tunnel surf

“You Saved Me.” Ethan Imagine

This is really cute! Thanks for requesting it!
Request by: @dolantwins-1999

“Hey, baby!” Ethan engulfed you in a hug as you walked into his apartment. You reciprocated his hug and giggled as he squeezed you tighter before letting you go. “Let me grab some things and then we’ll go, okay?” Ethan asked you and you nodded to him. You and Ethan were going surfing with Grayson today. Grayson had left already saying that he had to run some errands before meeting you guys at the beach. Ethan reappeared with the things he might need later like a change of clothes and his phone charger. You both headed out the door and down the stairs to Ethan’s vehicle. Ethan opened your door before you could and you smiled at him. “He’s so sweet to me…” you thought to yourself and got in the car. He placed his things behind your seat and went to the driver side. He cranked the car and handed you his phone to sync it and play some music. You selected a few songs that always made you feel good and put his phone in your lap. Ethan rolled the windows down and laughed at you when your hair started blowing all over the place. You leaned your head out the window and yelled a few times to express your excitement. When you were fully back in the car, Ethan grabbed your hand and kissed your knuckles, before beaming at you. When you got to the beach, you both hopped out and grabbed your surf boards. Luckily, Grayson was just pulling in beside where Ethan had parked and was ready to surf too. You challenged them both to a race to see who could reach the shore first and Ethan won, but claimed that his prize was getting to kiss you. Ethan leaned in just as Grayson yelled, “GET A ROOM YOU TWO!” You both laughed at Grayson and continued with what you were doing before.


The three of you were having a blast together and you were all pretty good at surfing too!
After a bit of just sitting on your boards and making jokes, you saw a big wave coming. You told the boys to stay put and paddled your way out to meet the wave halfway. You surfed the tunnel wave and you knew it would be crashing in any second. You tried to make it out of the tunnel, but failed. You forgot to get a breath before it crashed on you and felt the wild ocean taking you under. Underneath the surface, it was completely and utterly silent. You felt your ankle being jerked by your board, but you couldn’t tell which way you needed to swim. You were suddenly hit by something on your head and fell unconscious.


(Ethan’s POV)

Grayson and I sat watching Y/N surf the wave and were quite impressed with how well she was doing. The wave started to crash into itself and we expected to see her resurface any second. We waited, but there was no sign of her. I looked at Grayson and told him to go to the shore and get ready to call for help if we needed it. I paddled as fast as I could to where I thought I saw Y/N last and searched frantically for her. I saw her board come up to the surface and hoped she still had her ankle band attached. I paddled to her board and after undoing my ankle band, I plunged myself underwater to follow her band. I opened my eyes to see a lifeless looking Y/N. I grabbed her around the middle and pushed her on her board, got back on mine, and pulled her back to shore. Grayson had already notified the lifeguards, so when we got to shore, they took control over the situation. One of them performed CPR on Y/N and when she started coming to, I made my way back over to her. She opened her eyes and I placed my face in what I thought would be her eyesight. “Y/N? Baby, can you hear me?” I questioned frantically with tears strolling down my face. She coughed up a bunch of water. Seriously, it was like a gallon. She refocused her eyes on mine and started crying. I tried to comfort her as best I could and I held her while she calmed down. “Ethan, what happened?” She addressed me. I explained to her, and the lifeguards who were still around, what had happened and how I thought the worst had become true. “I’m so sorry that this happened to you, Y/N. I should’ve went with you.” I looked down with guilt on my face. “No, Ethan.” She stated calmly. “Ethan, look at me,” she pleaded. I did as she said and she cupped my face in her hands. “Ethan, you saved me and for that I will be eternally grateful.” She placed a sweet kiss on my cheek and I smiled at her, knowing that one day I would marry this girl.