Nature, Nurture, Heaven, Home

Third and final Pearlrose Bomb ficlet. They kept Amethyst. ~2000 words

Based on an anon request and a line prompt by queenusagi. Warning for canon-typical violence and wartime Pearl.

Nature, Nurture, Heaven, Home

“I hate this place,” Pearl mumbled under her breath, pulling at the airy material of her tunic in an attempt to free it from where it had snagged on the jagged edges of a broken-down injector.

She could hear a hum of vague assent come from Rose, up ahead and inspecting a cliff face, but even the presence she cherished unlike any other did little to ease the crawling discomfort in her gut. They’d already found and bubbled one corrupted Gem during their rounds, true, and it seemed very unfair to blame Garnet for the situation, but she’d been the one to suggest that their presence here was needed and Pearl desperately wanted to pin the blame on someone – Garnet, very conveniently, hadn’t even come with them. The Kindergarten was nothing but a grim, dreary reminder of things none of them could ever undo, as well as the endless, horrifying trials they’d gone through in an attempt to do exactly that.

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Midsummer Mischief, Ch.2

Chapter 2


Rated K+…or PG-13 or whatever

Summary: Fairy BIGBANG AU, loosely based off A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare. Not as dumb as it sounds. GD as Puck. What’s not to like? Also, includes a baby. Idiocy and seriousness mixed together.

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Times Have Change Us All

Clouds covered the light of the moon, this night as a loan rider swiftly made his way through the forest. A routine he conducted over the last several years, to keep his true actions hidden from the rest of the world. Only a select few who knew the true business he conducted, and they would take his secret to the grave with them.

Ly’santhir saw the dim light of the lit torches from the the distance, as he rode atop his faithful beast. The large tiger carried its master towards the small lights in the distance, as if cat and his master were on some sort of hunt this evening. “Faster.” He muttered hoarsely too the large beast. The large cat replied to it’s master, gracefully moving across the tree covered grounds. The beast skillfully weave in and out of the trees as if it had done this same run hundreds of times before.

Soon the two arrived at the building, were a elderly looking male Sin’dorei, dressed in finely crafted blue tunic and matching pants, all complemented by black leather boots and gloves stood. “I see you have arrived M’lord.” The man way his way towards the door as he spoke. “I trust your ride here went smoothly?” The elderly man asked, as he turned to look at Ly’santhir. “Well enough, what of our guest? Are they here yet? Are the men here as well?” His replied in a raspy voice. “No not all yet… The Runemists have yet to arrive. Though your guest of Honor is here, as well as most of men.”

Ly’santhir gave a slight nod to the elderly male, as he slid from the saddle of his large mount. “Wait for the Runemists to arrive, and see them below to our guest.” The elderly elf nodded in reply to Ly’santhir as he made his way into the building. The interior of the building was sparse with luxuries, the top floor had a few chairs, a table and a hearth. Just off to the right of the entrance to the building lied a set of stairs, leading to the lower level. On either side of the stairs stood two middle aged Sin’dorei males, clad in black leather armor and two swords hung from the back. Finishing off their attire was a wolfs head pendant hung from a chain.

“Falen and the others are downstairs, speaking with our guest.” One of the men spoke up towards Ly’santhir. “I assume he is comfortable down there with them.”  The one man a toothy predatory grin. “You could say that… seems he got a few good hits on Vilor.” Ly’santhir’s green hues looked between both men from under the rim of the hood, giving a soft smirk. “I see.. When the Runemist arrive, see that they are brought down, hm?” The two men nodded in reply to Ly’santhir, before he vanished down the stairs to the lower level.

The lower level of the building, once again was sparsely furnished, a table and a few chairs lined the one wall, though different runes looked to be inscribed along the walls and ceiling of the room, as if warding it from something. The only other thing that lied down here was one more door with a rune over it, with two men dressed as the others on the upper floor. “I take it Falen and someone else is in the room with our guest?” Ly’santhir asked as he made his way across the room towards the door. Though before the men answered a cry of pain came from behind the door, as a reply to his question.

The two men looked towards the door then Ly’santhir, giving a slight nod. “Do you wish us to come in with you?” Ly’santhir’s head shook in reply to the question. “No, stay here I wish to speak to the man alone, though when our guests arrive see that they are welcomed into the room.” The men gave a nod, before one of them pushed the door open to the room. Ly’santhir nodded to the two as he made his way through the doorway, into the dimly lit room. His green hues moved towards the three in the center of the room, as another cry of pain filled the room. “Falen, enough. I wish to speak to our guest.” Ly’santhir ordered towards the two men, whom was dressed as the rest of Ly’santhir’s men. Falen nodded as he and the other man took a few steps back from the man tied to the chair.

“Untie him as well.. is that a way to treat a guest?” Ly’santhir barked at the two. “But..” Lysanthir’s man called out in protest. Falen shot the man a look, before doing as Ly’santhir asked, and untied the blood and beaten elf. “Good now wait outside, and see our other guests are brought in when they arrive, also leave the door open.” The beaten man looked towards Ly’santhir then the door. “I would not try to run, you will not make it far. If my men do not get to you first, something else on these grounds will.” Ly’santhir spoke in a raspy sounding voice to the man. “Now do you know who I am?” The man looked back towards Ly’santhir shaking his head slightly. “Don’t fuckin’ care either.” The man said defiantly, as he spat blood on the floor beside himself.

The Ranger’s brow arched as he still kept his face hidden under the hood. “Is that so? Now you see you have information, we want.” His boots clicked off the stone floor of the room, as he stalked closer to the man. “Now I’d rather do this the nice easy way, and you provide me the information, my men asked you for.” Man shrugged. “Like I said fuck off, prick.” The man spat once more, this time the blood and spit landed near Ly’santhir’s boot. “Mm.. maybe you need some motivation, to start that memory of yours.” Ly’santhir spoke, as his green hues watched the man closely.

“Sure! Right afta.” The man spoke up, as he lunged towards Ly’santhir, in an of self preservation to escape his captors. A toothy predatory grin swept across Ly’santhirs face, as swift boot came up to meet the man square in the chest. The man went staggering backwards quickly, falling back into the chair, as he and the chair skidded further into the room. “Now about that motivation.” The Ranger’s  hand moved upwards toward the hood as he spoke, finally pulling it back, to reveal  his face to the captive man. Ashen streaks now adored his raven locks, and still a fresh scar starting at the middle of his forehead on the right side,  moving down over his eye and stopping near the middle of his cheek.

The captive man’s eyes went wide seeing the face, as if he had seen a ghost before him. He scooted himself and the chair back further away from the man. Ly’santhir smirked to himself, at the man’s reaction. “You act like you have seen a ghost.” He stalked closer towards the captive, his green hues watching the man closely. “Now does this.” The Ranger motioned towards his face. “Motivate you enough to remember, what my men asked you?” Though before the man had a chance to reply, Ly’santhir’s leg lifted, to quickly, plant his boot into the man’s chest. The swift kick sent the man and the chair tumbling to the floor with a loud thump.

The man crashed to the floor with a cry of fear, quickly scurrying towards the wall away from Ly’santhir. “No..no..no..” His head shook quickly. “Y..y..you should be dead. Everythin’ was perfect for tha planin’ “ Ly’santhir kicked the chair across the room, having it smash against the opposite wall. “That is not an answer..” His right hand curled into a tight fist, as it quickly came across the man’s jaw, sending him to the floor. “Where are they..” The man went tumbling to the floor once more, curling his hand over his face. “I..I..I Don’t know!” he cried out, but it was only met with a boot to his midsection. “You know where they are..” Ly’santhir growled lowly.

The captive man coughed violently, spewing blood across the cold stone as he coughed. “D..dey told u..us nothin’.” the man managed to say, before coughing harshly once more. Ly’santhirs head tipped to one side as he milled the man’s words over, as he grabbed the man by his bloodied shirt, lifting him up to his feet. “Get up..” He spoke to the man as he helped him. The man groaned and coughed harshly as the Ranger helped him to his feet. “N..none of us, were told nothin’ out side of the job..” The man allowed his body to slouch heavily against the cool wall, as he spoke.

“That still does not answer the second question you were asked.” Ly’santhir turned his back to the man, starting to pace away from him, giving a tug to his gloves as he did so. “Tha.. coin of course..” came ranging out from behind the the Rangers pack. “Of course..” He rasped back. “But..” Ly’santhir paused, as he turned to face the man. He looked the beaten man over for but a moment, before quickly moving forward once more planting his fist once more into the man’s jaw sending him to the floor yet again. “I do not believe those answers in the slightest.” The man hit the stone floor, only to be met with another stiff boot to midsection once more. The force of the kick, forced the air from the captives lungs, forcing him to spew more blood across the floor, as he tried to gasp for air.

“Enough Ly’santhir.. there are other ways to get a man to talk, then beating it out of them.” A voiced called from the entrance of the room. “Pleasure to see you as well.. Tre’varen.” Ly’santhir turned from his prisoner, looking towards the red headed elf, clad in his normal red and black leathers, seeing him standing in the  doorway. “Is your fath..” The heavy thumps along the wood floor from the floor, silenced Ly’santhir’s question. “Well it seems your Father is here.” Tre’varen smirked waving a hand dismissively “You know Father takes his time getting anywhere.” The red headed elf moved from the doorway, further into the room, peering over his friend. “You look like fel, Ly.”  

“Life has not treated you well yourself, Tre.” The ranger chuckled, though his attention turned towards the doorway, hearing the plated boots clank on the floor as someone made their way to the room. After a moment, a man adorned by a silver plate armor and a finely crafted looking sword at his side, entered the room. “Son, Ly’santhir.” Without a doubt it this man was Tre’varen’s father, whom they were waiting on. “Evening Anderan, it would seem your son would like to approach this in a different way.”

The Lord’s brow raised, as he looked across to the room towards his son. “Yes father, I have a better way. I shall take this man to Ravenholt. We have other means, to gather the information from him we seek.” Ly’santhir glanced between the two, and then to the man cowering in fear on the floor. “What do you think?” Anderan looked across the room towards Ly’santhir, folding his arms loosely over his chest. The Ranger chewed at his inner cheek, in thought at the rogues idea. “Can you transport him there, without any risk?” His gaze shifted towards the other elfs in the room.

Tre’varen nodded to Ly’santhir’s words. “Yes I just need to give our agents the word, and they will see him there this evening.” Ly’santhir nodded slightly, looking towards Anderan. “Any objections on your son’s plan?” The plated man’s head shook. “None, I trust him to see to it. Also Ly’santhir.. You look like shit.” Ly’santhir smirked at man’s words. “What can I say, the years have treated me kindly.” His shoulders rolled in a shrug to his words. “Well it is settled then, I shall make the preparations then.” Tre’varen quickly made his way out of the room, quickly ascending the stairs. “Shall we get a drink while we wait? I’m sure we have some wine or stiffer above.” Ly’santhir spoke in a grizzled voice to Anderan.

The Lord nodded in reply. “Lets it was a long way here.” Ly’santhir motioned towards the door, following behind Anderan. “No one is allowed in, until the young Runemist’s men get here.” Ly’santhir spoke to his men, as he shut the door behind himself. The men gave a nod, watching the two disappear up the stairs.

“M’lord.” The elderly elf from earlier, spoke. “Two stiff drinks for us, my friend.” The ranger spoke up, as the two made their way towards the hearth and chairs. “Also M’lord, there is a letter for yourself over there..” Ly’santhir nodded to the elf, before joining Anderan, by the fire. “Now what is this letter.” He muttered as he removed his gloves, allowing the rest in his lap, before grabbing the letter.

Quickly Ly’santhir read over, only to be followed by a loud chuckle. “They are still in these lands?” Anderan’s brow arched looking towards Ly’santhir. The Ranger, handed the letter towards Anderan. “You have to be jesting..” the Lord said with a sneer. “The Glacierwinds.. what a joke of nobles.” His hand extending towards Ly’santhir as he spoke.. “Yes I know.. damned fools. I’m sure that will quite the show to watch sooner or later.” He Leaned forward tossing, the letter into the fire of the hearth.

“Ah there are drinks.” The elderly man, handed the two lords a glass each, before moving off to one side, to listen to the two converse, while they waited. “They should be here within the hour.” Tre’varen called out, as he raided the liquor cabinet.  

“Good.. now we wait. Let us all catch up, I’m sure there is much I’m out of touch of with the world currently.” Ly’santhir’s glass raised towards the two as he spoke.

chez-pezeater asked:

Which look did you like best on Link in Twilight Princess? (Ordon clothes (original outfit), Hero's tunic (the green one), shirtless (you learn sumo wrestling), Zora armor (the blue that lets you breathe underwater), or the gold armor (the expensive as hell one).) Personally it's shirtless with the Ordon clothes and the Hero's tunic closely followed.

Ahhh I like Link’s tunic the most, but I think his Ordon outfit from the very beginning of the game is the best. ;v; 

cleverwholigan asked:

Omg the Curled drawings AHHHHHH LOVE THEM <3 <3 <3 I was just thinking with the latest chapter, how much I wanted to SEE what was in your head, not just read it. So thank you!

i tried but they’re pretty shitty drawings lmao. the thought that counts, i guess. but im in love with tunics so 

(Photo found here)

That weird blue thing is a pyrosome. Pyrosomes, genus Pyrosoma, are free-floating colonial tunicates (marine filter-feeders, see this post) that live usually in the upper layers of the open ocean in warm seas, although some may be found at greater depths. Pyrosomes are cylindrical or conical shaped colonies made up of hundreds to thousands of individuals, known as zooids. Colonies range in size from less than one centimeter to several meters in length. The individuals that make up this giant, floating, colonial tunicate are only about 1 in (2 cm) long, but the giant pyrosome colony, which resembles a gigantic hollow tube, can be large enough for a person to fit inside. Each individual lies embedded in the wall of the tube, with one end drawing in nutrient-laden water from outside and the other end expelling water and waste inside. The expelled water is used to propel the giant pyrosome colony as a whole. A wave of bioluminescent light travels along the community if it is touched.



A lovely, little Larvacea!

It’s a tunicate that swims through oceans all over the world with their wriggly tail.

They build a structure around themselves known as a house. It’s a mucus thing with all sorts of corridors and nets for filtering out plankton. Then a conveyor belt of mucus brings food right into their mouth.

Once the house gets all clogged up, they abandon it and make a new one. They need to build several houses each day!

It also looks like a jelly baby flying through the air with a huge helmet and a long cape. Because even superheroes are safety-concious.

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(Photo found here)

The predatory tunicate (Megalodicopia hians) is a species of tunicate (see these two previous posts) which lives anchored along the deep sea canyon walls and seafloor, waiting for tiny animals to drift or swim into its hood-shaped mouth. Looking something like a cross between a jellyfish and a Venus Flytrap (see this post), its mouthlike hood is quick to close when a small animal drifts inside. Once the predatory tunicate catches a meal, it keeps its trap shut until it is ready to eat again. They are known to live in the Monterey Canyon at depths of 200–1,000 metres (660–3,300 ft). They mostly eat zooplankton and tiny animals.