tunnel snake jacket

When Maxson and MacCready first saw Sole in an old Tunnel Snakes jacket, flashback came rushing in their mind’s. Though they saw Sole in the jacket at different times, they both commented on it. They asked them if they knew the background of the jacket and where they got it. If Sole didn’t know anything about it besides it looks cool, Mac and Maxson tell their own personal stories of the Tunnel Snakes and the Lone Wanderer.

Also, since Deacon was, be it true or not, in the Capital Wasteland, he told his stories as well. Most were unbelievable, like defeating 5 Behemoth and living, going in a Deathclaw sanctuary filled with Deathclaws, and living, going back in time to fight in the war, and defeating multiple Enclave bases. 

Butch DeLoriaxFemale Lone Wanderer Headcanons

So I have this HUGE idea for a Butch DeLoria x Female Lone Wanderer fanfiction. And I have all these damn headcanons. Shall I write a giant story about all these? (Please don’t steal the ideas! I really want to write this someday but I can’t hold these ideas in anymore.)

  • The Female Lone Wanderer’s headcanonical name is Eve, Eva or Evelyn. James and the FLW’s mother were both religious and quoted the bible. Also, The GECK James searched for stands for Garden of Eden Creation Kit. He would want his daughter to belong to something beautiful. Not to mention…President Eden is this big lie in the same way that utopia can never exist, and the FLW comes to accept that. While she searches long and hard for a better life, she is only shown that she can no longer obtain what she wants. Not to mention, Butch is a Tunnel SNAKE, like the snake who tempted Eve. He believes in anarchy and making one’s own choices that defy the higher power (the Overseer who plays God).
  •  Butch’s father was killed by the overseer. Ellen DeLoria is always drunk like she’s washing away sorrows. Butch’s father used to tell him stories about the outside world and tell him to never tell anyone because everyone is supposed to believe that you are born in the vault and die in the vault. Eventually, when Butch was three or four, his father tried to leave the Vault and was shot by the Overseer’s henchman, perhaps Officer Kendall. Butch could barely remember this…but eventually figured it out as the years went on. His hatred for the Overseer’s control was a personal matter as well as his rebellious spirit coming to light.
  • Butch and the FLW were best friends before the age of nine. They used to share Grognak the Barbarian comic books, and play in the atrium. Eventually however, Butch received pressure from the other boys (mainly Wally Mack) to break away because of gender roles. The female lone wanderer then got even closer to Amata.
  • Butch DeLoria is afraid of radroaches because, when he was five he was locked in the lowest level of Vault 101. His alcoholic mother Ellen DeLoria locked him there.  Butch kept asking his mom about what happened to his dad, and afraid of the Overseer’s wrath, she told Butch to stop asking. But being a  typical five year old, he kept asking over and over. So, she dragged him to the sub basement area while intoxicated. After locking the door, he began to cry and scream after a radroach came out and attacked him. James shows up with his daughter to unlock the door and comfort him. After that, Butch holds a respect for James, but has a resentment towards his daughter that he doesn’t have a father like him. When Butch bullies the lone wanderer, James never actually gets angry since he still feels bad about Butch’s lack of a father figure.
  • The FLW always cried to her dad about Butch. James told her that boys only tease you when they like you… For years, she hoped that was the case. But she still didn’t believe that hitting on her actually meant hitting her!
  • The Female Lone Wanderer is nicknamed “Nosebleed” because of what Butch did. At the age of nine, the kids were playing baseball in the atrium. Eventually, the female became MVP (because the perk says so) and jealous of this, the opposing team’s players told Butch to bring her down a notch. When she was up to bat, he was pitcher, and threw the baseball right at her face, where it hit her nose and she received a bloody nose. He’d been calling her “Nosebleed” ever since.
  • The Female Lone wanderer never fights back against Butch unless he’s bullying someone else, namely Amata. He then stops targeting  Amata after realizing this and tries even harder to get a rise out of her, like throwing gum in her hair during class or tripping her after class. When it never works, he gets obsessed with this…and maybe even develops something far different from hatred.
  • When they were seventeen, Butch fucked up the FLW’s hair. To get back at him for all his teasing she called him a hairdresser instead of a barber. He decided to pull  a prank and botched her long hair unevenly. When she told Amata, Amata tied it like her own hair. So they wore similar hairstyles for a long time. Over time, the ponytail began to grow out more until it no longer resembled the other girl. But she refused to go back to the Vault hairdresser…err barber.
  • A year before the FLW left Vault 101, her relationship with Butch got…somewhat…better. While he still teased her, shoved her in the halls when the other guys were around, etc, he began to get quiet when it was just the two of them. He’d watch her shooting her BB gun in the basement, and even gave her a shot of whiskey he managed to steal from the Overseer’s chambers. They finally got to talk about what it was like growing up with one of their parents being dead. It turns out they had more in common than they initially thought.
  • Butch began to date Susie Mack, Wally Mack’s sister. She’d never admit to it, but when the FLW catches them making out in the hall, she immediately turns back around where she came from and feels like she could cry without fully comprehending why. Butch tries to talk to the FLW and be nicer, but she instead treats him harshly because of her jealousy. He again turns hostile. Wally Mack soon quits the Tunnel Snakes after that, pissed that Butch would go with his sister. 
  • After she left the vault, the FLW always wore the Tunnel Snakes jacket Butch gave her. She began to panic as it got more and more damaged. Eventually, Moira fixed it up, and teases that it has the scent of a man’s aftershave and cologne.
  • Butch DeLoria was the one who spray painted “Fuck You, Overseer” on the “Thank You, Overseer” sign. Amata kept yelling at him to stop it. But he managed to make a contraption out of rope to allow him to paint the sign with the other Tunnel Snakes
  • Butch meets James Hargrave in Rivet City. The kid with a bad attitude has a dead father and alcoholic mother and he reminds Butch so much of himself as a child that it begins to disturb him. He tells the kid about his own life and even becomes like a big brother James could look up to. He also told James to be always be good to C.J. Young, the little girl who always follows james around. And if he does, he’ll even let him join the Tunnel Snakes when he grows up. James asks why he has to act so nice to her. Butch tells James that he’ll understand why when he’s older…. Because he wishes he could’ve treated the FLW better. Every day, he’d been waiting for her to show up in Rivet City…
  • When the FLW agrees to travel with Butch again, she knees him in the groin. Butch apologizes for all the times he bullied her and beat her up when they were kids. So, she knees him in the balls and says she forgives him. He of course crumples to the floor and says “Yeah…maybe…I deserved that Nosebleed.”
  • Butch DeLoria is still a HUGE Grognak the Barbarian comic book fan at the age of 20. His line “I hear there were dragons out there. You ever seen one?” reveals this. It drives the FLW crazy, especially since he spends all their caps on rare issues rather than on the supplies they need.
  • When the pair sleep in Raider camps outdoors, the female lone wanderer always takes the top bunk when they manage to find bunkbeds. Based on the line “Man that creeps me out. That thing up there…you know? The sky…” The lone wanderer knows he’s terrified to look up there, so she alleviates his fear by taking the top bunk, making it feel like he’s back in the Vault.
  • Butch suffers from monophobia: the fear of being alone. His whole “Tunnel Snakes 4 LYFE” motto is only him trying to belong to something. The Tunnel Snakes have no real goals or purpose besides to be “the most badassest gang in the wastes”. Plus, he’s the only one to leave the vault for good after Trouble on the Homefront. This likely means, he knows the gang is over with and everyone else abandoned him… Even still, he follows the FLW and uses the “gang” as an excuse. He never wants anyone else following you. So how could a gang ever form?
  • Butch sings along to Galaxy News Radio. Whenever they are at a bar, Butch gets buzzed and just starts singing along. The FLW told him a million times to shut the hell up, but he just sings louder. His favorite song is supposedly “I’m a Mighty Mighty Man.” because it says that “I really don’t need a wife.” This upsets the FLW though she never says so.
  • The Female Lone Wanderer loves when Butch cuts her hair. The feeling of his fingers against her scalp takes her breath away…until he decides to play the same prank like when they were kids and shaves part of her scalp. She sics Dogmeat on him.
  • Butch really likes Dogmeat, though initially acts like he doesn’t. This is since he doesn’t mind having Dogmeat follow as well. He wanted to sew Dogmeat a personal Tunnel Snake jacket… The FLW forbid it.
  • Butch manages to find a way to bake a sweetroll. He goes through life and limb to obtain the ingredients. He gives it to the female lone wanderer as a peace offering after taking her sweet roll at her birthday party ten years prior.
  • The Lone Wanderer says goodbye to Dogmeat and Butch during the last quest (without expansion). She makes a slight joke that Dogmeat and Butch should go into the irradiated chamber of Project Purity. And while Butch declines, he doesn’t believe that she planned to do it anyway. He doesn’t understand why she says goodbye and tells him to take care of Dogmeat. When she goes in, he tries to stop her but it’s too late.
  • Butch goes into a huge depression before the events of Broken Steel (aka end of game without expansion). He becomes an alcoholic just like his mother and only has thoughts of the lone wanderer. Dogmeat ends up taking care of him more than he takes care of Dogmeat. Every day, Butch regrets that he didn’t activate the control chamber in her stead. Whenever he hears Three Dog mention her on GNR, he gives a toast before downing his last shot and smashing the glass. Instead of “I’m a Mighty Man” he only listens to the slow sad songs like “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire.
  • Ok, that last one made me tear up. AHEM. The female lone wanderer and Butch are in love. I mean…that damn dialogue. As a follower, he flirts so much only if you’re female. Need I say more?
  • Butch and Dogmeat are reunited with the Female Lone Wanderer… The Three Tunnel Snakes For Life. 

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fallout 3 companions reacting to someone flirting with the LW and getting a bit too handsy? (can you add Gob? he's not really a companion, I wasn't sure if it was okay to ask )

(Totally ok anon!  )

Gob- It’s not uncommon to see someone getting close to 101, just as it isn’t uncommon to watch Nova lead someone upstairs and not come back down for an hour or so. Gob wrings a cloth around the rim of a glass and keeps his mouth shut at first. It isn’t any of his business after all. They’re polite at first, 101 rebuts them. They keep pressing, and Gob catches sight of their hand sliding up over 101’s hip and down their thigh, even as the Vaultie is trying to push them off, their tone growing more aggressive the longer the advance goes on. “H-Hey,” Gob stammers. They don’t even look up. “Hey!” he snaps a lot louder, louder than he’s probably ever yelled at a customer. It’s enough to make the entire bar fall into a hush. 101 shoves the greasy bastard off of them, Gob glaring daggers until they finally slink off. “Thanks,” 101 sighs. Gob mutters “Pricks do the same thing to Nova all the time” and pushes another beer their way. On the house.

Butch- He bristles the moment the drunk in Rivet City sloshes themselves into the seat next to them. Not only do they smell like they were just fished out of the lake, but he’s right in the middle of making his own move god damn it! He nurses his bottle of beer and pretends like he isn’t pissy, which fails because the infamous Butch DeLoria pout™  can be spotted a mile away, while they make friendly with the walking brewery. Only, the drunk gets a little too friendly. Out of corner of his eye, Butch sees the way they’re digging their fingers into Lone’s Tunnel Snakes jacket. He sneers, “The hell do you think you’re doing?” “Mind your own business, kid.” Like hell he was gonna do that. Not when his friend turns to him with a plea in their eyes. He wraps one arm around Lone’s head and grabs his bottle with the other, ensuring (with a forethought he usually isn’t capable of) that they don’t end up with glass in their eyes when he smashes his bottle over the creep’s head. He keeps his arm around their shoulders even after their unwanted friend hits the floor like a sack of flour, and there it stays until they both stumble out of the bar a few hours later.

Charon- The second he catches the “admirer” reach for 101, he seizes them by the wrist and bends their hand back until something creaks. They scramble out of their seat, tugging, but Charon just applies more pressure the more they squirm. “My employer is not. Interested.” His vice doesn’t soften, despite how loudly they beg for him to let them go. “You’re gonna break my fucking arm!” “No,” Charon corrects, “I’m going to fracture your meta-carpals and tear the tendon in your wrist. If you keep demanding their attention, then I’ll break your arm.” He only releases them at 101’s order and they run off with their hand clutched against their chest. He’s about to return to his spot standing against the wall behind 101 when they stop him and offer the now vacant seat. He takes it, because if nothing else, he won’t have to stand around watching idiots insult his employer with their ill intended flattery any longer.

Paladin Cross- Watching the child she once held in her arms flirt with a Brotherhood initiate is much more awkward than she would have imagined. She’s about to officially excuse herself (she hasn’t been a part of this conversation for awhile now) when Lone’s acerbic tone makes her stop. The initiate is groping into the hem of their pants when she looks back, even while Lone is beginning to push them away. Cross snatches them up by a fistful of their shirt and hauls them to their feet. “Initiate, that is not conduct befitting the Brotherhood of Steel.” She doesn’t growl or threaten, no, she lets her strength speak for her. She challenges the younger one with the steel glower in her eyes to try anything. They hastily agree how out of line they were and promise to never do something so idiotic again, before scattering like a cockroach. “Are you alright?” Lone nods slightly, looking smaller than usual. “You be sure to tell me if anyone comes near you like that again. Anyone.”

Clover- Her baby is so gorgeous, is it any wonder they get looks wherever they go? She’s usually giddy how much attention they get together, but then they start getting more… personal. She knows better than to express jealousy, yet somehow she thought they were the one woman type. They’ve always treated her so nice. She’s so sick of sharing her lovers. Crimson and Eulogy, now her gorgeous Vaultie and some pushy teenager. Pushy in a too literal sense. When they get too close, looking like they’re trying to force 101 into a nearby room, she grabs them by the shoulder. 101 doesn’t even have time to tell them “no” before Clover is sinking a switchblade into their jugular, tearing it out, burying it again. They collapse after five or six times, foaming bloody bubbles out of their mangled throat. “You ok, honey?” She clings to their frame, not caring that she smears blood all over both their clothes. She’s been through this kind of shit enough, she’s never going to let someone make her lover feel that way, she promises and kisses their cheek.

Sarge- He edges his way between 101 and their admirer. “Fraternization within the ranks will not be tolerated, soldier!” he barks. His buzzsaw whirls to life, inches from their nose. “What the hell, ya’ hunk a junk! I don’t know you!” The blade jabs forward a few centimeters quick enough they leap back. “So you’re a red sympathizer! Is that how it is, maggot?” He hovers after them a few steps when they pivot and take off in the other direction, shouting, “Run back to your commie friends, coward! You’re a disgrace to the service!”

Jericho- Not like it was an uncommon thing in the wastes. Jericho rarely got involved whenever some horny fuck started feeling up someone up in a bar- he wasn’t about to go looking for trouble over a guy trying to have a little fun. Hell, he’d be a hypocrite if he said he hadn’t had his way with the odd girl from a razed town. But 101 isn’t some nameless pretty face. He can’t pretend not to see the uncomfortable edge to their shoulders as they’re backed further and further into a corner, and if he did, he’d have to deal with the aftermath if things went too far. Too much of a hassle. The spindly little shitheel doesn’t even see the bullet until it plows through his skull and pops out of one of his eyes. By then it’s really too late to see anything, isn’t it? He hands 101 a napkin to wipe the blood off their face and shrugs off any tepid thanks.

Fawkes- He knows wrongful conduct when he sees it. Perhaps one of the only upsides of the strength and size he has now, dividing 101 and the scoundrel accosting them is as easy as swatting a fly. He slips one large hand between them both and pulls 101 behind him. “That is quite enough,” he says in a firm tone which hid some, but not all, of the anger he felt at such behavior, “I think I speak for my friend and I both when I say you are not wanted here.” There’s one more upside to being an eight foot tall freak; people certainly listen when you speak. He turns to 101 after they’ve gone, and walks a little closer on the trek back to the Megaton shack.

Dogmeat- He doesn’t like the looks of them the moment they step up to his master, but he’s a good boy and sits while they talk. At the first sign of a struggle, he doesn’t await a command, he snatches the inseam of their pants and bites down as hard as his powerful jaws allow. He gets double the usual amount of snack cakes at dinner later on.

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Also, I'm prompting you to write fluffy Butch x LW where he's being awkward and isn't sure how to express his feeeeeelings :3

Okay I’m so excited to get this up oh my gosh, I had so much fun writing this, and I’m sorry it took me so long D: But oh my god I like this a lot, so just for you my Tunnel Snake :3 


Butch watches as she crouches down, her lithe hands digging through the battered bodies of the Super Mutants they’d slain, both their bodies covered with the thick grime of their kills.

He watches the way her shoulder muscles roll as she moves, her vault jumpsuit tied loosely at her waist to combat the sun, tanned shoulders barely covered by a black tank top. He’d spend so much time these past weeks counting the constellations of freckles across those delicate shoulders, watching the way they tensed and tightened against the recoil of the combat shotgun she wielded so confidently, the sway of her strawberry and sunshine curls as they brushed down her back, wild and unrestrained - like she was.

Butch snaps out of it immediately when her hand flashes across his vision, he blinks rapidly in surprise, coming out of his revelry to chuckle at her having to stand on her toes for her hand to reach.

“S-Sorry what’d you say nosebleed?” He stutters slightly and curses himself for it, caught off guard by the subtle arch of her eyebrows and the way her green eyes glitter at him from a layer of dirt and blood. ‘Get it together Butch-man’ He screams at himself, pulling out a cigarette from his pocket to hide the shake of his hands.

She shakes her head at him and turns, pointing half-heartedly in the direction of Mega-Ton. He shrugs his shoulders and nods, happy to head home if thats what she wanted. He fights the urge to hit himself in the face, before setting off after her, absolutely mesmerised by the sway of her hips against the semi-tight material of the vault jumpsuit she’d donned for their quick jaunt out into the Wasteland, forgoing her normal armoured leathers for something more breathable.

“You’ve been out of it for a while now.” She comments airily, glancing back over at her shoulder at him with sultry, half lidded eyes. “I think you’re losing your touch Butch-man

He can’t help the breath of air that leaves his lungs at the sight of her, but manages a scoff and a shake of his head, taking a deep drag of his cigarette.

“No touch being lost here, I’d love to demonstrate if you’d let me.” He says with a lurid grin, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. He fights the urge to slap himself in the forehead, what was he thinking?

She giggles and turns her head back towards the horizon, idly humming a familiar tune, one that used to play on the Vault radio in the diner, he didn’t think she’d still remember any of them - didn’t think she’d want to remember any of them.

He sighs a little to himself, idly pushing his hair back into place as he watches her walk, the way her curls bounce with each step. It had been an interesting few months by her side since she’d dragged his ass out of Rivet City, fearlessly leading him out into the Wasteland like she owned the goddamned place.

Butch had always been curious about her, had laid into her with his teasing more often when she’d turned from a gangly and awkward pre-pubescent to one of the more stunning girls in the Vault. He’d heard Freddie and Wally going on about her often, had heard the other girls muttering under their breath when she walked past,  huddled behind piles of medicinal theory and hidden behind thick glasses.

He’d gotten the shock of his life when she’d come back and blazed a warpath through Vault 101. She’d looked absolutely terrifying, not what he’d expected at all. He knew she’d survive, but he didn’t know that in the few short months she’d been outside that she’d turn into the Queen of the Wastes, laying waste to the world outside as she blazed a trail searching for her Father.

It hadn’t taken much for him to follow her out into the Wasteland, even less when she’d offered to take him away from Rivet City and out into the world with him. If he was curious about her before, he was entranced now, unable to take his eyes off her for more than a moment, watching the way her mouth curled around her words, the dusting of freckles under her eyes or the way her eyes twinkled when she found something he’d said amusing.

Butch had never thought it’d happen, but he was a fool for her, he’d turned into a bumbling idiot around her, unable to come up with his usual witty one liners and suggestive talk, merely stuttering in her presence and staring like a goddamned lecher.

He sinks deep into the couch when they get home, groaning as his aching muscles loosen, a deep content spreading through him after the hours of traveling and fighting they’d just done. Dogmeat jumps up beside him, and Butch can’t help but roll his eyes and pet the damned dog. They’d had a love hate relationship, but their girl had insisted they get along, and so they’d obeyed.

He hauls himself off the couch with a roll of his eyes when she yells out for him to strip off the armour he wore over his tunnel snakes jacket, telling him she needed to take it to Moira to be repaired tomorrow. He always chuckled at this, give her a gun and she’d fix it in a jiffy - tell her to sew or fix armour, and she’d shove it away in two seconds.

He trudges up the stairs, stomping slightly with annoyance at having to get up so soon after sitting down, but he does what she says this time around with minimal grumbling.

Butch reaches the top of the stairs, already reaching up to the latches of his shoulder guards when he looks up, his hands freezing.

She’s got her back turned to him, and all he can see for miles in skin, just the bare expanse of her freckled back and shoulders, rolling as they pull her tank top away from her neck and throw it to the side, reaching over for a clean shirt.

A deep breath whistles through his teeth when she turns to the side slightly, and he catches a glimpse of her breast, perfectly round and pert as she bends, the scars on her back tugging slightly as she does.

She hears his gasp, her head snapping to meet his gaze with wide, incredulous eyes, her mouth popping open as she freezes, stunned into submission by his gasp, then the hungry look in his eyes as he devours the sight of her half bare body.

Neither of them move for several heartbeats, before the blood rushing in his ears, and the way his heart pounds at the sight of her, screaming for him to stride over there and kiss the life out of her, to finish what he’d been dreaming about for so long, to feel her lips against his, her body twined around his.

“Oh fuck it.” He growls, flinging his shoulder guards away with a lazy motion, striding across the top floor and kicking the door closed behind him as he seizes her cheeks, smashing their lips together with little ceremony.

She gasps, her hands flailing slightly before she relaxes, a moan slipping from her throat as she eases into him, her hands looping over his broad shoulders, pulling him tighter against him as he opens her mouth under his, snaking their tongues together hesitantly, before they’re swaying - roiling together with a slow burning that he knows will eventually turn into a blazing inferno.

She pulls away with a deep breath, her fingers tangled deep into his hair, the strands twined around her long fingers, and she gives an angry tug when he smirks at her.

“Do you-“ Another irritated tug. “Have any, idea how long I’ve waited for you to do that!” She cries, her eyes incredulous as she glares up at him, her lips swollen and pink from his harsh kisses.

“Probably about as long as I’ve wanted to do it.” He breathes airily. She’d stolen all the air from his lungs, and he was incapable of breathing without her now, he craved her desperately, she brought comfort and life with her, and he didn’t know how to be out here without her now, didn’t know how to be himself to an extent without her.

She grins wolfishly, and tugs on his hair again, silencing his cry about watching his carefully styled locks with a searing kiss, nipping at his bottom lip with brutal teeth, calming his hiss of pain with a soothing lick of her tongue.

Anything they could have said to one another after that was consumed by the others touch, the feeling of their lips against one another’s, against their skin.

He supposed stepping outside of that Vault after the damned nosebleed was one of the best decisions he’d ever made.

Butch Deloria headcanons cause I’m weak:

  • He can sing. Yeah, he hides it cause it aint ‘manly’ but he has an amazing singing voice.
  • He can’t tie up his boots. Or anything that has to do with knots. (The vault life was all velcro or zipper, not much string/rope)
  • BUT on the upside he did sew all of the snakes onto the Tunnel Snakes jackets (with the help of Old Lady Palmer, and his mom, when she’s sober)
  • Butch has curly hair. But he hides it with a bunch of hair products, grease, and hairspray.
  • (Here’s a famous one) He is depicted as a ‘smoker greaser badass’ but have you seen him in the wastes??? all he does is cough his lungs out in the middle of the wastelands, let alone smoke cigars or cigarettes. (He might have a non lit one hanging in his mouth, just to keep up his bad boy facade or maybe its a metaphor)
  • Butch is a science nerd (it’s one of his tagged skills) but like, he’s the biggest science nerd.
  • He hates needles. Hates em. Hates every flu shot, blood test, and he especially hates stimpaks. It takes him a really long time to get used to stimpaks though.
  • Butch Deloria is a 100% virgin.
  • He brings James Hargrave under his wing in Rivet City. He sees himself in the kid and knows what hes going through with his mom, so Butch sort of tries to be the guy that he needed when he was a kid, to James Hargrave.
  • For the Lone Wanderers 20th birthday, Butch gets them a sweetroll.
  • Butch frickin loves Agathas Classical Music radio station.
  • He had braces when he was 9. And also, he has pearly white teeth.
  • The reason why Butch’s hair is a bit grey is cause he tried frosting his hair tips so many times (while each one of the times failed) that it just stayed in his hair permanently.
  • Conclusion???: Butch is a huge nerd.

If I did a creative stream of me making a tunnel snakes jacket would any of you come n hang out w/ me?? It’s gonna run super late bc I wanna finish it before tomorrow (I wanted to be a tunnel snake for halloween) 

edit: If I do stream it’ll be a super comfy one, so I’ll be in my jammies n I won’t have any makeup on, so just a forewarning lmao