tunnel creek trail


Lake Tahoe, CA Pt. 1

We drove to Lake Tahoe from Roseville on Friday afternoon, and it took about an hour and a half. First stop was setting up camp; we reserved a spot at Tahoe State Recreation Campground which was within walking distance to the downtown of Tahoe City. After setting up we drove to Bristlecone Beach where a full Lupine field was in bloom. It was super impressive and even though I had seen a few pictures on instagram, it was still surprising to see and pretty unbelievable. There were two “fields” one open to public, and a second that you follow a little trail to that was “private property” but people were there anyway. It was right on the water, looking out on the Sierras. There were baby ducklings!

Afterwards we drove a little further north to Carnelian Bay where there was a cool dock and a rocky beach, where Jordan decided to lay down. After hanging around for a little, it was pretty cold, we decided we were hungry and wanted pizza. We headed back to camp, changed into warmer clothes and went to the grocery store for Graham Crackers and almond milk because we decided we preferred that over smores. Then we went to Fireside Pizza in Olympic Valley. We got the Fire Roasted pizza and it was pretty good!

After dinner we went back to camp and spent about an hour building our fire, haha but we finally got it to go and that was our night.

The next morning we woke up to it raining. By the time we were up it was around 10AM and we had a breakfast of makeshift snacks that we had brought (Trader Hoe’s 5-seed almond bars and dried mangos!) in our hammock. Then we packed up camp and checked out by noon. 

We drove across the California/Nevada border to get to our trail and stopped for a photo! Then parked along the road to get to the trail head. We hiked part of the way up Tunnel Creek Trail, it wasn’t super hard, but it wasn’t easy! We also got pretty lucky with the weather being not too warm and pretty breezy. We ended up climbing some rocks to get a better view of the lake. Took a couple risks balancing my camera on the rocks to get some pictures.