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You Feel So Good To Me

I think, this may not only be my favourite fic that I’ve wrote (bigheaded?), but also the most feel good.
We all need a bit of feel good Stydia. And for a feel good fic, we need a feel good song. It’s not just a story with me babe, it’s a goddamn cinematic experience.
Not really, but I suggest listening to the inspiration behind this story as well as it being one of my all time favourite summer songs.
I’ll link it here as well as adding a little link into the story.. where I imagine it being played..
Enjoy, I hope!

If there was ever any evidence needed that people were made of nebulas and stardust, Stiles was damn sure it was Lydia Martin. 

They were driving along the Californian Coastline, on their way back to Beacon Hills and the world around them was on fire. The sun was sinking into the purple sea and the sky was streaked with pink and orange. Music crackled from the jeeps old radio and the road was empty as it stretched out invitingly before them. 
The day was ending and the night crept across the sky as a blanket of stars. If you had asked either of them, they would have sworn planets crossed their paths that night. 
When Stiles peeked across to the girl, he couldn’t withhold the grin that quickly found its way onto his face.

Lydia sat in the passenger seat of his beloved jeep, her long legs bare in her sundress as they hung out of the open window. Her face was tilted up towards the sun, new freckles already blossoming across her nose and cheeks from the summer’s day.
Long tendrils of strawberry blonde hair whipped around her face like wisps of fire as they danced in the wind. The girl’s eyes were closed and small smile graced her full lips. She looked like a mermaid, she glowed, she sang to him.
It was the most peaceful the boy had ever seen her in weeks and his heart soared at the sight of her.

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You Feel So Good To Me

Submitted by: panicattackkisses

Rating: K

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author’s Note: think, this may not only be my favourite fic that I’ve wrote (bigheaded?), but also the most feel good.
We all need a bit of feel good Stydia. And for a feel good fic, we need a feel good song. It’s not just a story with me babe, it’s a goddamn cinematic experience.
Not really, but I suggest listening to the inspiration behind this story as well as it being one of my all time favourite summer songs.
I’ll link it here as well as adding a little link into the story.. where I imagine it being played..
Enjoy, I hope!

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◣The Funeral: A short Death Note Oneshot

Rain fell in thick droplets, just as it had on the day of his death, a short procession of black clad cars purred quietly through a tunnel of trees that lined the loosely paved road. Near sat silently in the the back of the car of which led the procession, next to an equally quiet Mello shifting a rubix cube around absentmindedly in his hands. For the first time in a very long time, the boy was not worried about winning or solving the puzzle… His thoughts laid one million miles away with his deceased predecessor. Though he did not respect L for losing this game…. He was upset to say the very least. He would not allow anybody to see how distraught he was feeling. Mello on the other hand, was clearly distressed, a thin film of tears veiling his melancholy gaze as he concentrated on the passing road.

Their car began to slow and finally, came to a stop. Rodger opened Near’s door first, and then Mello’s. The two stepped out of the car and glanced momentarily at each other. Near did not look like himself; and it was not because of the even-larger-than-usual circles that had settled under his eyes, but because of the black suit that he wore. A step up from his usual oversized attire, but somehow, Near felt even more uncomfortable now than ever. He couldn’t sit properly in this outfit without ripping it… But Roger had assumed that he was a size smaller than he actually was and therefore the suit fit tightly. The black tie felt as if it were suffocating him; possibly a symptom of suppressed anxiety at this whole situation.

Mello was clearly not even attempting to suppress his anger. As the two trudged over the finely cut grass, an umbrella held over their head by Roger, he was seething with rage, irate in his suit and grinding his teeth together as tears began to drip down his cheeks, concealed by the mop of blonde hair that hung down to just about his chin. As they neared the burial site, Mello became increasingly uncomfortable. The sight of L’s coffin was only causing him to become angrier and more distraught. Of course he was upset by L’s death, but was also furious that L had not chosen the person to succeed him before he had passed away. Near was right; it had been unexpected but he should have expected to die on the Kira case… Or should have at least prepare for it.

Kira when it is my time, I will hunt you down… And I will kill you myself. For all of those that you have wronged, for L.


“Mello, snap out of it.”
The sound of Near’s voice brought Mello from his state of fervent rage.
“It’s about to start.”

It wasn’t that Near particularly cared if Mello paid attention, but really just didn’t want to be next to him when his rage bubbled over and he had an outburst right there in the. To be caught in the danger zone while Mello exploded was not a smart thing to do and he had long since learned his lesson about that.

A sleek, navy blue casket. A solemn priest. The incessant pitter patter of rain against umbrellas…


Near was not ready… he had not been prepared for this. Though it was not an open casket, he could only imagine what L looked like… In there. Frozen for eternity with a look of surprise… astonishment… defeat. Near vowed he would not die like that. He glanced up at a stoic looking roger who seemed to be working very hard not to show how emotionally compromised he was by this whole situation.

And the service began.  Close colleagues shared their thoughts and praised L in life, explaining why he would go to heaven in his death. No childhood friends…. Not very many people at all…  No Watari; for he was also dead. Nobody had known L better than Watari. They would not have to mourn each other’s loss.. which could be turned into a positive. Most everybody was certain that Watari had bee the only person that L had ever loved. A person who called himself Light made a speech. It was clear that English was not his first language but yet he spoke impeccably despite his Japanese accent.

Across the way, standing on the other side of the casket were who Near presumed to be L’s investigative team. In the front, stood a tall brown haired young man who had just stepped down from giving his condolences… his name was Light. There was something about him that didn’t look right… Something about the way that he carried himself that seemed dishonest and calculating…. Who was he? And why did he seem to be attempting to hide apparent elation from his pristine features? The service was now coming to a close, and the pastor

                                      “…Our Father, who art in Heaven,
                                                 hallowed be thy name.
                                                   Thy Kingdom come,
                                                        thy will be done,
                                             On Earth as it is in Heaven….”

I, Light Yagami… Kira… I have put an end to L, and once this funeral is overwith and he is six feet under for good, I will begin my rein over the new world….
Light paused for a moment from his reverie about acting as god over the ‘new world’ to find that a boy no older than ten or eleven was glaring at him… Deducing him. How uncomfortable. He was by no means as creepy as the other kid though. The blonde one. He looked like he was about to blow a gasket or something. The fact that these two little kids were standing in the front must have met that they worked closely with L at one point, but what for?
It was so hard to think with Misa sobbing on his shoulder. She was so weird… even though she had helped in killing him, Misa mourned L. She had both arms wrapped around his bicep and was sniffling into his neck as he struggled to hold an umbrella above them both.

                                   “…Give us this day our daily bread.
                                        And forgive us our trespasses,

                              as we forgive those who trespass against us…”


While Near concentrated on Light, Mello was more more interested in Misa. Not only was she pretty, but her dress was really nice. He knew of course that she was too old for him, and taken, but couldn’t help it.

L probably fell for her. She seems like someone you could fall for if you were around her for too long even though her boyfriend looks like he couldn’t be bothered, the damn ingrate. Maybe she had a role in L’s death…? I mean she seems to be the only girl out of all of his task force. But she doesn’t seem like someone who would seduce anybody into death….  

Mello caught her gaze for just a split second before looking down at his shoes.

Damn, I was trying to hard to be conspicuous.

                                      “…And lead us not into temptation,
                                                but deliver us from evil…”


Near couldn’t be bothered right now with L’s unusual taskforce and their woman companion. He was much more intrigued in L.

What had he been thinking when he died? He surely knew he was going to die–

A clap of thunder disrupted his thoughts, and Near jumped, startled, but quickly regained his composure.


L you lost the game, but I will win. I will finish what you’ve started one day, hopefully with Mello by my side…


Roses were passed around, and placed upon the casket as it began its descent. A solitary tear escaped Near… it was s so quick that he had hardly even noticed it and by the time he had, it was too late to take it back. He was gone forever. The worlds greatest detective, an indisputable genius and a true loss to the world, taken too early and far too quickly from this world. Gone now, forever.


                                                “For thine is the kingdom,
                                                  the power and the glory.
                                                      for ever and ever…”

‘I will be god of the new world now, and nobody is here to stop me. I am only just now coming into my prime and you will all be beneath me. From now on, it’s easy…’

‘Light Yagami, I will figure out what you are hiding one day. I will succeed L, with Mello and we will take Kira down.’





Chapter 1/?: Summer Days

 Dean decides that him and Cas need to be reckless college kids, bringing it up during a Thursday night study/make out session that they should skip classes Friday morning and instead drive down to the Ozarks for an impromptu camping trip. Cas takes some convincing, but when he sees the nostalgic glint in his boyfriend’s eyes as he talks about the trips he used to take with his family, he presses a kiss to his freckled nose and hops off the couch to start packing.

  They spend the next two hours packing clothes and camping supplies, Dean chattering about how him and Sammy used to catch crawdads and minnows while his mom and dad would pack coolers for the canoes they’d float down the river later in the day. Dean and Mary would always start off in one canoe with Sam and John in the other, but along the river the boys would switch back and forth, giggling whenever their mom or dad would lift them by the armpits and plop them in the other canoe.

  The next morning, Dean is up with the sunrise, waking up his grumpy boyfriend with soft kisses all over his face and the promise of coffee if he rolls out of bed. 15 minutes later, they’re on the road in the packed Impala, Cas huddled up in the passenger seat with the blanket he grabbed off their couch. A thermos of coffee is the only barrier preventing Cas from biting his boyfriend’s head off as he whistles classic rock.

 The drive out of Lawrence and through the Kansas side is boring, flat plains of farmlands and lazy livestock flanking the roads and highways that lead to the Missouri border. Once they cross the Missouri river, Cas is actually awake, fingers intertwined with Dean’s on the seat between them. Dean’s offkey singalong to the Zeppelin album playing is the only thing that fills their comfortable silence, and has his boyfriend smiling against the window pressed to his cheek.

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