tuor and his coming to gondolin

And Tuor looked down from the lowest terrace and saw, leaning against its wall among the stones and the sea-wrack, an Elf, clad in a grey cloak sodden with the sea. Silent he sat, gazing beyond the ruin of the beaches out over the long ridges of the waves. All was still, and there was no sound save the roaring of the surf below.

As Tuor stood and looked at the silent grey figure he remembered the words of Ulmo, and a name untaught came to his lips, and he called aloud: ‘Welcome, Voronwë! I await you.’

Then the Elf turned and looked up, and Tuor met the piercing glance of his sea-grey eyes, and knew that he was of the high folk of the Noldor. But fear and wonder grew in his gaze as he saw Tuor standing high upon the wall above him, clad in his grey cloak like a shadow out of which elven-mail gleamed upon his breast. 

A moment thus they stayed, each searching the face of the other, and then the Elf stood up and bowed low before Tuor’s feet. 'Who are you, lord?’ he said. 'Long have I laboured in the unrelenting sea. Tell me: have great tidings befallen since I walked the land? Is the Shadow overthrown? Have the Hidden People come forth?’

'Nay,’ Tuor answered. 'The Shadow lengthens, and the Hidden remain hid.’

–J.R.R. Tolkien, Unfinished Tales, “Of Tuor and His Coming to Gondolin”