Portrait Bust of a Woman with a Scroll

Byzantine, late 4th–early 5th century, made in Constantinople (marble, 20 inches high)

This sensitively carved portrait bust presents a mature woman with a thoughtful expression and piercing gaze; the scroll held in her right hand signals an appreciation for classical learning and marks her as a member of the elite. She wears a mantle, tunic, and head covering, typical dress for an aristocratic woman. Such head coverings did not come into fashion until the fourth century. The bust likely formed part of a commemorative display, perhaps documenting a public donation, or was used in a domestic setting.

Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

i literally do not give a flying wedge of stilton about kylo ren’s character

i’m sure there are interesting things to say but there are more interesting things to say about soooo manyyyy other characters in the movie & all anyone wants to talk about is kylo ren’s woobiness and i don’t caaaareeee

i would literally rather discuss admiral ackbar’s fashion choices, the cross-over tunic thingy he’s got in his force awakens promotional photos is really sharp & i think the colour really suits his complexion

Edmund x Reader: Let’s Not Work Today

@mikellabendezu asked: Hii😊can I request an Edmund x Reader fluff i dont have a plot but can it be something really cute that gives the reader butterflies and a lot of feeling?and they kiss and stuff like that?? Thank you sooo much💗💗

A/n: This was also inspired by the anon asking for a sleepy!Edmund.


 Edmund sluggishly entered the parlor room and shut the door. He slid down to the floor and locked the door behind him.

       "There you are,“ (Y/n) said. Edmund looked up at her. She was drinking tea. She was dressed in a regular tunic today. He hadn’t seen her like that in ages. He missed it.

     "Yeah, and let’s hope I can stay here without anyone summoning me.”

     (Y/n) smiled. “Want some tea?”

     "I don’t feel like moving,“ Edmund groaned.

       (Y/n) picked up the whole tray and brought it over to the floor. She sat down beside him, their backs against the door.

     Edmund sighed. "Why does it feel like I haven’t seen you all week?”

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I have maybe finished 14? *squints at it* Well, gods know at almost 15K I shouldn’t add any more to it, I will leave it to @xenadd to tell me what to cut.

Today in writing: who doesn’t love creepy Force visions!  Kanan.  Kanan doesn’t love creepy Force visions.  Especially creepy drug-induced Force visions.

Snippet from Kanan flashback 5.

He saw Master Depa start as though she had heard the thought, her fingers stilling against his cheek, her mouth opening a little in shock.  A single drop of red appeared on the white of her tunic, then a second and a third, then more, until it was a single, rapidly spreading amorphous stain that spattered across her tunic, her robes, her skin.


Kanan caught her as she staggered, lowering her to the floor.  Beyond them, he could see Master Kenobi and Master Windu still deep in their conversation, Skywalker and his astromech pausing to join them, the younglings running back and forth, the sound of their laughter carrying to his ears.

“Help!” Kanan yelled. “Someone, please, help!  They’re killing us!”

None of them looked up.

A Suitor?

Curlaina was sitting behind the counter of the clinic, reading one of her books during a quiet moment in the clinic. There was no one getting help, things having been rather slow, so the priestess took a moment to read some more of a new book she’d just bought. It was apparently written by a dwarf and was well recommended by the owner of the book store, which caused Curlaina to blush even more when she purchased it.

Curlaina kept the book low, next to an open drawer so that if anyone came into the business she could hide the evidence quickly. Just as the book was getting to another juicy part, she heard the bell attached to the door ring. Startled slightly, she shoved the book into the drawer and slammed is shut a lot louder than she had planned to. 

Looking at the door, there was a young man just entering. He had shoulder length brown hair and was wearing a blue tunic made of fine silk. He glanced around the clinic as he shut the door behind him, his eyes eventually settling on Curlaina, and he smiled.

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“So… that is quite the predicament you got yourself in.” Ravio shifted and rested his right hand on his hip, the bunny hood falling back to show his dark purple nearly black hair. The other, who he was currently watching, seemed to have gotten his tunic stuck on a tree branch and honestly—he would have laughed so hard if he wasn’t distracted by the monsters he was running from.

“Hey! You’re supposed to be a Hero right? How about we make a deal? I’ll cut you down if you save me! Normally I’d charge people but I’m feeling generous.” –And terrified. Honestly this hero stuff was a lot harder than it was made to seem and if he was smart he probably would have returned to Loruel already but Ravio was determined. He wanted to be a Hero that Hilda could rely on, so that the next time something happened in Lorule she wouldn’t need Link she would turn to him for help.


Zoological Charts dating back to the 1800’s - Tunicata
The McGregor Museum
University of Auckland [New Zealand], School of Biological Sciences

Comparison of the two tunicate classes Appendicularia and Ascidiacea showing morphological features through-out development. Note that the class Ascidiacea is paraphyletic and has been reclassified as other groups within Tunicata. (McGregor Museum)

Free Floating Sea Squirts
Anatomy of members of the Class Thaliacea
Showing: internal structures through transluscent bodies, variation of individual body plans (1, 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8′) and arrangements of colonies (5 & 10).  (McGregor Museum)

Sedentary Sea Squirts (Ascidians)
The Ascidians are typical tunicates often referred to as sea squirts. . ( McGregor Museum)


A lovely, little Larvacea!

It’s a tunicate that swims through oceans all over the world with their wriggly tail.

They build a structure around themselves known as a house. It’s a mucus thing with all sorts of corridors and nets for filtering out plankton. Then a conveyor belt of mucus brings food right into their mouth.

Once the house gets all clogged up, they abandon it and make a new one. They need to build several houses each day!

It also looks like a jelly baby flying through the air with a huge helmet and a long cape. Because even superheroes are safety-concious.

Video source



Tunicates are marine filter-feeders with a unique, sac-like body structure. 

In their respiration and feeding they take in water through an incurrent (or inhalant) siphon and expel the filtered water through an excurrent (or exhalant) siphon.

Most adult tunicates are sessile and attached to rocks or similarly suitable surfaces on the ocean floor; others such as salps, doliolids and pyrosomes swim in the pelagic zone as adults.

Various species are commonly known as sea squirts, sea pork or sea tulips.

Tunicates contain a host of potentially useful chemical compounds, including:

  • Didemnins, effective against various types of cancer, as antivirals and immunosuppressants
  • Aplidine, effective against various types of cancer
  • Trabectedin, effective against various types of cancer

Various Ascidiacea species are consumed as food around the world. In Japan and Korea, the sea pineapple (Halocynthia roretzi) is the main species eaten

The use of tunicates as a source of biofuel is being researched. The cellulose body wall can be broken down and converted into ethanol and other parts of the animal are protein-rich and can be converted into fish feed.