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The Mponeng Gold Mine in South Africa is the deepest gold mine on Earth.

That unholy mess of a pit runs up to 2.5 miles deep, and its 236 miles of tunnels house a ridiculously massive underground complex. Every day, 4,000 workers are lowered into the mine in giant, three-story, 120-person cage elevators. Due to geothermal heat, the temperatures in the lower levels of the mine can reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

This Mordor hellpit is already surreal enough, then you factor in the hordes of “ghost” miners – criminal miners who have managed to enter the pit and set up shop for their share of the gold. These illegal workers have created their own shadow economy deep within the confines of the earth, trading everything from bread to sex (add “underground hell-mine prostitute” to the list of most terrifying professions on Earth). They live there, eat there, and keep their own peace … with AK-47s and improvised beer-bottle grenades. As for the mining company’s security guards, they mostly leave the ghost miners be, because the place is far too vast to police efficiently, and also … well, we did mention the beer-bottle grenades, right?

This little shadow society is coming to an end, though: The mine is due to run out of gold in about 7-8 years. So there’s nothing left to do but return to the surface … right?


6 Mind-Bending Places Where Humans Somehow Have To Work

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Guilty pleasures for Link, Zelda and the champions?

Link: Surprising absolutely no one, crossdressing. It started with having to sneak into Gerudo Town to speak with Riju but he actually ended up really liking the fit of the clothing. He now owns several sets of Gerudo Vai outfits in a couple of different styles and colors. They are kept in a locked chest under the stairs at his house in Hateno.

Zelda: While everyone knows of her love for experimenting with various bits of ancient tech as well as the properties of elixirs, nobody is aware of just how big a kick she gets from testing out absolutely everything on Link. At first it started as a way for her to get back at him for making her feel like a failure but gradually it became more and more an excuse to spend time with him.

Daruk: Knitting. It’s incredibly hard for him to get his hands on the supplies since yarn burns pretty easily up on Death Mountain. He’s actually gone so far as to dig a tunnel from his house out towards cooler areas of the mountain so he can safely store his supplies and knit without drawing attention. Only a couple of people know about his hobby, Link and Zelda both get a sweater every year.

Yunobo: Dungeons and Dragons! He actually owns several pre-calamity books that detail the rules, classes, monsters, etc. After Ganon’s defeat he was actually able to get a campaign started by inviting Link, Riju, Sidon and Purah all to play with him. Yunobo is the DM, Link plays a Knight, Riju is a Rogue, Sidon is a Bard and Purah is a Sorcerer. Eventually they manage to rope Zelda in and she plays a Cleric.

Revali: Unknown to almost everyone, Revali sports a beautiful tenor signing voice. He’d often sneak off up the mountain or into the forest to practice, giving beautiful renditions of both classic folk songs and his own compositions. Link and Zelda actually ran into him during one of his practice sessions. Without making themselves known they recorded him and later played it for the rest of the Champions. Whenever somebody brings it up to him he denies it vehemently.

Teba: Absolutely LOVES cave diving. Despite his nature as a Rito who was born to the sky, Teba harbors an undying fascination for the secrets that lay underwater. Outfitted with octorok bladders and stamina elixirs, he frequently goes out and explores the waters around Rito Village. Using his wings and naturally water resistant feathers he has mastered the ability to effortlessly glide through the depths, finding and exploring caves. He will on occasion find and bring back souvenirs for his son, ranging from pretty rocks and shells to lost treasure.

Mipha: Almost in spite of her calm demeanor, Mipha loves attending and watching fighting tournaments. Her brother insists that they’re scripted but she doesn’t care. Her heart races when she sees the strong competitors clash in the ring and her emotions soar as her favorites win or lose. She often hinted towards Link that he should try and compete but alas was never able to get him into the arena.

Sidon: There is nothing the Zora prince adores more than a good play. The theatre has always fascinated him and when the Calamity struck it took most of the acting troupes with it. Even those that survived had a hard time finding work. Sadly, nobody had time for such things after the world fell apart. Sensing the world’s need for art, Sidon began quietly assembling and funding his own acting troupe. While nobody knew of his involvement, the troupe became famous around the remaining settlements of Hyrule and quickly garnered a large amount of praise. After the defeat and sealing of Ganon, Sidon was granted permission to join with his troupe and continued to provide theatrical entertainment in every corner of Hyrule.

Urbosa: You wouldn’t know it from looking at her but Urboasa was an excellent painter. Her works, submitted anonymously, hung in several museums around the country. Most of her subject matter consisted of sweeping landscapes from all across Hyrule. The desert at sunset or the way moonlight caught on the snow of the Hebra mountains. Art critics all around considered her true identity to be one of the greatest mysteries of the world.

Riju: Her biggest guilty pleasure is actually given to us by the game but I’ll expand on it. Even though she is the chief of the Gerudo people, at her heart she is still just a young girl. She has taken care to hide her childish thoughts and habits from the public eye but you can still find her in her bedchamber playing with her plush seals in the later hours of the day. Seals remain her biggest obsession. Packed away in various drawers and hidden compartments are an incredible amount of seal related items. Seal tapestries, seal pajamas, seal print cups, you name it. Of course, she’d never admit to any of this. The only people besides herself even allowed in her bed chamber are Buliara and a certain blond Hylian Vai she has been spending more and more time with…

-Lonely Voe

You know what I love about Melissa? You don’t know shit about her. She never goes outside and if she does, its at random basic innocent places like the guitar store, or an antique shop. She’s like a fucking ghost. You just know her name is Melissa McBride, and she’s on TWD and that’s all the fuck you need to and will ever know. You don’t know anything about her personal life other than she has some pets. She doesn’t do video shoots or travels anywhere. And if she does, you wouldn’t know! She might have a tunnel from her house to everywhere because we don’t ever see her.

That’s hard to achieve and sometimes I wonder how she does it. No shade to anyone else, she’s just hyper private and I kind of dig that.


Paris Catacombs

Built in the late 18th century, these subterranean tunnels now house the remains of over 6 million people. Mass graveyards were overflowing in Paris, so bodies were exhumed and transported there. During WWII, the Resistance used portions of the Catacombs as hideouts, even Nazis built bunkers down there.

There are tour guides given for the portion of the catacombs that are open to the public, though there are numerous secret passages and entrances throughout. If you take a tour guide, one of the first signs you will see reads “Arrête, c’est ici l’empire de la mort” which means Stop, this is the empire of death.

Though only about a mile of the catacombs is open to the public, it doesn’t stop people from sneaking in. People are advised against that as even experts get lost because a lot of the tunnels are not mapped. There is a legend of a man named Philibert Aspairt who got lost in the catacombs in 1793. His body was found 11 years after his death and its said that it was near an exit.


FinnRey + Phantom of the Opera AU

Reine Courleciel is the long-lost daughter of late musical master Luc Courleciel and the rising star of the Paris Opera. On the night of her big debut, she is reunited with her childhood friend Finn, Vicomte de Chagny, the one person who cared for her when they were both just orphans on the streets of Paris. The two are soon betrothed, but their happiness is threatened by a shadowy figure who lurks in the tunnels beneath the Opera House. Can Finn and Rey overcome the Phantom and live happily ever?

What to do right now based on your MBTI type
  • ENFJ: Bake your best friend into a pie
  • ENFP: Legally defend bearbaiting as a way of self-expression
  • ENTJ: Wear a necklace and a belt made of live snakes
  • ENTP: Tattoo the most recent bad joke you made onto yourself
  • ESFJ: Make a cake smoothie and share it with your friends
  • ESFP: Go scuba diving in a gigantic milkshake
  • ESTJ: Command a pretzel army
  • ESTP: Build a jetpack for a chicken and teach it tricks
  • INFJ: Cry because your sister prefers mittens over gloves
  • INFP: Colonize a dumpster and use the raccoons as servants
  • INTJ: Build tunnels from your house to work to avoid daylight
  • INTP: Give yourself Internet Brain Surgery
  • ISFJ: Ride on a random stranger's dog
  • ISFP: Get 3000 bags of cookies & chips delivered to your door
  • ISTJ: Grow and hollow out a giant lemon. It is your new home.
  • ISTP: Sit on top of a bus drinking cola and playing guitar