I came across this post on Instagram and as an African, I am truly disgusted by what she has to say. What are your opinions on this and please help stop negativity by reporting her page as well. 

Her ig is now: frenchgirl05

Fckyeahprettyafricans: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Ms. Love obviously has a lack of knowledge when it comes to Africa. It is funny how she talks about Nigeria as if she has been there, stating it is a place not to be trusted. She must not know that Nigeria is increasingly viewed as an attractive investment destination, is home to one of the most hospitable cities in Africa, is one of the richest countries in Africa with Nigeria contributing to a considerable share of the world’s oil. Oh, did we forget to mention, Nigeria is on track to becoming one of the 20 largest economies in the world by 2020. 

Let us not even begin with the many accomplishments of the Nigerian People. Utof Ekon, the thirty year old Nigerian student who solved a thirty year old math equation and broke an academic record at Japanese university. Aliko Dangote, who is Africa’s richest man and as Forbes put it, the 23rd richest man in the world. Folorunsho Alakija, who is known as the richest black woman in the world. We can sit here and name numerous Nigerians who have played a major role in society, but then we would be here forever. Oh, and did we forget to mention that in 2012, Nigerians were known as being the most educated in the U.S. Analysis of U.S. Census data and other surveys show Nigerian immigrants and their descendants score highest when it comes to earning degrees.

Her comments make her look very uneducated and it is quite sickening that she would use the media to make these generalization. The same media she used to judge Nigerians is the exact same media that has a lot of negative things to say about her race. As someone who says that she is a mother, we hope that her children may never face any discrimination because of their race or be judged. But the way society is set up, there are too many Ms. Loves out there.

Her ig is now: frenchgirl05


Chott el Djerid (Arabic: شط الجريد‎ Šaṭṭ al-Jarīd) is a large endorheic salt lake in southern Tunisia. It is the largest salt pan of the Sahara Desert with a surface area of over 7,000 km2 (some sources state 5,000 km2). The site has a typical hot desert climate. Due to the harsh climate with mean annual rainfall of below 100 mm and daytime temperatures sometimes reaching 50 °C or more during summer with dense solar radiation, water evaporates from the lake. In summer Chott el Djerid is almost entirely dried up, and numerous fata morganas occur.


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One victory should not silence the tragedy in the rest of the world.

I’ve seen a lot of posts on here celebrating the United States Supreme Court’s decision to make gay marriage legal all throughout the country. Despite the importance of this ruling, the utter lack of empathy and awareness for the three horrific terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait—that not only happened on three different continents but on the same day as well—is disappointing.

I’ve seen so many posts saying that Friday was a “good day for humanity,” and not only is this opinion extremely ignorant and selfish, but it also completely invalidates the many innocent lives taken as a result of these cold-blooded terrorist attacks. Now, don’t get me wrong; celebrating and rejoicing an important victory in your country is by no means ignorant or selfish, but completely tuning out the barbarism and bloodshed that’s happening across the rest of the world is just plain wrong. Let me repeat: it was NOT a good day humanity, at all. A good day for America, yes, but not for the 80+ people killed as a result of ruthless terrorist attacks.

Here’s a brief summary of these horrific acts of terrorism, for those of you who don’t know. Hopefully they will change your mind on the ignorant opinion that it’s a great, progressive time for humanity.

Kuwait: ISIS claimed responsibility for a blast that killed 25 people at a Shia mosque. The Shia are a branch of Muslims whom ISIS has repeatedly targeted, dehumanized and ridiculed over the past several months. These 25 people were doing nothing except peacefully observing their religion. The bomb ripped through the Al-Sadiq mosque during Friday prayers—a time when, more than other, mosques are packed with worshipers.

Tunisia: At least 38 people were killed and 39 injured in Sousse, Tunisia when a gunman opened fire at a beachfront hotel. ISIS has also claimed responsibility for this attack as well. These innocent people were tourists that had done nothing wrong. One woman was shot four times when she was caught in the chaos of the crowd; several others had to play dead. The fact that ISIS is now targeting tourists should not only be alarming, but it shows just how far these dickheads are willing to go. 

France: This one was particularly gruesome, so I’ll spare the gory details, but basically, there was a blast in a US-owned factory in southeastern France. The large explosion was followed by the discovery of a severed head hanging from a fence. 

Please keep the victims and the victims’ families in mind, and be respectful towards the fact that although it may be a momentous, promising time for your country, the rest of the world is suffering, and we should not tune them out.

• Munsaf Mayyel is being hailed as a hero in #Tunisia. After killing 38 people on a beachside resort in #Sousee, the shooter tried to escape through an alley where Munsaf saw him from the rooftop of one of the buildings he was working on. Munsaf then grabbed ceramic tiles and threw them at the gunman, hurting the assailant. “All I did was my duty. The duty of any Tunisian and any Muslim". - Munsaf Mayyel.