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You Have Carpal Tunnel [RFA+ V, Saeran & Vanderwood]

Hello everyone! I have carpal tunnel myself and it’s starting to slightly flare up again. I thought for once I’d indulge in writing myself some headcanons ^-^ enjoy!

▪do whatever you want but please let him help you
▪since he’s studying to become a vet, he’ll look for anything useful in his textbooks
▪even if it’s how to build a brace of some kind out of twigs and sticks, you can bet that he’ll do it
▪when it gets so bad that you can hardly move your arms, he’ll go to the bookstore and pick up a stack of books that looked interesting
▪and he’ll read them all to you
▪he turns the temperature way down and lays with you, gingerly kissing your arms up and down
▪it upsets him seeing you miserable so Yoosung will do anything to make you laugh!
▪probably calls Seven and they put on a puppet show for you: The Adventures of Superman Yoosung and God 707: the cardboard ambassador! (In which God 707 is wearing a cape made out of a Honey Buddha chips bag)
▪you were wondering what was taking Yoosung so long to bring home tea and some chocolate, eventually falling asleep on his bed
▪you were awaken to the sound of swearing and the crunch of paper
▪all of the sudden, Yoosung and Seven began carting in a giant cardboard box with a window cut out of it
▪Yoosung had glitter glue in his hair and Seven’s jeans are covered in gold paint, but both have huge smiles plastered on their faces
▪the puppets they made are soggy & falling apart, sliding off their popsicle sticks, but it’s one the cutest and sweetest things anyone’s ever done for you
what nerds I love them so much

▪doesn’t hear you say it’s your carpal tunnel, he only sees you crying and holding your arm
▪this man is furious
▪he is ready to hunt someone down and end their laifu
▪but you just shrug and tell him you just want to rest
▪he will literally complain about how much of an annoyance you are while cooking you a giant pot of homemade chicken noodle soup
▪and it’ll be the best soup you’ve ever had, hands down👌👌👌
▪gripes at you how you shouldn’t have strained yourself while hand chopping and peeling carrots
▪if it’s a bad day he’ll let you win at Checkers and sit closer to you than he would on a normal day
▪but when you’re asleep he’ll secretly touch your hair and rub your wrists
▪you wake up and all of the pain is gone bless this tsundere babe

▪he knew you had carpal tunnel but never made a big deal out of it
▪if you were in pain he’d do whatever he could to help, but there wasn’t much
▪One day they hurt more than usual and you doubled over, nearly screaming
▪his heart nearly broke in two just from seeing the tears forming in your eyes
▪"Sorry,“ you hiccuped, “It’s my wrists”
▪Zen the Knight is here to spoil and nurse you back to health even if it means he has to skip practice
▪"I’ll be your Edvil! I’m here to heal you!“
▪Zen I am in severe pain please do not mock me
▪thankfully after a few day of wearing your braces it gets better, but he insists on getting you some kind of treatment
▪hopefully you’ll never have to worry about it again

▪he calls into work “sick” and asks you what’s wrong until you answer him
▪when you do tell him he offers to get you surgery to cure it, but you’re scared
▪what if it paralyzes your arms and you can’t move them ever again?
▪"I would ruin them, MC”
▪you think he’s joking
▪but he ain’t
▪buys you the best wrist braces he can find
▪and hides them in Elizabeth’s cat tree
▪"Hmm…MC, what’s that?“
▪He makes you get up and go pull the package out from behind the tree (which is very poorly wrapped bless his heart) that’s signed “from Elizabeth 3rd”
▪makes you his special strawberry pancakes and cuddles with you, lightly kissing your face, head, arms…anywhere he can reach
▪you can guarantee he’ll hire the best doctor to take a look at it and have the pain drastically minimized (if not completely cured)

▪the two of you were down in the café’s supply closet getting coffee beans when your wrist gave out and you dropped the bag
▪hundreds of small, tiny beans scattered across the floor and Jaehee stared at you in shock
▪you were usually so careful! What happened?
▪She tried really hard not to be stern with you
▪"MC, please be more careful next time”
▪She leaned down and saw the tears pouring down your face and the way you were clutching your arm to your chest
▪instantly calls you an ambulance (despite you begging her not to) and sits right next to you until they’ve at least given you some kind of painkiller
▪she will not let you do anything until you’re completely healed
▪Zen’s Limited Edition DVD’s always cheer her up so you’re going to watch them all until you’ve memorized every word and movement
▪early morning cuddle sessions while she massages your wrists?
▪oh yes
▪her massages make you feel like you’ve been actually touched by an angel
because she is one oops

▪he’s really upset
▪oh no this will not do at all
▪calls around looking for the best doctors in the area
▪promises to at least have you checked over to make sure nothing is seriously wrong
▪when you admit that it’s because you strained yourself too hard trying to work for the both of you…he wishes there was something he could have done to prevent this
▪partially blames himself but wastes no time making sure you’re comfortable
▪snuggles you and kisses your head, eventually falling asleep against your hair
▪just being in this man’s presence could cure you of anything
▪your skin is clear, your crops are thriving, there’s a route for V and Saeran, your grades have risen, and you are cured

▪he’s new to this thing
▪he was sick all the time as a child but since he was practically on his own for it…he has no clue how to treat you
▪probably just leaves an extra carton of ice cream in the freezer with your name on it, but you’ve run into a problem
▪your hands hurt so bad that you can’t even lift the spoon or dig into the frozen goodness
▪he ends up feeding the entire thing to you, spoonful by spoonful, bite by bite
▪honestly you were expecting him to complain but he hasn’t said anything what
▪even lets you fall asleep on his shoulder
▪You’re feeling better already :“’))) what a cutie pie

▪he already knew
▪the almighty God 707 knows everything about you
▪even about that time you wet the bed at that sleepover?
▪Mmmhmm he knows
▪anyway, he’s already prepared
▪he has the best painkillers stocked in his cabinet and enough Honey Buddha Chips and PhD. Pepper to feed a small country
▪insists on doing everything for you, which gets a little annoying
▪"But MC what if you slip and hurt yourself in the shower?“
▪Saeyoung I will be fine, I’ve literally been bathing since I was born and not once have had a fatal accident
▪yes I understand that but my answer is still no
▪buys Campbell’s chicken noodle soup in a 32 pack and tries to pass it off as homemade
▪as there are empty cans on the counter and in the trash
▪he thinks he’s really slick
▪but you humor him and eat every drop

( @bulgariantrcsh ) from here

Fourteen wooden animals, no more, no less – that is how it should be. The moment Brett stepped into his room, he picked up the stench of fading cigarette dipped in petrol. He first thought it was merely his imagination, but he walked over to his bed just to find it even stronger.

Then he found the fifteenth wooden animal on his pillow, a shark lying on its belly with head and tail perked up. ( Almost rubbing it in his face, that shark grin. All he needs is to carve his initials on the miniature, and it will be done. )

This is why he is holding Kavinsky by the collar, shoving him hard against a wall, displaying such hostile behaviour despite his otherwise easygoing personality.

“You broke into my house,” he mutters lowly, shoving Kavinsky against the wall once more, his fist smashing against Kavinsky’s clavicle. “And you then broke into my room. How dare you, Kavinsky? Don’t you know any boundaries at all?”