tunis sheep


And a couple of the lambs, so they don’t feel left out.  :)  I  moved the last batch of lambs and mommas out of their maternity pen into the main pasture/flock, now that everyone knows how to follow and recognize each other.  It was a bit chaotic at first, while everyone tried to figure out which baby belonged to who (confusing for both ewes and lambs!) but now it’s all settled down and everyone is happy and have plenty of space to roam and grass to eat.

They are so beautiful.  The oldest are a little over 3 weeks old, and the youngest are a little over a week, I think… I’ll have to check my calendar, time flies and they grow FAST.


My first ever Tunis lambs were born today!!  I had a gut feeling this morning when I went out to the pasture that I was going to find lambs (Esther’s due date was yesterday), and lo and behold, I found her being an attentive mother to one ram lamb and one ewe lamb, already mostly dried off and up and nursing - just how we like it!!  

Momma and babies seem to be doing great, I moved them indoors to their own private maternity ward so they can bond and not have to worry about the lambs getting stomped by the other sheep or goats.  The little ram will have a terrific life and then go into the freezer later in the year, and the little ewe will be registered and sold after she is weaned.  But for now, I get to enjoy BABIES!!! It’s so much fun when there’s not hundreds of them!  I don’t miss that part of my dairy days, that’s for sure!


Two more random critter pics.  The latest batch of lambs with their mommas in the back maternity ward.  The little lamb on the far right is crouched funny because he just got castrated that day, so he’s pretty uncomfortable, poor guy!  He’ll get over it soon, but it’s always hard at first.  

Then my two bucks.  I actually really love them, they are pretty easy as far as bucks go, and they are beautiful pasture ornaments.  I am debating whether or not to sell them… I don’t really NEED any more goats, and they keep harassing B.J. wanting to breed and she is SO not interested (and is also infertile so it’s a futile effort on everyone’s part).  I dunno.  I am on the fence about them.  O'Ryan, the brown one in front, is the father of these two babies.  

My last ewe lambed today (her name is Mary, so I guess you could say that Mary had a little lamb.  Two lambs, actually.  Harr-yuk…), one little ewe and one little ram, which makes my total lamb crop 2 ewes and 3 rams.  Just the right amount for how much time I have/don’t have right now!  

Now just one goat due to kid this Sunday, and I’ll be done with baby season.  Fine by me!  Just a little taste of springtime babies is enough right now.  :)