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This is a pretty weird thing to ask, but when I draw I just can't seem to get legs right so everyone ends up wearing dresses, or being legless... which makes for really bad art, help?

i’m not good in explaining things OTL but i show you how i draw legs.

okay first some Leg - anatomy - analysis

what do we see here 

 nope not wieners, those are legs & what do we see here 

 nope not legs but some hotdogs xD

its about wieners anon 

since we have this really important insight about legs, we can try  to draw them

now add the wiener’s to that circle *chougs*looks more like a egg *chougs*



difference between back and front 

okay now some moving legs

okay for the boy legs u use a box | sidenote i cant draw  them really well -.- still learning  



and the same thing with the backside

ooookay enough wieners for today 


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So um, yeah..I obviously got way too carried away in creating a simple line art tuorial and made it a how-do-i-lazily-color-my-simple-lineart thing. 

Anyway, getting off-topic here, but imo, the trick to using the brush(or any hard brush, for that matter) is by setting it’s opacity to somewhere between 50% and 80%. In this tutorial, I used an opacity level of 63%. Remember, opacity of the brush okay not the layer. This tutorial was lined and colored by the same brush. Only the bg used a different, more stylized one. Oh, and as with all my drawings, I used Photoshop Cs3. ^^

Experiment with layers, styles, color palettes, etc. It’s funner that way and sometimes things look better when you do :) Good luck with your art!

Finished photo:

btw this is my OC Moriko, the fabulous Kitsune, from my never-made comic Apricity. I feel like I should apologize to her for always drawing her lazily and bleh

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Do you know any good tutorials or something on charting? I want to write my own pattern for a hat with words on it, I just don't even know where to start.

Charting can be a pain in the butt to learn.  Everyone seems to know how to do it, but no one talks about their sorcery in making them.  I don’t have a lot of personal experience charting patterns, so this is where I invite followers to also weigh in, but here’s what I have off the cuff:

As with all things in knitting, there are a near infinite number of ways to do it correctly.  The best thing I could recommend to do would be to look into all your options until you see something that just sort of clicks for you, and then to try it.  Try swatching and scraping as you need until you get a confident enough feel for what you’re doing to tackle the big magical thing in your head (that way you get all the frustration out before you do the thing).

Good luck, I hope this helps!