Who Can You Fight: Parasol Protectorate Edition
  • Alexia Maccon: Don’t fight Alexia. She has a parasol and knows how to use it, and though she acts like a proper lady, she can bend the rules to kick some ass.
  • Lord Maccon: Only fight him if you want to die. Otherwise, that is a really, really bad plan.
  • Ivy Tunstell: Even after her transformation, you could probably still beat her. But why would you even want to fight Ivy?
  • Lord Akeldama: No. Don’t do this to yourself. Your emotional and physical health will both suffer if you fight Lord Akeldama.
  • Professor Lyall: I’ll say you have a 20% chance of success. Lyall’s small, but he’s crafty and not to be messed with, and he is a Beta. Probably best not to fight Lyall.
  • Sidheag Maccon: See Lord Maccon. Do not fight Sidheag.
  • Madame Lefoux: She would get you with a gadget she invented before you got within 20 feet of her. A surprise attack may work, but I would still advise against it.
  • Biffy: He may be a dandy, but he’s also a powerful werewolf with training from Lord Akeldama. Definitely do not fight Biffy. Although again, why would you want to?
  • Tunstell: Tunstell is big but not that quick or bright, and his fighting style is theatrical enough that you could probably take him with minimal damage to yourself. You can fight Tunstell.
  • Floote: He’s old but has shown himself to be good in a fight when it comes to protecting Alexia (or her father’s work). Proceed, but with caution.
  • Felicity Loontwill: Not only can you fight her, you should. You can take her easily and a whole lot of people would thank you for it.