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i feel it in my chest. that feeling of pure happiness. the feeling that i could do anything with you by my side. i am absolutely, inevitably in love with you. the idea of being with you is electrifying. tracing my finger across your jaw, your head in my lap and my fingers tangled in your hair. your gorgeous brown eyes completely capturing me and i stutter mid sentence because the thought of ever being without you is completely heartbreaking. you’ve completely changed my outlook on life and my god please don’t ever leave, you’re my light at the end of this dark tunnel.
—  Excerpt from a book i’ll never write // you’re the love of my life
How often is our life the elaboration of our disguises, of what we’re not and cannot really be…Man has invented a creature of culture and refinement which he then pretends to be…We become confused about our Being. We begin to believe we are our hypocrisies…We free the negative and let the positive go hang. We proclaim the ultimate value of man in the face of his palpable worthlessness.
—  William H. Gass, The Tunnel
Kings and Queens. {Chapter 2}

Summary: Six students, from six different cliques, are trapped in the same room  for Saturday detention. They cannot stand one another, but find that they are not all that different. Inspired by The Breakfast Club (1985), characters from Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass series.

Author’s Note: First of all, I reached 1k followers this week. That, and all the love I’ve received for this fic, have really lifted my spirits! You all are wonderful, and I love that you love this story! I hope you enjoy chapter two!

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8:10 a.m.

I had been there for ten minutes and I already felt as if I would explode.

Maybe it was the fact that I was locked in a room for the next eight hours, or maybe it was the fact that I was locked in a room for the next eight hours with him.

Havilliard High was large enough that I rarely saw him, and when I did, I quickly turned the other way. Being locked with him, though, after doing everything in my power to ignore him for the last two years….

Aedion kept scribbling down notes on a sheet of loose leaf paper that said things like, Are you okay? Or You look like you’re going to vomit.

I needed to find a way out.

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Colson Whitehead’s ‘Underground Railroad’ Is A Literal Train To Freedom

When author Colson Whitehead first heard about the Underground Railroad as a child he imagined a subway beneath the earth that escaped slaves could ride to freedom. He tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross that when he found out that it was not a literal train, he felt “a bit upset.”

Now, in his new novel, The Underground Railroad, Whitehead returns to his childhood vision of an actual locomotive that carries escaped slaves through tunnels. The book follows a 15-year-old slave named Cora who has escaped from a Georgia plantation and must make her way north to freedom. Along the way, the train stops in different states, each of which represent a different response to slavery. “Sort of like Gulliver’s Travels, the book is rebooting every time the person goes through a different state,” Whitehead says.

Okay but we kinda know that Carmelita’s parents might have been VFD members as well, right?
Like in the show they have their last name in the tunnel, and in the books Esmé mentions somewhere that she wants/wanted (??) to steal their fortune.

So now I’m wondering: does Carmelita have a talent? Like the Baudelaire and Quagmire children have?

*not like being a brat or whatnot, like an actual talent/interest!*