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The Perks of Being a Wallflower - End Scene

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shaiapitou  asked:

As someone who got into batjokes because of TLBM but now ships it in EVERY verse (I've already read Death of the Family and have plans to read The Killing Joke, Going Sane, Injustice, and more), would you mind sharing some of your preferred verses and moments in comics canon?

i’m glad you specified every universe, ha. my taste is sort of different when it comes to comics, so some of these might be obscure– and, to be clear, they’re only the ones i prefer:

the dark knight returns. not obscure. in actual fact, one of the most hailed and influential pieces of batman media of all time. it’s my favorite favorite favorite comic ever. the tunnel of love scene, in particular, is the best part. as a whole, the Frank Miller-verse can get to be… bizarre, so i would only recommend this, although i have a unique appreciation for all his batman comics. read it ASAP.

the long halloween, and other volumes of tim sale’s batman. also not obscure. there is some bat//cat and poison ivy weirdness, but the short and sweet scenes with joker make it worthwhile.

the brave and the bold, comic edition. well, a few issues, anyway. though the only really batjokes-y panels from them are somewhere on my blog, i would still recommend it, because the brave and the bold animated series is mostly perfect in almost every way.

the c.j. henderson comics “the joker’s apprentice” and a few issues he wrote of “legends of the dark knight.” i posted some panels from those a little while ago. both are very romantic, sweet, and kind of sad.

judge dredd in gotham. more specifically, the “die laughing” issue. i love both judge dredd and batman, so this is like the dream crossover for me. the art is absolutely gorgeous– glenn fabry at his best.

similarly, punisher / batman: deadly knights. actually a one-shot but it has a special place in my heart. there’s a brief matches malone cameo, and though i dislike him, i feel like it’s worth noting. also, joker plays the piano.

batman: europa. it’s not one of my favorites but i think it deserves a mention. feels like it kicked off with the scope of a story larger than it managed to be. sometimes bizarrely choppy and difficult to understand, and though that could be attributed to the mental state of batman throughout the comic, i think it’s just bad writing. still, its merits are many. read it whenever.

there are lots more, probably. i might make a full recommendation list someday. PM me if you want more now, i guess.