart of some low-key farm town in Japan, was over in America for studying purposes, and when they met, the fell in love. They settled down and got married in California, and stayed there until Tanaka was four.

- Because of his whole background, he really, really loves American culture, especially from the 90’s. His sister had the privilege of being a bit older and getting to really experience it all, and he’s so jealous. There nothing this kid loves more than Tupac, MC Hammer, and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

- That being said, his casual clothes are really, really stinking cool. He looks like the punk straight out of a 90’s dance battle movie and he loves it. He’s had people say he looks kind of intimidating, but his sister and Nishinoya dig it, so other people’s opinions don’t matter.

- Looks like a sinamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll. Its canon that he gives off a bit of a bad boy persona, but God, the moment you sit him down to watch a sad movie, he’s the first to cry. Him and Nishinoya decided to go see “Lion” thinking that it would be cool, because with a name like “Lion” it has to be badass, right? Wrong. After the first ten minutes Tanaka was already bawling into his sweatshirt, and either Nishinoya didn’t catch on, or was crying too, because neither of them said anything to eachother after it ended.

- He’s very respectful towards girls. Growing up with a sister, he knows what sets girls off, what they like and dislike, and how they react to certain things, et cetera. Although, he’s a bit more flirty with Kiyoko because, even if he thinks she’s undeniably gorgeous, they’re just friends, and he’s come to terms with that, and he knows she’s ok with his rambunctiousness. Although, he would never, ever touch her, or say something to her, or do something that would make her uncomfortable in any way. She’s pretty, yes, but she’s not an object, when he’s not flirting and such, he treats hr like he would treat anyone else. (Honestly, the most unrealistic thing about Haikyuu is that nobody wants Tanaka. He’s literally the best.)

- He runs one of those basic, 300,000 follower meme accounts on Instagram, all of his teammates follow him, none of them know that it is him.

- He’s honestly very sensitive, when it comes down to it. Although he can sass a man to the moon and back, the moment somebody shows him the slightest bit of anger, he acts like a kicked puppy. All he wants is love and validation, even if he is a little bit wild sometimes.

- He’s the kind of person to say “don’t touch me, leave me alone.” when he’s upset, and really mean, “please make a fuss of me, don’t leave me alone.”

- After the third years retire, Tanaka is hoping and praying he becomes the official ace. Deep down, he has no doubt he’ll be created with the title, although part of him can’t help but fear that Hinata is going to receive it instead.

- His walls are covered with so many posters of rappers, basketball players, volleyball players and skimpy playboy girls that he has no idea what the actual color of his walls are anymore.

- He has an entire drawer in his bedroom filled with all kinds of junk foods. His stash has relocated several times due to the fact that Saeko always finds it, and always hoards it for herself.

- Saeko became his legal guardian when he was thirteen. Unfortunately, his parents both got in a car crash and died, and him and Saeko were absolutely torn about it, as any human being would be. Although, it was much, much harder for Saeko because during the process of grieving, she was also desperately trying to gain custody over her little brother. She had already lost two members of her family, and she didn’t know what she would do if she lost her brother, too. It was difficult for her, but in the end, she won, and throughout it all, Tanaka never knew anything. She didn’t want him to know, because she didn’t want to pile on the heartbreak.

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