tunnel scene

Okay one of my favourite things about TAZ is Griffin’s story telling. Okay. Like MAJOR SPOILERS but some especially memorable moments of Griffin McElory’s incredible story telling, story building and descriptions of stunning word pictures include
-the black glass ring was all that was left of phandalin
-the first time they meet the void fish with the galaxy of stars in the void fish
-the train crashing into jenkins green house, with the on lookers and grandeur and excitement of this epic bad ass moment (and note this would’ve all been improvised 100%)
-the epic/badassery during the whole of the cariot battle/race
-Sloane and hurley turning into the tree in this beautiful and sad moment esp. With the music underneath (I honestly cried so hard during the whole scene holy fuck)
-explaining the plains of existence during crystal kingdom with rich detail and beautifully spun imagery
-actually a lot of the rooms described in crystal kingdom including the sort of slow dawning horror of the crystal’s spread and the golem
-11th hours the first time they die (and every time after that.) But especially the first time they die it’s so impactful and I could barely breathe, i listened to it 5 times in a row because it was so amazing
-the vision that Paloma had when the black gem fell
-roswell spilling into the bank and taako desperately reading the journal entry before noon strikes and before he drowns in their clay, the panic rising and the emotion and desperation was so overwhelming yet fascinating and gripping
-the temple of istus
-the individual scenes with each character talking to June and especially hearing magnus’ back story and Julia
-the chase in the tunnels, this whole scene evoked that sort of adrenaline that you get when playing a chase scene in a video game imo. The structure of this scene plays into as well as the music but its just so good
-the town catching up with time and THB watching on and the children moving and mimicking  the statues when THB move
-the scene with the void fish and magnus in the tank
-the whole first room in Wonderland with the lights and all the voguing 
-all the descriptions of the suffering that each character endures, it’s so horrifying and painful to listen to but it’s so well done
-the creepiness of the mannequins
-KRAVITZ BEING PULLED INTO THE LAKE/Kravitz pulling himself out of the lake and being ALL ALONE
-the second scene with magnus and the void fish in the tank and all the scenes with magnus starting to remember
-magnus fighting off the creatures he can’t see butt naked with the Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword Of Doom
-taako and Merle sinking into the floor
-describing the hunger demolishing their plain of existence
-Merle staying behind and the people singing a hymn while he gets pulled away in string of light and the hope he leaves for the people
-”she prays for sunrise”

My correct opinion of the day: the best action sequences from movies of this decade so far are

1.) Kingsman’s church scene
2.) The Raid: Redemption’s hallway (seventh floor) scene
3.) Drive’s dressing room scene
4.) John Wick 2’s subway tunnel contract killers scene
5.) Django Unchained’s plantation house shootout
6.) Kick-Ass’s hallway shootout
7.) Star Wars VII: The Force Awaken’s traitor scene
8.) John Wick’s club scene
9.) Inception’s hallway scene

In that order

Yo. Idk I kinda like this picture? I’m not caked up with makeup which is different for me. Sorry if it’s annoying how I’m posting it everywhere. >


SethKate Fandom Celebration 2017

Day 3 (May 22nd): Favorite Episode (3x10 Dark Side of the Sun)

This one was tough.  There are so many good ones to choose from and there are so many moments that are pure gold.  It was really hard to pick but I had to go with 3x10 because that’s when we got that epic tunnel scene and then the flash forward.  The fandom was blessed in the finale.