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(via Old Home in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania | by Clark Westfield | Flickr)

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Wait who is andrew blaze cause he just kinda popped up what did he do?(sorryiprobablysounddumb)

Where was you yesterday?? lol
Randy Stair aka Andrew Blaze (she’s a trans woman) is the perpetrator of the Weis Market grocery store shooting in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. The shooting took place on June 8th, 2017, shortly before 1 a.m. and left 4 people dead, including Stair.
She shot and killed three of her co-workers shortly after posting a video of how she intended on carrying out the shooting. She had a following on her YouTube channel and various other social media platforms where she was known to praise the Columbine killers and make a series of animated videos. Many of her videos showed warning signs of her plans to carry out her attack, and she left many suicide notes and final words the days before the shooting.