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You know what I love about Melissa? You don’t know shit about her. She never goes outside and if she does, its at random basic innocent places like the guitar store, or an antique shop. She’s like a fucking ghost. You just know her name is Melissa McBride, and she’s on TWD and that’s all the fuck you need to and will ever know. You don’t know anything about her personal life other than she has some pets. She doesn’t do video shoots or travels anywhere. And if she does, you wouldn’t know! She might have a tunnel from her house to everywhere because we don’t ever see her.

That’s hard to achieve and sometimes I wonder how she does it. No shade to anyone else, she’s just hyper private and I kind of dig that.

What to do right now based on your MBTI type
  • ENFJ: Bake your best friend into a pie
  • ENFP: Legally defend bearbaiting as a way of self-expression
  • ENTJ: Wear a necklace and a belt made of live snakes
  • ENTP: Tattoo the most recent bad joke you made onto yourself
  • ESFJ: Make a cake smoothie and share it with your friends
  • ESFP: Go scuba diving in a gigantic milkshake
  • ESTJ: Command a pretzel army
  • ESTP: Build a jetpack for a chicken and teach it tricks
  • INFJ: Cry because your sister prefers mittens over gloves
  • INFP: Colonize a dumpster and use the raccoons as servants
  • INTJ: Build tunnels from your house to work to avoid daylight
  • INTP: Give yourself Internet Brain Surgery
  • ISFJ: Ride on a random stranger's dog
  • ISFP: Get 3000 bags of cookies & chips delivered to your door
  • ISTJ: Grow and hollow out a giant lemon. It is your new home.
  • ISTP: Sit on top of a bus drinking cola and playing guitar

I know full well I should have gone over Laito’s route to give you guys more of an idea of what happens in it but I ended up just going ahead and doing Kanato’s route ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He’s far from one of my favourite characters so I’m not going to do a complete summary of his route but I have typed up a shortish summary. I’ve not included the situation parts and I’ve missed some bits out but I think I’ve covered the main plot. Also like before, take it with a pinch of salt and I apologise for any errors, my Japanese is not fantastic.
Spoilers below the cut (possible triggers for violence, blood and death and stuff):

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The Ice Fortresses of World War I,

 The Italian front of World War I was one of the most unique battlegrounds in history.  When it comes to World War I, most people envision muddy trenches, the Italian Front of WWI was mostly fought in the Alps.  Thus, entire armies were fighting on steep cliffs and frozen glaciers, often thousands of feet above sea level.  It was not uncommon for both the Italians and Austro-Hungarians/Germans to carve large and intricate ice fortresses within Alpine glaciers, complete with machine guns, artillery ports, miles and miles of tunnels and rooms.

One of the largest ice fortresses was a complex created by the Austrian Army and designed by Austrian engineer Leo Handl.  Called “The City of Ice”, the fortress consisted of a complex of buildings and fortifications which were carved directly out of the ice of Marmolada glacier on Mount Marmolada in the northwestern corner of Italy.  The complex featured 5 miles of tunnels, enough barracks to house 1,500 troops, a number of artillery and machine gun ports, trenches, a cafeteria, a chapel, an armory and a saloon.  The Italians had a similar size ice fortress called cittá del ghiaccio.

The Italian Front of World War I was an especially brutal war, where just as many men died due to storms, exposure, and avalanches as did bullets and bombs. In one fateful night in 1917, massive storm caused several avalanches, killing up to ten thousand men.  Today, melting Alpine glaciers are revealing the detritus and frozen corpses of World War I.


The West Wing Retrospective:  This has footage from the online-only promo which circulated in the days leading up to the series finale, including some of the B-roll of the last day of filming which was used by Entertainment Tonight and the like. In other words, this footage would have been in the retrospective special which was supposed to happen, then got cancelled because of a compensation dispute. Which was why the pilot episode aired before the series finale. Personally, I can’t believe this has been sitting on Vimeo for five years and I haven’t found it until now; I have been like Jed looking for the White House underground tunnels. If you are One of Us, this is a lost treasure. GIF-set creators: Go!

The Baudelaire Children are Batman

-Beatrice trained bats

-Possibly kept some in the tunnels under their house? Batcave. 

-Super rich

-Orphaned in a tragedy

-Violet does all the gadgetry and tech

-Klaus has all the knowledge for detective work

-Sunny can and has fought crime

-These children are collectively batman. 

-Fight me.


You should do a story where the reader is kidnapped by an unsub and she knows Hotch so she calls him when the unsub isn’t paying attention and for like two days she’s just giving Hotch and the team information they need to nail the guy. Right when the team is about to barge in, reader gets all badass, beats the unsub up, and chills for the two minutes it takes for them to get in. Impressed they ask her to join the team. She also is fighting the internal fear of the situation and they don’t know.

Woo!  You guys like your specific stories.  Alright, I can try to stay with this to the best of my ability.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 2)

On the third dial, he picked up.

Hotch finally picked up his phone.

“Hello?” he asks, his voice muffled by your bra as you try to stay as inconspicuous as you can.

Hotch hadn’t realized that you had been taken by their unsub.

And you hadn’t realized that it was the same Hotch was looking for.

“Aaron.  It’s me,” you breathe, your eyes darting around in the dark, “get Reid.”

“Y/N?  What number are you-?”

“Damn it, Hotchner, come on!  Speaker.  Reid.  Now.”

As Hotch scrambles on the other end of the line, you hear a click before Reid’s voice pops up in the background.

“Her name’s Y/N,” Hotch murmurs.

“Y/N?  This is Special Agen-”

“I know, I know.  Shut up and listen,” you whisper harshly.

“Oh-…kaaaay?” he asks as he furrows his brow.

“It’s a man.  Six four.  About 240 pounds.  Massive biceps.  No tri’s.  He can carry me over his shoulder but not in his arms.”

As Spencer listens to you intently, recording your every word into his brain, Morgan starts to flail around a stack of papers as he finally grasps the picture he was looking for.

Handing the sketch to Hotch, he puts everything together as his face pales.

His neighbor has been taken by their untrackable unsub.

“Y/N?” Reid interrupts, “Do you have any idea where you are?”

“Gotta go,” you whisper, clicking the phone off before scurrying into the corner, curling up like you were when he last left you.

You knew you had a good reason for having two cell phones.

“Who was that, Hotch?” J.J. asks as Hotch runs his hand through his hair.

“J.J.  Prentiss.  Go to my house and question the neighbors.  Ask if they’ve seen anything suspicious.  Cars.  Random people walking up and down the block.  A-a-and make sure Jack is alright at school.”

“Hotch?  What’s going on?” Emily asks as she crosses her hands across her chest, her brow furrowing with worry.

“That woman is my neighbor…and she’s been taken by our unsub.”

As Aaron drums his fingers on his desk, the sweat dripping down his neck gathering on the collar of his shirt, he sees the number he doesn’t recognize pop up again and he calls for the team, opening up the call and immediately putting on you speakerphone.

“I’m set to record,” Garcia says.

“Y/N?” Hotch asks.

But all he heard was your heavy breathing.

And it panicked Hotch thinking that the man had found your phone.

“Small hands,” you croak as Hotch swallows thickly.

“What else?” Reid beckons as he watches Aaron warily from the corner of his eye.

“In a dark room.  When he shuts the door there’s nothing.  Not even the hand in front of my face.  Grabbed some of his hair.  He uses-”

The team hears you sniff deeply before coughing fiercely.

“Lots of moisture.  And also, apple.  His scent is apple.  Ironically small hands for a man his height.  Jet black hair.  Steely green eyes.  Scar on his-”

But when the team heard your door slam open, the call cut off again.

“Add it to the profile,” Hotch murmur.

“Hotch, we don’t even know-”

“It is,” Hotch bites to Rossi as his friend dances his eyes across his face.

“It’s the same guy.  No other people have been reported missing with the same MO, and I guarantee you when the women get back from their investigation they will say-”

“Hotch!  You were right,” Prentiss interrupts as the men turn towards them, “rope on her pillow, all of her left shoes have been taken, and nothing else has been touched.”

“But he made a mistake,” J.J. grins as Hotch throws David an “I told you so” look.

“What?” Morgan asks.

“Y/N must be a fighter.  She probably made him stumble, causing his hand to reach out and press up against the window beside her front door.”

“I’m still skeptical, though,” Prentiss murmurs, “I mean, the hand print is really small.”

And it was Reid who took to writing down the rest of the things you had said over the phone that evening.

The team was finally closing in.  They had it narrowed down to a 25 mile radius, but even with the entire police force scouring the woods, it would take weeks to find you.

Hotch had to hear from you.

He had to know what you knew.

They had no shot otherwise.

And then, as if the heavens were praying in his favor…

Ring ring riiiiiiiing.

Fumbling with his phone as he picks it up, Garcia begins recording immediately as he hears you puking on the other end of the line.

“Y/N?” he asks, worry constricting his throat.

“Fast food,” is all you choke out in between vomits, “all he brings me is fast food.  I’m sick of this damn grease.”

And little did you know it was the connecting dot Hotch needed.

The radius soon went from 25 miles to 5, and everyone was hopping into their squad cars and SUV’s, heading to the addresses that housed tunnels and basements.

Hotch wanted to keep you on the line as long as possible, until you heard the sirens echoing outside as well as over the phone line.

The wait seemed like an eternal damnation.

Until finally…

“I hear you!” you whisper desperately as you finally work the rope from around your wrists, your hands now darting to your legs as you curl your nose at the stench of your own filth.

“You’re getting closer.  You’re close.  You’re-”

But your door slammed open, and you cut the call…like all of the times you’d done before.

Except this time, Hotch was yelling your name well after the call had been dropped.

“Damn it!” he roars, throwing his phone against the dash before turning his head towards Rossi.

“She said we were getting closer,” he breathes.

“Then it can only be one place,” Rossi says as he diverts off of the road, catapulting along a divoted dirt road before a rickety shack comes into view.

And Hotch’s eyes flew to the cellar door.

Panting in the corner as you sit on top of the bloodied man’s unconscious body, you hear footsteps running down the corridor as someone finally flicks on the first shades of light you had seen in days.

It was about damn time he showed up.

As the man begins to groan, you jab the butt of your elbow into his side, causing him to start gasping for air as your head whips up towards the door.


But the sight stopped Aaron in his tracks.


And then, it stopped Morgan.

“Guys!?” you hear Reid yell, his footsteps rushing down the hallway as he peeks over Aaron’s shoulder, taking in your tired form, your pajamas tattered and your face dirty.  You were sitting on top of the unsub who was moaning and groaning in pain underneath you, his shoulder dislocated, his eye black and blue, and his nose broken.

“Took you long enough,” you lull before standing to your feet as the man begins gasping for air yet again.

“Fat bitch,” he murmurs lowly.

“Better be glad I wasn’t sitting on your face,” you muse behind you, your eyes slowly grazing over the cool, dark floor before raising up to meet Aaron’s shocked stare.

But as you held Hotch’s gaze, he was well aware of your shaking hands as he slowly takes a step towards you.

“Are you alright?” he asks as he slowly reaches out for your arm.

“Uh huh,” you breathe, tears rolling down your face as you try to put on a strong facade.

“Did he hurt you?” he asks as he grasps your hand, your lip beginning to quiver as your breath begins to shorten.

It was then that Morgan and Reid slip behind you to handcuff the man on the floor and drag him out of the cellar.

“Oh, no.  No no, I-I…uh…I’m fine,” you choke out, trying your best to stomach the fear and surprise hitting your system all at once.

“Come here,” Hotch coos as he offers his body to you, your form sinking deeply into his as you wrap your arms tightly around his back.

“Ho, my god,” you whisper into his chest, your entire body trembling as he slowly begins to walk you out of the room.

As he murmurs lowly in your ear, slowly escorting you from the cellar all the way out to the blinking cars, a thin, blonde woman hands you a bottle of water as you take it from her thankfully, smiling weakly at her as you twist the cap off and bring the bottle to your lips.

“Morgan said that she took him down?” Prentiss asks Hotch lightly as he watches you get checked out by medical personnel.

“She was sitting on his unconscious body when we got down there,” Hotch chuckles lightly.

“Aaaaand…what does she do for a living?” Prentiss asks him in shock.

“She’s a librarian,” Hotch muses as he raises his eyebrows, slowly panning his gaze over to Emily as the two of them read each other’s minds.

“Yeah.  I’m sure you’ll find her a place on the team just fine,” Prentiss muses, patting Hotch on the shoulder before turning and making her way for the SUV in the background.

It was time for Hotch to take your statement.

And then it was time for him to take you home.

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neighbour au ideas?

-We’ve lived next to each other for 9 years, you’re just realizing NOW that I’m a girl??

-As kids, they used to play with legos together but lost contact and now they’re both in the same engineering program at university

-”Let’s build a tunnel to connect our houses” actually happens

-Person B REALLY wants Person A to stop suntanning in the backyard, their window directly faces them!!

-Person A tutors Person B over the summer, but really they just end up eating popsicles in front of the tv.

Where the senpai’s would take you on the first date - Headcanon

Ai: Romanitc movie. He would want to explore your emotions and see how you react to different things so he can try to take a shot at your heart.

Akira: Garden/Park. His love for plants and nature influenced his decision. It is also a good way to relax and get some fresh air.

Haruka: Somewhere the two of you never been before. Doing new things is great and safe, considering that he is a nurse.

Hideki: Home cooked meal! After cramming and working on his papers, he won’t have energy to do much. A nice meal at home would serve as a good date, allowing time to chat lightly about several topics and work.

Hinata: His basement. An inclusive area where it would be just you two alone. His eccentric personality would take you to a fair and visit the love tunnel, a mirror house where you play hide and seek. He’d just stand in one place though and watch you run around trying to find him.

Izumi: Aquarium + art museum. This book lover is also in love with the arts! These two dates will enabe the two of you to see what he sees in books. It also makes room for conversation about the view/content.

Jean: A resevered dinner date. Just the two of you, and the workers. He rented the entire place just for you.

Katsuo: Beach + Picnic. He would first urge you to swim around with him (if you cant swim you will be on a ride on assortment, and he will push you around) After an exhausting day, you guys will relax under an umbrella and enjoy a good picnic!

Kei: He would want to just spend time with you, and getting to know what you see as romantic. So that next time he will know exactly what you like.

Kyouya: A stroll at the park + sight seeing. Kyouya wll be interested in getting to your mind and how you think. His goal is to get to know you better in conversation and interaction.

Makoto: Water sports. Being a Pisces, the best two things would be water, and sports. Maybe you guys will be playing volleyball in a pool?

Reiji: Science fair/Musuem. Being a cancer, he would feel uncomfortable being outside of anything he is used to. So a science-date would be the best he could do.

Ren: Star gazing and chill. Ren would feel uncomfortable going anywhere he is not familiar with, but would also like for a way for you to not be bored. Sharing half of his earphones, the two of you will slowly watch all the stars, telling stories to each other, as the two of you fall asleep.

Shun: Game arcades/internet cafe. This boy has a love for all games and does not judge based on pixels. Gaming is a great way for the two of you to get to know each other more, while both witnessing each others competitive side. 

Souh: Guess who is playig princess? You are^^ He will treat you out to a day at the spa. Possibly compete with the workers and help you relax.

Soujiro: Gallery/Showcase. Calligraphy is an art. He would want to get your opinion and inform you on the many things to know about calligraphy.

Souma: Sight seeing at his home town/ places he has been before. You guys will be able to taste different foods. He will bring you to his favorite bakery, favorite park, etc.

Sousuke: Any Night time activity. His aim is for your heart and so, your heart he will try to understand.

Suzuki: Shopping/Classical Concert. He would want to avoid fans AT ALL COST, because he wants to spend the day with just you. Going shopping would be a good idea because he thinks it’s a nice way to buy diguises and for him to spoil you. A classical concert would also be nice because it is very nice and calming, away from fans.

Takahiro: Shopping. It’s a good thing he has plenty jobs^^ The more he is able to spoil you with. Not just clothes shopping, but any kind of shopping you like^^.

Takeru: Yukata/Japanese festival. A festival is full of entertainment, sights, and food! He believes this is the best way to make you relax and have fun. He will secretly take candid pictures of you, and that will be the only time he takes out his phone/camera.

Tokiya: Outdoor movies. Those movies that show at night outdoors. Both romantic and intimate.

Wakatoshi: Fine dining. In attempt to show you a more gentle side, he would take you to a nice diner where the two of you can be catered to. That doesn’t mean though, that if somehing goes wrong he will let it go. He’s ready to throw hands at anytime just for you.

Touya: Art musuem/show case. Somewhere he can socialize and met new people together with you.

Touru: Fencing competition. He woulod like to take you somewhere unusal, and isn’t considered a normal date. 

Tsuyoi/Hajime: Cruising. Initial plan would be to go somewhere fancy, but his festive personality will serve plans useless. You guys will just end up cruising everywhere.

Yamato: Night concert! A scorpio and a lover of music, a night concert is a great way to stay intimate and spend time with the two of his passions. You + Music.

Yuu: Cat Cafe/ Zoo. Yuu loves to stimulate his senses. Any place he can touch something cute is a place he believes will be a good date!